Redfall Launch Characters at shelter

Redfall Weapons and Gear

In the open world like Redfall, your hero characters will need weapons, upgrades and gear, anything that will help you stay alive and defeat cultists and hordes of blood-suckers.

Redfall Launch Characters at shelter
Redfall Characters at a Shelter

Redfall is a new co-op, a first-person shooter where players take on the role of heroes, the customisable characters that fight against Vampires and Cultists. Once peaceful and safe Redfall island in Massachusetts now suffers the consequences of a failed scientific experiment that created a legion of vampires who have taken over the town – blocking out the sun and cutting off the remaining citizens from the outside world. The four playable characters are Layla, Devinder, Remi and Jacob.

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Redfall Weapons and Gear

Redfall Grim Tide Shotgun with Equipped Stake
Grim Tide Shotgun with Equipped Stake

The Redfall Gear includes Weapons, Stakes, Medkits and other Equipment. The game has a wide variety of weapons, from military gear to new inventions designed specifically for vampire slayers.

Weapon Perks, Levels and Rarities

Each character will carry up to three weapons with different tiers that visually appear as weapon tooltip colors – blue, purple, yellow, green and black. Also, guns drop on specific “levels” that presumably reflect players’ levels or the quest and areas it was acquired.

Additionally, weapons include perks that drop randomly, creating many build-crafting and customisation possibilities for players. For example, two known perks are “Accuracy increased while moving” and “Damage increase”. Some weapons are unique vampire hunters’ tools, like the Stake Launcher or UV Beam – a tactical weapon to eliminate big groups of vampires.

Redfall Weapon Causeway Shotgun
Redfall Weapon Causeway Shotgun

One of the ways to get weapons in Redfall is simply looting all containers, defeating enemies and completing quests. Developers promised many activities and surprises scattered around the game’s world.

Our weapons are an interesting twist on the genre

Production Director Ben Horne.

The following list presents the Redfall weapons leaked and seen in the trailers so far:

  • Military Weapons
    • Assault Rifles
    • Pistols
    • Handguns
    • SMGs
    • Shotguns
    • Sniper Rifles
  • Vampire hunter weapons
    • Flare guns
    • Stake Launchers
    • UV-Light Emitters

Military Weapons

Sniper Rifle
Burst Fire Assualt Rifle

Vampire Hunter Weapons

Some weapons are unique vampire hunters’ tools:

Stake Launcher Redfall
Stake Launcher

Stake Launcher is probably the best weapon against Vampires that you can start using at level 4. It’s a heavy weapon that can launch any pointy or scrounge object (knives, cues and more), kill Vampires from a distance, and deal significant damage.

UV Beam Weapon

UV Beam weapon is a tactical weapon to eliminate big groups of vampires, stunning them and allowing you to execute them from a close range. The best result on more challenging enemies you’ll get using weapons like a shotgun that deals more damage the closer you are to the target.

You can find Ultraviolet Beam weapons early, so keep one in your inventory if you get overwhelmed, even if you prefer a different type of weapon.

Flare Gun

Flare guns fire an Incendiary projectile which bounces off terrain, igniting hazards and enemies on impact. Fire deal damage over time, which can be especially useful against Vampires. They are used primarily as a distraction, but it’s not a bad choice if you run out of ammo for your main weapons.

Weapon Mods and Stakes in Redfall

Stake Mods

A wide variety of blade attachments, called stakes, will improve your weapons against vampires and offer a good amount of different styles to customise your weapons. The number of options should please everyone.

Stakes’ most important benefit is aiding you in fights against Vampires. Normal weapons can only wound bloodsuckers, dealing a small amount of damage to them. To finish them off, you need a weapon equipped with a stake. Badly wounded vampires will become vulnerable, and you can get close and strike them straight to the heart.

You can equip stakes by entering your inventory and character screen. Choose weapon details to customise your weapons to equip attachments.

Redfall Equipment

In Redfall, each character can use all weapons. However, the equipment they provide in battle is sometimes unique. For example, Jacob owns a special cloak device that can make him invisible and sneak on the battlefield for the best sharpshooter position. Remi’s advanced robot companion, the Bribón, always has her “six” and aids the players in battle. Leyla’s telekinetic umbrella ability and force field can protect the group and damage enemies.

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Each character brings something new to the table.

However, Every character will need crucial supplies that they can find all over the Redfall open world or buy from merchants in safe houses and shelters. The list of equipment and supplies in Redfall includes:

  • Lockpicks
  • Rewire Kits
  • Medical Supplies
  • Ammo – Ammunition (different for each weapon)

Your character can carry limited supplies. That number can be expanded with specific skill upgrades.

Have you already decided what your favourite weapon type or character is? We’ll be updating this guide after the game launches. Thank you for reading the Redfall Weapons and Gear Guide!

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