All Free Ships in Starfield & How to Get – Which is the best?

Ships are the cornerstone of Starfield gameplay, and here is a list of all free ships you can get, along with information about which one is the best and which ones you should avoid.

Starfield Starship Liftoff Concept Art
Starfield Starship Liftoff Concept Art

In Starfield, your ship is your lifeline and your means of exploring the cosmos. Ships aren’t just tools for travel; they’re your sanctuary, cargo hold, and weapon when the stars turn unfriendly. As you venture into the unknown, it’s essential to understand the significance of ships in Starfield and how obtaining the right ones can be a game-changer. The guide includes all the ships you can get for free in Starfield and which is the best.

All Starfield Free Ships You Should Get

Several ships are available in Starfield, some exorbitantly expensive, but others come at no cost. Acquiring these free ships can significantly impact your journey. Not only will they provide you with diverse capabilities, but they can also help you progress faster in this sprawling universe. A better ship will save you time traveling and increase your weapon power, making navigating and focusing on other things easier.

Most of those free ships require a specific mission or questline, so it’s also a chance to earn some XP and learn more about Fantastic Starfield’s universe and lore. However, if you wish, you can speed-run most of those quests to get to the best reward quickly.

The Best Free Ship in Starfield?

All Starfield Free Ships You Should Get

The list of all free ships in Starfield (from best to worst):

  1. Kepler R: The best overall stats and cargo space.
  2. Razorleaf: Unique perk and good overall stats.
  3. Star Eagle: Great weapon power
  4. Frontier: Good starting ship acquired from the start
  5. Wanderwell: A slightly better version of Frontier but only accessible with the Kids Stuff trait.
  6. UC Prison Shuttle: The worst ship with no weapons and shields.
Starfield Shipbuilding User Interface Preview

What Is The Best Ship for Transporting and Cargo?

Kepler R is the best ship for transporting goods, with a huge cargo space and the ability to travel fast in the Starfield Universe.

What Is the Best Ship for Combat?

Razorleaf is the best free combat ship due to its great weapon class and the damage it can deal. Additionally, it possesses a unique intimidation perk that can prevent others from attacking you.

Best Ship to For Crew and Companions.

If you enjoy companions and like to have a ship full of qualified specialists, the Star Eagle will be your choice thanks to the good statistics and being able to home 5 additional passages.

What Is the Worst Ship in Starfield?

UC Prison Shuttle is undoubtedly the worst ship in Starfield, as it doesn’t even have shields or weapons installed, and it is the cheapest ship on the list.


Starfield Make Home Ship

Frontier features in Starfield:

  • Crew Capacity: 2
  • Fuel: 50
  • Hull: 366
  • Cargo Capacity: 450 Max, 0 Shielded
  • Grav Jump: 16 LY
  • Weapons: LAS – 6, BAL – 13, MSL – 47
  • Value: 59100
  • Obtained: Main Quest guaranteed, the first ship.

The Frontier is the ship every player starts with, a gift from Barrett at the Argos Extractors Mining Outpost. While it’s a well-balanced ship, upgrading it from the ground up will be costly. This is your first ship, and it does the job, but you will want to replace it as soon as possible with something better if you have the credits, like to steal ships, or want to acquire a better travel means from the free Starfield ships list below.

How to Get Frontier

Automatically received at the Argos Extractors Mining Outpost. You probably already have it, so let’s take a look at other options.


Starfield - Wanderwell

Wanderwell features in Starfield:

  • Crew Capacity: 2
  • Fuel: 200
  • Hull: 502
  • Cargo Capacity: 800 Max, 0 Shielded
  • Grav Jump: 27 LY
  • Weapons: BAL – 26, EM – 36
  • Value: 81196
  • Obtained: Kid Stuff Traits, Reward from parents

It’s a bit better than the UC Prison Shuttle but not as good as your starting ship. To get it, you’ll need the Kid Stuff trait. Wanderwell is a decent starting ship with good cargo space and even 383 shielded space for carrying contraband and stolen items. Plus, you can upgrade it. Its strongest points are its engines, shields, cargo capacity, and Grav drive, making it a solid choice for smuggling, transporting, and travel.

How to Get Wanderwell

You can get Wanderwell only if you selected the Kid Stuff trait during character creation. In that case, visit and speak to your parents. They will give you a ship in addition to using their house and storing your items there. Keep in mind that in Starfield, you can’t add new traits without console commands or mods. You can only remove them for a fee. This trait allowed you to visit your parents in the game, but you need to transfer 2% of your credit weekly to them. But this doesn’t feel like much if your rewards are the free ship, Wanderwell, and roleplaying opportunities.

