Wildcard Continues the Tradition of Dropping Patches Daily for ARK Ascended

Wildcard continues the tradition of dropping daily patches and updates in ARK Ascended, evoking the nostalgia of the early days of ARK Survival Evolved.

Wildcard Continues the Tradition of Dropping Patches Daily for ARK Ascended

ARK Survival Ascended, a remaster of its predecessor with a significant upgrade to Unreal Engine 5, adds substantial graphic and mechanic enhancements. With improved lighting, water effects, and a reimagined many ARK Survival Evolved game systems. From the irrigation system to improved structures that allow much more creativity in building and are easier to use. It offers players a more creative and user-friendly experience. However, it didn’t have the smoothest launch and received mixed reviews as it struggled to run even on high-end graphic cards.

Wildcard’s Daily Patch Tradition Continues for ARK Survival Ascended

ARK Ascendant, though in early access, harks back to the alpha stages of ARK Survival Evolved. And I can’t stop comparing it to the game’s early days. Wildcard would add new dinos in the morning and then provide the patch to fix minor issues the next day. During those times, developers constantly worked to improve the game, releasing patches as often as twice a day to fix various issues. While ARK Survival Evolved always had room for refinement, Wildcard’s commitment to enhancing the game alongside the modding community and offering new content, free maps, and purchasable DLCs kept players engaged for countless hours. The game’s ever-evolving state was a significant factor in its popularity. Frequent additions kept drawing players back to explore new content, creatures, and game mechanics.

ARK Survival Ascended Environment - New Creatures, new dinosaurs

Like in the early days of ARK, Wildcard’s team continues this tradition with the remastered Unreal Engine 5 version of ARK Survival Ascended. Daily updates, including patches and performance enhancements, have significantly reduced crashes that players have been experiencing. Wildcard continues to add small touches. Yet, is it enough to repeat the ARK Survival Evolved success?

Steam Charts Reflect Popularity of ARK Ascended

Ark Survival Ascended Steam Top Sellers 10-27-23

The popularity of ARK Ascended is evident in the Steam charts. Consistently ranking in the top 10 most played games on Steam and leading in sales, the game has maintained a strong presence. Its predecessor, ARK Survival Evolved, is also high on the charts. This popularity mirrors the early days when ARK was in alpha access. YouTube was flooded with content creators enjoying the game and hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic players. The game is popular, but what exactly did developers upgrade over last week?

Wildcard ARK Ascended - Top ten by current players

What changes have been made so far? – Patches and Updates Summary

In the ongoing quest to enhance ARK Ascended, Wildcard has substantially improved server stability and performance. Last week’s updates have effectively bolstered server performance by fine-tuning multi-threaded movement logic, optimizing the movement of player characters and dinos, and improving efficiency in managing foliage and temperature. In addition to these performance enhancements, Wildcard has addressed multiple server crashes and achieved an impressive 80% reduction in out-of-memory issues, ensuring a smoother gameplay experience. Current ARK Official Server Network Servers Version: v25.54 and official patch notes.

Dreadnoughtus Concept Art - ARK Survival Ascended

However, not everything looks so bright. Despite the ongoing updates, ARK Survival Ascended continues to grapple with significant performance issues, and while there have been fewer crashes, it remains a consistent concern for players. Furthermore, they have now restored dedicated server functionality, bringing ARK Ascended in line with ARK Survival Evolved. This change provides players with an easier means to establish private servers. Before this, players had to own an additional copy of the ARK Survival Ascended to create their custom servers, but luckily, the community’s efforts compelled Wildcard to make this adjustment, and now the dedicated server and the game can run on the same PC.

Future and Tradition of ARK Survival Ascended

ARK Ascended is a visually enhanced iteration of ARK Survival Evolved, and while the Wildcard team’s approach and the community’s experiences remain largely unchanged, this blend of the old and new evokes nostalgia among veteran players. As developers continue to improve ARK Ascendant, players eagerly await the upcoming console release in November, foreseeing more developments and content additions. There is hope that ARK Survival Ascended will eventually become a smoothly running game upon its full release, but the journey to that point is a lengthy one.

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