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Redfall Abilities Skills Attributes and Heroes Customisation

The new Bethesda shooter game Redfall will have various abilities, skills, attributes and hero customisation options for each available character and Class.

Abilities and Customisation
Layla Ellison’s telekinetic ability in Readfall

Redfall is an open-world, single-player and co-op first-person shooter which takes place in the fictional town of Redfall, Massachusetts. In Readfall, each playable hero character will have unique abilities for players to choose from. The guide describes all known so far abilities, attributes and additional customisation options for each character’s class.

Being able to use your powers and tools in interesting combinations and then layering those with other players with different powers and tools makes for even more fun and unexpected ways to approach the world of Redfall.

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Redfall Abilities, Skills, Attributes and Heroes Customisation

The Redfall offers various abilities and customisation for each hero, making characters unique and specialised. Each hero is distinct, but they have the same purpose, so they join in the battle against bloodthirsty vampires in the game’s open world.

Customisation in Redfall includes:

  • Abilities
  • Attributes
  • Gear
  • Upgrades
  • Weapons

You can build your hero characters into specific playstyles and create many diverse team lineups if you’re playing co-op. And because in Redfall, you can use any character regardless of your teammates’ choices, as a group, you can focus on specific abilities and weapon setups and make very specialised team build. Players can create and choose all available heroes or play with multiple versions of the same character, each built in a distinct way with different upgrades, weapons and gear.

Redfall Heroes Abilities

The Redfall abilities can be upgraded using skill points, which players can earn by completing main story missions and side missions found throughout the game’s world.

Layla Ellison

Layla Ellison wields telekinetic abilities, visually appearing as a purple force field that is able to help in defence and be engaged offensively.

Redfall LaylaUmbrella
Umbrella Ability – gif by

Her abilities and strength on the battlefield are support and mobility in combat.

  • Lift Ability – Allows players to summon a Telekinetic lift to climb high places, rooftops and terrain obstacles. A great skill to access perfect spots for snipers and death from the air!
  • Umbrella Ability – This Telekinetic Skill shields Layla and her team from incoming projectiles. With the psychic umbrella shield skill, she is able to create a protective shield in front of her that can block incoming damage and then reforge the forcefield and send the high-damage projectiles back to her enemies.
  • Summon Vampire Ex-Boyfriend Ability – This ultimate ability summons a powerful companion to help Layla in combat.

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Devinder Crousley

Devinder Crousley is an author and brilliant inventor who was always interested in the supernatural and weird. He is called The Verified Cryptid Hunter. Dev fights using his inventions and weapons, providing a unique vampire hunter playstyle.

Redfall Dev
Devinder Crousley Abilities in Redfall – picture by

His abilities and strength on the battlefield are crowd control and mobility in combat.

  • Arc Javelin Ability – Dev uses a homemade javelin that sticks to surfaces and shocks with chain lighting multiple enemies after a short delay (1 sec).
  • Translocate Ability – Devs throws his Arc device and teleports himself to the exact spot—a great mobility tool to quickly escape or close the gap from enemies.
  • Blacklight Ability – Petrifies enemies for a short time in a wide area around him and yet another special device

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Remi de la Rosa

Remi de la Rosa is a combat engineer and probably the best Hero choice for solo playthroughs in terms of Redfall Abilities Attributes. She uses her knowledge as a robotic expert and Coast Guard member to protect citizens and her team from vampires and cultists. During her job and many travels, he designed Bribón – “a highly advanced robot designed to be a decoy, cover and attack drone all in one”.

Redfall Remi
Remi de la Rosa Ability and Bribón Robot Companion In Redfall – picture by

Her tools and abilities are designed to play aggressively and close range.

  • C4 Charge Ability – sticky C4 charge that explodes remotely, dealing AoE damage to many enemies, thus can be used in open combat or as traps for vampire patrols.
  • Mobilize Ability – Typical AoE healing ability. Remi establishes a power point, healing and reviving anyone in its area.
  • Siren Ability – This Skill belongs to Bribón. Players can order the robot to go to a specific location and create loud noises that can distract enemies or lure them to them. Bribón takes on a defensive posture, so it can survive additional damage.

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Jacob Boyer

Jacob Boyer is an ex-military and Special Forces unit sharpshooter. With an extremely sharp eye and exceptional war and weapon knowledge, he can be an incredibly dangerous player on the battlefield. Jakob’s psychic raven scout ability is shown in the gif below.

Redfall Jacob
Jakob’s Raven Scout Ability in Redfall – picture by

He is able to take down groups of enemies from long range. At the same time, his raven provides additional support and recon to mark enemies from a distance on the battlefield and even behind the walls.

  • Raven Ability – Psychic bird and Jakob’s companion that marks enemies. A red outline highlights enemies.
  • Cloak Ability – You can activate a cloaking device and become invisible (10 seconds). However, you can perform a limited amount of shots before the cloak breaks. With skill updates, he can even give invisibility to teammates
  • Heartstopper Ability – A supernatural and ghostly sniper rifle that snaps onto the enemies and fires deadly headshots.

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Redfall Skills

Redfall Skill Trees and Abelites Upgrades
Skill Trees and Abelites Upgrades

Each time you level, you’ll receive a skill point that you can spend to improve your character. Players spent skill points at the “skill” tab and menu on four skill trees. Each hero ability has a dedicated skill tree that will buff it further, offering additional effects and upgrades. Additionally, the fourth skill tree adds main effects, for example, more health regeneration and buffs for your teammates.

We can split skill trees into four skills upgrades categories:

  • Ammo upgrades
  • Health and Health Regeneration upgrades
  • Ability 1 upgrades
  • Ability 2 upgrades
  • Ultimate Ability upgrades

Each character has the same amount of skill upgrades to choose from. Reaching the top of the skill tree will require some grinding, so focus on certain abilities or strategies first. I advise you to start with one or two points into health first, then upgrade your favourite abilities.

Creating the perfect character is all about the balance of survivability and damage. Also, make sure you spend your point wisely, you can’t respec your skill points and upgrades in Redfall. Make sure to check our Builds and Guides for more information.

Redfall Heroes Attributes

In Redfall, players can boost their heroes with attributes to customise them further and make them more powerful. We now know about only some attributes, but much more will be in the final game version. Firstly we have the health recovery that determines the time your health will regenerate after your character takes damage. Secondly is storage size, you can increase this attribute to carry more resources such as ammunition, lockpicks and rewire kits.

Heroes Customisation and Cosmetics in Redfall

Redfall Cosmetics and Character Customisation
How to Change an Outfit and Customise the character in Redfall

Each time you find new skin, you can equip it by entering your inventory and character menu. To change your weapon or stake skin, pick a weapon and choose the “weapon details” option.

To customise your character outfit (head, body and backpack) in the inventory/”loadout” tab, click the hero portrait or “customise” button(“R” default on PC).

Cosmetic and collectables customisation options in Redfall include:

  • Hcracter Outfit
  • Weapon Skins
  • Stake Skins
  • Head
  • Body
  • Backpack


Redfall will allow customising hero characters, making them more powerful and giving players an incentive for the game’s replayability. It combines the RPG elements into a shooter horror game, making it a unique new highly-anticipated Bethesda title.

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