It will take time to get the Wanderwell, so follow the steps to get it:

  1. In Character Creation, pick the Kid Stuff trait.
  2. Progress in the story, and ass soon as you arrive in New Atlantis, you should be able from now visit your parents.
  3. Visit your parents multiple times while simultaneously progressing on the main story.
  4. After a few visits, the conversation about the ship should become available.
  5. Accept your parents’ gift and get Wanderwell ship for free!

UC Prison Shuttle

UC Prison Shuttle - Starfield

UC Prison Shuttle features in Starfield:

  • Crew Capacity: 1
  • Fuel: 200
  • Hull: 418
  • Cargo Capacity: 1090 Max, 0 Shielded
  • Grav Jump: 15 Lightyears
  • Weapons: –
  • Value: 7398
  • Obtained: Earned by advancing through the Crimson Fleet questline.

A rudimentary, weaponless ship with no shields. You’ll obtain this ship as you progress through the Crimson Fleet questline. It is the worst ship you can get for free, but because it’s the All Free Ships in Starfield & How to Get – Which is the best? Guide, it’s my duty to tell you about it. Even tho the ship is the worst possible and cheap, selling it won’t earn you many credits either. The Crimson Fleet questline is a fun experience and one you should experience at some point.

How to Get UC Prison Shuttle

To start this hidden questline, you need to travel to New Atlantis in the Alpha Centauri system, on planet Jemison, commit a crime, and get arrested.

Here is how to get the UC Prison Shuttle in Starfield:

  1. Travel to New Atlantis, Jemison planet in Alpha Centauri system
  2. Attack any of the UC Security officers, don’t kill.
  3. Allow UC Security to arrest you and transport you to the jail
  4. Once inside the jail speak with the military officer who will task you with infiltrating the Crimson Fleet
  5. Follow the story until you start the echoes of the past mission.
  6. Your task is to escape the impression called the lock, which is located in the small transport ship called the UC Prison Shuttle.
  7. When you manage to escape your cell and take over the ship, you can keep it!
  8. This is how you get the UC Prison Shuttle

Kepler R (or Kepler S)

Kepler R - Starfield

Kepler R features in Starfield:

  • Crew Capacity: 6
  • Fuel: 2800
  • Hull: 999
  • Cargo Capacity:  3550 Max, 0 Shielded
  • Grav Jump: 30 Lightyears
  • Weapons: LAS – 38, BAL – 44
  • Value: 448477
  • Obtained: Complete the “Overdesigned” side quest obtained from Walter Stroud in The Lodge in New Atlantis.

The tank of all ships has huge cargo space, including shielded space. It also has fantastic shield capacity and engine power, making Kepler R a better version of Wanderwell. Kepler R has lots of fuel, so you can easily travel long distances in the vast space of Starfield. Weapons are also decent.

It is worth noting that, depending on how you complete the “Overdesigned” mission, your reward will be one of two versions of this ship: Kepler R and Kepler S. You can get one or the other. Kepler R is undoubtedly the best and requires certain steps during the “Overdesigned” mission to obtain it and not be stuck with its lesser version, Kepler S.

How to Get Kepler R

Complete the “Overdesigned” side quest obtained from Walter Stroud in The Lodge in New Atlantis. This is the 11th mission in the story, so it will take some time before you complete it, but the reward is worth the effort.

The following list describes how to get Kepler R in Starfield:

  1. Progress in the main questline until you reach the High Price to Pay mission. Compete it
  2. Walter Stroud will make a speech, which will start a side quest called “Overdesigned.”
  3. During the quest, pick the larger budget.
  4. Pass persuasion check to talk to everyone in the room and encourage their ideas.
  5. Next, complete two destroy or fight missions.
  6. Pick to use team building, and pick the positive motivational responses
  7. By following these steps, you’ll get a fantastic C-Class ship, Keplar R.


Starfield - Razorleaf

Razorleaf features in Starfield:

  • Crew Capacity: 2
  • Fuel: 140
  • Hull: 469
  • Cargo Capacity: 420 Max, 160 Shielded
  • Grav Jump: 16 Lightyears
  • Weapons: LAS – 6, BAL – 16, MSL – 36
  • Value: 124100
  • Obtained: By completing the Mantis quest.

