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What Are The Best Redfall Heroes – Strengths & Backgrounds Guide

What Are The Best Redfall Heroes? In Redfall, players are heroes, available characters with strengths, backgrounds and unique abilities that we fully explain in this Guide!

Redfall Vampire Blocking the Sun
Vampire Blocking the Sun in Redfall

The dark and mysterious island of Redfall isn’t probably for “good Vampires” fans. The bloodthirsty monsters are evil and merciless enemies. Once calm and safe Redfall island in Massachusetts now suffers the consequences of a failed scientific experiment that created a legion of vampires who have taken over the town – blocking out the sun and cutting off the remaining citizens from the outside world.

Players take on the role of heroes, four playable characters, each with a unique backstory, abilities and many other customisation options. In an open world like Redfall, your hero characters must collect gear and complete quests to survive cultists and blood-suckers waiting for them everywhere. In this guide, we’ll help you decide what hero is best for you by presenting all heroes’ abilities, strengths and backgrounds.

Redfall Heroes – Strengths & Backgrounds Guide

Redfall Launch Character hero shot

Redfall offers various abilities and customisation for heroes, making characters’ strengths unique and specialised. With distinct backgrounds and motivations, they all have the same purpose. Unite in the battle against bloodthirsty vampires in the game’s open world.

Customisation in Redfall includes abilities, attributes, gear, upgrades and weapons.

  1. Weapons, upgrades and gear will directly improve and make your characters stronger.
  2. The Redfall abilities can be upgraded using skill points, which players can earn by completing main story missions and side missions found throughout the game’s world.
  3. Additionally, players can boost their heroes with attributes to customise them further and make them more powerful. Firstly we have the health recovery that determines the time your health will regenerate after your character takes damage. Secondly is storage size, you can increase this attribute to carry more resources such as ammunition, lockpicks and rewire kits.

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What Are The Best Redfall Heroes – Strengths & Backgrounds

It’s hard to tell the ultimate best character because each character has its own class, strengths and individual abilities and will be extremely good at certain specialities. All heroes can be built in many ways to utilise them to their full potential, and all can deal considerable damage.

Now let’s look at all heroes and characters in Lightfall so you can easily pick the best for you.

Layla Ellison

Redfall Character Layla Ellison
Redfall Character Layla Ellison

She came to Redfall to study biomedical engineering at Redfall Technical University and participated in the local tech company’s medical trial, which earned her unusual powers. Now she wields telekinetic abilities, visually appearing as a purple force field that is able to help in defence and be engaged offensively.

She excels best as a middle-range damage dealer that can survive a hit with her umbrella ability. Layla is the closes to a “mage” class with her telekinetic magic and ability to summon her undead ex-boyfriend.

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Devinder Crousley

Redfall Character Devinder Crousley
Redfall Character Devinder Crousley

During his travels, Devinder Crousley became an author and brilliant inventor who was always interested in the supernatural and weird. He is called The Verified Cryptid Hunter. Dev fights using his inventions and weapons, providing a unique vampire hunter playstyle. He is kind of famous on the internet, but now he really has a chance to prove himself by facing the deadly and bloodthirsty Redfall vampires.

His Translocator ability will feel familiar to fans of Dishonored’s Blink skill. He throws the device and teleports to the exact spot. His ultimate ability stuns groups of enemies. With all his versatile tools, ready for every threat, he is a great option for crowd control and great for solo playthroughs.

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Remi de la Rosa

Redfall Character Remi de la Rosa
Redfall Character Remi de la Rosa

Remi de la Rosa is a combat engineer. She uses her knowledge as a robotic expert and Coast Guard member to protect citizens and her team from vampires and cultists. During her job and many travels, he designed Bribón – “a highly advanced robot designed to be a decoy, cover and attack drone all in one”.

Tanky Remi is probably the best at supporting and healing allies. At the same time, she can kill all groups of enemies by throwing her C4 at them and stacking damage buffs solo and in group.

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Jacob Boyer

Redfall Character Jacob Boyer
Redfall Character Jacob Boyer

Jacob Boyer is an ex-military and Special Forces unit sharpshooter. With an extremely quick eye and exceptional war and weapon knowledge, he can be an incredibly dangerous player on the battlefield. Jakob’s psychic abilities and loyal raven companion will be unmatched on the island.

He is great at long-range combat, dealing massive damage with his ultimate ability. He is also a great choice if you like stealth and assassin-type combat. However, pulling off his biggest advantage attacks in solo playthroughs is sometimes hard. Many fights perform in small spaces hurting his biggest advantage.

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The Best Redfall Character Conclusion

The following list presents Redfall characters’ ranking based on their strengths and how they perform in solo and group playthroughs:

  1. Remi de la Rosa – is undeniably the best Redfall character
    • She has good survivability and the best healing. All three skill trees are valuable, and almost every skill is extremely powerful. Perfect choice if you play with a friend or solo. All her abilities buff allies, the C4 charge ability deals damage, and Bribon has crowd damage and control. On top of that, her ultimate ability Mobilise revives, heals and buffs.
  2. Devinder Crousley – Great character all around
    • Great at solo and group, and with good tools for every occasion. He can escape or charge in battle and deal great damage. He can provide crowd control to the group by petrifying enemies around him, however, lacking in healing skills. He pairs fantastically with Remi.
  3. Jacob Boyer – Super high single target damage but lacks in other categories.
    • Stealthy gameplay can be hard to execute early in the game. One wrong step, and you are overwhelmed by a big group of enemies. However, he deals HUGE single-target damage, lacking a good AoE skill upgrade. The cloak is your most important survivability, yet selfish, and Dev and Reami have better crowd control or healing. Additionally, Jacob, compared to others, brings very little buffs and utility to the group.
  4. Layla Ellison – The best-looking abilities but, sadly, the weakest.
    • She is a very versatile choice, with mobility, damage and protection abilities, but each of the above characters has at least one super-strong ability and advantage with either group buffs, healing, survivability or damage. However, Layla isn’t “the best” in anything, pushing her to be the last on our list.

Have you already decided what your favourite hero character is? Thank you for reading the What Are The Best Redfall Heroes – Strengths & Backgrounds Guide!

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