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ESO House Achievement List

Welcome to the ESO House Achievement List.  This post is dedicated to displaying the information regarding ESO Housing Achievements, vendor locations, prices, achievements and what they look like.  Note, this is currently in testing and should be available in Feb of 2017.  I'm working on this right now so plan on seeing new images crop up throughout the day. *Huge thanks to Axoa for grabbing im...
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ESO Master Crafting Writs

The Elder Scrolls Online is adding something to the current crafting writs system, ESO Master Writs.  I've done a short video guide on my YouTube channel and wanted to share it here with you.  I'll also post some other helpful links for maxing out your crafting skill lines if you want to prepare for ESO Master Crafting Writs. https://youtu.be/5KDQeolwVO0 Crafting Writs Guide https://youtu.be/...
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ESO Magplar PvP Build

Magplar thumbnail 1
Welcome to Bee Mode an ESO Magplar PvP Build for The Elder Scrolls Online Patch 2.5.  This build was created by my friend Bee or Karstyll PC NA.  I've been playing this non stop and it's truly special.  I didn't come up with this, she did so all the credit goes to her.  I'm going to post her build and list my changes throughout the guide.  Either way, this is incredibly powerful and uses mostly cr...
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ESO Veteran Maw of Lorkhaj Guide

First Vet Maw North American Server Clear
Welcome to our ESO Veteran Maw of Lorkhaj Guide.  This information comes from @ Kuscoe on the North American PC server.  He is a PvE veteran, Crown Store Hero (CSH) Guild leader and first group to clear Vet Maw on the North American Server. Since few guides/teams have beat this, I think it's a must read for anymore any ESO player out there. Table of Contents Group Play Zhaj'hassa th...
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ESO Templar Tank Build

Atlas Thumbnail
Welcome to our Templar Tank build called Atlas.  This build is designed for small group play in PvE like dungeons.  It fills the role of tank/healer all in one and can progress through almost any content in the game.  If you're looking for something different, bookmark this page, ESO Templar Tank Build Atlas Build page. Table of Content Objective Skills Gear Champion Points Race,...
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ESO Nightblade Tank Build

Welcome to the Catalyst Nightblade Tanking guide page.  This build focused on a defensive minded tank centered around group play and an ultimate generating juggernaut.  Below is the full ESO Nightblade Tank Build. Table of Content Objective Skills Gear Champion Points Race, Mundus and Other Objective [Last Updated October 20th, 2016 for Update 12 One Tamriel] Full Bu...
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ESO Templar Healer

Welcome to the ESO Templar Healer build called The Battery, a healer build for The Elder Scrolls Online using the Templar class. (more…)
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ESO Templar PvP Healer

Welcome to The Warden a Group PvP Healer for the Elder Scrolls Online.  This build is for Templars due to their amazing active and passive abilities.  The idea of this build is simple, heal others, do damage and be hard as hell to kill.  Ideally you'd play this in a four to eight man group, but generally it struggles in large groups of 12-16.  Let me show you some clips of game-play and then expla...
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ESO Magic Dragonknight DPS Build

Welcome to the ESO Magic Dragonknight DPS Build called Laceration.  This guide contains all the information you'll need from level one to end game magic DK. (more…)
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ESO Dragonknight Tank Build

T3 Thumbnail
Welcome to The Talons Tank [now The Tava's Tank] a Dragonknight Tank Build for ESO.  In this guide we will cover everything you need to know about DK tanking.  This will be the permanent updated home for T3 so make sure to bookmark and check back for updates. (more…)
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