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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – Weapons Guide and Fuse Combinations

Weapons Guide and Fuse Combinations

Welcome to our Tears of the Kingdom – Weapons Guide and Fuse Combinations guide!

As in any action adventure game, weapons play a huge role in the player’s advancement in the story. In the Legend of Zelda series, this often culminates with the acquisition of the Master Sword. This sacred weapon plays an important part in the lore of Hyrule.

But there are plenty of other weapons Link will find and have the opportunity to use along the way. Additionally, in Tears of the Kingdom Nintendo has given Link a fascinating new ability. Fuse will allow our hero to literally fuse an object to a weapon or shield.

In the gameplay and trailers Nintendo has shared, the examples we’ve seen of fused objects seems to imply an almost endless array of possibilities! It will likely be impossible to try and catalog all of the possible combinations, but our guide is here to help you find some of the best and most effective ways to Fuse and improve your combat prowess!

Weapons Guide

Similar to gameplay found in Breath of the Wild, Link will be able to use a variety of objects as weapons. Swords are a given in the Legend of Zelda series, with the Master Sword always being one of the final, best weapons for Link to attain. But Breath of the Wild shook up the early game by not immediately giving Link an obvious weapon of some kind.

Consequently, players discovered that they would have to improvise in order to survive out in the wilds of Hyrule. Simple sticks could be used at first, but due to their low durability they wouldn’t last long before breaking.

Inventory Example from Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild had a wide variety of different weapon types. Beyond sticks, the player can fight with farming implements, axes, clubs, hammers and even boomerangs. All of this on top of the more traditional swords, bows and arrows, spears and the like.

It remains to be seen exactly what named weapons Link will be able to pick up and collect in Tears of the Kingdom, but we’ll be updating this space with the best weapons and where to find them when the game drops on May 12, 2023!


  • Master Sword



  • Fire
  • Ice


Fuse Combinations

Demonstration of Fuse from Nintendo Gameplay Video

In the Gameplay Demonstration video in March Nintendo showed how the Fuse ability would work. Set in the early game, Link is trying to defeat an enemy with a branch. Its durability is quickly shot, however, and Link has to run away before it breaks. He approaches the boulder above and is able to use the fuse ability to choose to merge it with either his shield or weapon.

In the video, the weapon is chosen, and the boulder shrinks in size and fuses itself to the top of the branch. Creating, in effect, a sort of makeshift club.

Significantly, the addition of the boulder to the stick also improves the weapon’s durability. So not only does it pack more of a punch against enemies, but it will last longer before breaking.

But it does still degrade, so the weapon durability mechanic is still a part of the gameplay that players will have to deal with. In addition, it’s also important to note that once items are fused, they cannot be separated. The fusing is permanent and once the durability of the fused item runs out the item will break. There is no repairing fused items.

The following isn’t a list of all possible Fuse combinations but rather some of the best, most effective or most useful objects you can fuse to your equipment.

Weapon Combinations

  • To Be Added

Shield Combinations

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