Will Bethesda’s New Redfall Update Bring Players Back – Highlights

Will Bethesda’s New Redfall Update Bring Players Back – Highlights. Performance, UI, Accessibility, Gameplay, Combat, and More

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Redfall’s initial release faced a rocky start, with numerous bugs and players criticizing the gameplay experience. With the latest Redfall update, many improvements have been introduced across various aspects of the game. These changes collectively aim to revitalize the Redfall experience, potentially attracting a larger player population and making the game even more enjoyable for new and existing players. But will those changes be enough to save Redfall and attract players?

Will Bethesda’s New Redfall Update Bring Players Back?

The latest Redfall update brings many improvements and enhancements across various aspects of the game, making the Redfall experience better. Alongside many small fixes, here’s a summary of the key changes in each category:

Combat & Gameplay

Redfall’s gameplay experience has received substantial changes in this update. The open-world enemy population has increased, offering more challenges and encounters across the game world. Unique open-world enemy encounters in Redfall Commons provide fresh surprises for players exploring this district. NPCs, both vampires and humans, have been given enhanced visibility during nighttime with the addition of light or reflective clothing. Players can now take down unaware Cultists & Bellwether enemies using staked weapons, adding new possibilities to combat strategy.

Enemy behavior has also been improved, with enemies now repositioning themselves to avoid friendly fire. Remi and Birbon fans will be happy to hear that our favorite robot’s Siren skill now guarantees shocking nearby enemies with the Robot Rock skill activated. Remi will be alerted when and where Bribón is downed, making for more coordinated gameplay. Finally, Rook’s combat behavior in the Black Sun boss arena has been refined for a more challenging encounter.

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The Redfall update improves the game’s environment, enhancing the visual experience. The lighting presentation in the Black Sun boss arena has been revamped, and visual fidelity has been increased for various in-game elements, including psychic space butterflies, fog pockets, the Black Sun’s glowing sigil, and various water effects.

Performance & Stability

In this latest Redfall update, significant attention has been given to performance and stability, benefiting players across various hardware configurations. Memory crashes that plagued some players have been addressed. Notably, graphical corruption issues linked to AMD GPUs when changing resolutions have been fixed, enhancing visual clarity.

For those gaming on multi-monitor setups, resetting game settings to default values while in Windowed display on a second monitor is no longer a concern. The update also offers general performance improvements in the form of optimized Hero abilities, weapons, and game systems, along with fixes to ensure these abilities trigger correctly, even in environmental factors like ladders, death mist, and electrocution.

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The Redfall update brings several enhancements to improve accessibility in the game. Screen narration now updates when there are changes in Multiplayer Lobby states, making it easier to track the status of your gaming sessions. Navigation controls are now supported in Hero Select and System Select menus, and players will also receive notifications for game invites and friend requests through narration. Lastly, minor accessibility improvements extend to the Bethesda.net account Help menu.

User Interface & Multiplayer

Redfall’s user interface receives a boost in usability with this update. Players wielding silenced weapons will now find their tooltips reflecting the “silent” status, giving a better understanding of their gear. Other interface changes include the Mission Briefing Table, which now distinguishes Main and side Missions, and improved Compass and Historical Markers on the map. Additionally, the process of purchasing ammo is now more straightforward to read. Plus, an off-screen indicator informs you when Bribón requires assistance.

Multiplayer sessions in Redfall now offer an improved and more informative experience. Visually distinct player indicators and markers have been introduced, providing a clear overview of your squad’s members during multiplayer sessions. Player ping visibility has been enhanced, ensuring you can track your teammates more easily.

Source: Steam, Redfall Update 2

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