Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road Chapter – Everything We Know

The Global Reveal for ESO has launched and we now have some exciting information about the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road Chapter – Here is everything we know!

ESO Gold Road Chapter - Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road Chapter - Everything We Know

ESO Gold Road Chapter – Everything We Know

During this year’s ESO Global Reveal Livestream the developers at ZOS have laid out their roadmap for the game in 2024, and it includes a new chapter with a new system and skill line, two new dungeons, a new trial, and a possible Quarter 4 PvP update! This year’s new chapter is called the Gold Road and it launches on June 3 for PC/Mac and June 18 for Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

The Gold Road Chapter’s story takes place in a Colovian Region called the West Weald. Some old school Elder Scrolls players may remember this zone from the mainline Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion game. It shares a boarder with Cyrodiil and the Colovians have long been allied with their Imperial neighbors. Wood Elves are also present, with the Dawnwood and the sudden appearance of aggressive jungles pushing back Colovian settlements.

In the southeast lies the Gold Road, a temperate environment similar to that found on the Gold Coast. It’s home to the region’s capital city, Skingrad, the bustling center of the zone and lynchpin for the Colovian Imperials who call the province home. Toward the southwest, you will find Dawnwood and the fearsome Wildburn.

ZOS Description of West Weald

However, the real meat of the exciting story to come centers around introducing a whole new Deadric Prince named Ithelia. The idea of a new Prince was hinted at in the cliffhanger which ended last year’s Necom chapter and now players will soon get to see how the story plays out. The Scions of the Forgotten Price seek to free her, and doing so will bring consequences for all of Tamriel. Let’s take a closer look at some of the details in this Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road Chapter – Everything We Know article.

New Scribing System

ESO New Scribing System

Along with the Gold Road Chapter zone, story and quests the new chapter will also introduce a new system to the Elder Scrolls Online called Scribing. Scribing is a new way for players to customize abilities in order to really make your character builds unique. With the introduction of Scribing the team at ZOS has created a new ability for every weapon and skill line in the game. As such, they can be used by any class and are not locked behind specific class-only skill lines.

Each of these new skills, or ‘grimoires’ has customizable elements that you can switch out depending on the types of abilities you want to emphasize for your build. Every Scribed skill have three script-slots – Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary. Every Grimoire or ability has a standard base function. The slots are where you can modify the nature of the base ability to make it your own.

ESO Scribing System Grimoire example

For example, the Bow Grimoire called Vault in the image above is an ability that let’s you shoot the ground beneath your feet, cause an AOE damage effect, while you backflip away from danger. You can further modify this in the following three script-slots:

  • Primary – Determines the main effect of the skill and it’s resource cost
  • Secondary – Individualizes the skill, with unique effects that tie into the identity of your build or character
  • Tertiary – Add a buff or debuff

Additionally, the developers at ZOS will also be including a new way to change the look of a select number of skills. This won’t change their function, but the appearance. Players will be able to unlock these Skill Styles by earning them as in-game rewards.

You have to own the Gold Road chapter in order to unlock the Scribing system.

ESO 2024 Content Road Map

ESO 2024 Content Roadmap

The developers at ZOS has a robust content roadmap for the year ahead, which includes not just the new chapter but three other major updates, as well. These coming 2024 ESO Content Updates include:

  • Update 41 – Scions of Ithelia
    • Dungeon DLC Game Pack
    • Quality of Life Improvements
  • Gold Road Chapter – June 3 for PC/Mac and June 18 for Xbox and PlayStation
    • West Weald Zone
    • Scribing System
  • Update 43 – Unnamed
    • New Housing Related Feature
    • Quality of Life Improvements and Bug Fixes
  • Update 44 – Unnamed
    • Two New Companions
    • New PvP-Related Feature (currently unknown)

Pre-Order the Gold Road Chapter Editions

ESO Gold Road Chapter Deluxe Edition Items Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road Chapter - Everything We Know

As always, with the Global Reveal Livestream and the official announcement of the upcoming chapter, the Gold Road is now available to all players for Pre-Purchase. If you already own ESO, then there are two Upgrade versions available with just the Gold Road Chapter:

  1. The Elder Scrolls Online Upgrade: Gold Road
    • This basic upgrade includes only the new Gold Road chapter
  2. The Elder Scrolls Online Deluxe Upgrade: Gold Road
    • Includes the new Gold Road chapter, as well as:
      • West Weald Tharriker mount  
      • Skingrad Guard Mastiff pet
      • Skingrad Vedette Armor Pack  
      • Ulfsild’s Tome of Legends memento
      • Colovian Emote Pack

If you’re brand new to the Elder Scrolls Online and the world of Tamriel, then the Collection Edition would be the much better buy. The Elder Scrolls Online Deluxe Collection: Gold Road includes immediate access to the base game and all seven previous Chapters (Necrom, High Isle, Blackwood, Greymoor, Elsweyr, Summerset, and Morrowind) in addition to the Gold Road Chapter in June.

This edition also includes these Deluxe rewards at launch:

  • West Weald Tharriker mount  
  • Skingrad Guard Mastiff pet
  • Skingrad Vedette Armor Pack  
  • Ulfsild’s Tome of Legends memento
  • Colovian Emote Pack

Additionally, you’ll gain access to the Collector’s/Deluxe edition digital items for all previous Chapters.

Pre-Order Rewards

ESO Gold Road Chapter Pre-Purchase Rewards Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road Chapter - Everything We Know

Finally, if you pre-order before the official launch of the Gold Road chapter in June there are also a variety of Pre-Purchase Rewards. When you pre-purchase any edition of The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road, you will immediately receive the Welkyndstone Ruins Wolf mount and Welkyndstone Ruins Pup pet. Additionally, you will gain access to the following bonus content at launch:

  • Eyebright Raven pet
  • Strid River Fisherfolk costume
  • x1 Diamond Anniversary Crate
  • Gold Road Treasure Maps
  • ×2 Experience scrolls (+100% for 1 hour)

You can find out more details about all the different available Editions, as well as the extra items you can receive and official links to make the purchase on this official ESO news announcement page.

ESO 2024 Global Reveal Video

ESO 2024 Global Reveal | January 18, 2024

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