It is a nimble and speedy ship for those who prefer agility over tackiness. Razorleaf comes equipped with well-rounded stats, but its uniqueness comes from the intimidation factor that can make hostile ships flee and leave you alone, too scared to engage in combat. It once belonged to the feared feature, the Mantis. You need to complete the Mantis quest, and upon completion, you get the legendary ship and the legendary special armor set.

How to Get Razorleaf and The Mantis Armor Set

Starfield - Mantis Quest Note

Razorleaf and The Mantis Armor Set are unlocked by completing the Mantis quest, which begins when you find a Secret Outpost note randomly dropped by any space enemy in Starfield. However, it’s a common drop, so you should have it in your inventory within an hour or two playing in Starfield with a new character. This mission is much shorter than the Freestar Rangers questline that rewards you with Star Eagle.

Here is how to get Razorleaf and The Mantis Armor Set in Starfield:

  1. Progress in the game, fight and loot dead enemies until you find the note called: “secret outpost!”
  2. Read it, and the Mantis quest should updated.
  3. Head to the secret outpost on the Denebola I-b moon in the Denebola System. (You need a note for the area to become available).
  4. Defeat the human and robot enemies.
  5. When you clear the outpost, you’ll receive the Razorleaf legendary ship and The Mantis Armor Set.

Star Eagle

Starfield - Star Eagle

Star Eagle features in Starfield:

  • Crew Capacity: 5
  • Fuel: 140
  • Hull: 948
  • Cargo Capacity:  2736 Max, 760 Shielded
  • Grav Jump: 18 Lightyears
  • Weapons: LAS – 12, BAL – 2, MSL – 136
  • Value: 32273
  • Obtained: Join the Freestar Rangers in Akila City, the “Job Gone Wrong” questline.

Arguably the best free ship, excelling in various aspects, including stats, weapons, and cargo capacity. Its biggest advantages are speed and weapon systems, perfect if you want a good space combat vessel. It’s better than your starting ship, the Frontier, and if you don’t like it, you can always upgrade it and install a few modifications to make it even better.

It will take time to get it, however. The best and fastest way to get Star Eagle is to run through the questline because it includes a lot of “fetch quests,” so you can run through them instead of defeating every enemy in the location and killing the boss only. That doesn’t mean the questline is bad. I completed it in the “traditional” slow way, enjoyed it greatly, and it took me a few hours.

How to Get Star Eagle

Starfield - Star Eagle Quest Reward

To get Star Eagle, you must join the Freestar Rangers in Akila City, Akila planet in Cheyenne System, and complete the “Job Gone Wrong” questline. Here are all the steps on how to do it:

  1. Travel to Akila City, located on Akila planet in the Cheyenne System
  2. If you traveled there for the first time, you’ll see Marshal and a crowd on the street in front of the local Bank
  3. The citizens are held hostile inside and offer your help.
  4. Solve the issue either by persuading them or killing the bank robbers.
  5. Marshal will thank you, mention the Rangers Faction, and this will start the Freestar Rangers questline.
  6. Head Stright to The Rock Bar, which also holds Freestar Ranger’s main base, and starts progressing in this faction questline
  7. Star Eagle is the final reward for completing all missions for Freestar Rangers.

Starborn Guardian

Starfield - Starborn Guardian

Starborn Guardian features in Starfield:

  • Crew Capacity: 5
  • Fuel: 1500
  • Hull: 649
  • Cargo Capacity:  950 Max, 150 Shielded
  • Grav Jump: 30 Lightyears
  • Weapons: SOL – 24 TOR – 70
  • Value: 61095
  • Obtained: Automatically received when starting a New Game Plus in Starfield.

This ship is exclusive to the New Game Plus reward, featuring solid stats but limited upgrade options. Useful until you save enough for a better ship at the start of your game plus playthrough. It has a unique look and features, but eventually, you want to get something better from the list above, steal a ship, or buy it from merchants.

How to Get Starborn Guardian

The path to obtaining Starborn Guardian is simple, and it is an automatic reward for starting the new game plus after completing the main story once during your first playthrough.

Other Ways to Get Free Ships

Apart from these free ships, you can also acquire ships by stealing them from hostile factions or NPCs. Any hostile faction ships or civilian ships you encounter can be taken and registered as your own. Sometimes, you might even find ships parked on a planet’s surface, which you can claim after using a digipick on a locked door to gain access.

Stealing ships can provide enjoyable gameplay and a means to earn credits or acquire better ships. However, it’s essential to note that some ships you encounter parked and unattended may remain inaccessible regardless of your efforts. Another crucial factor to consider is acquiring the Piloting skill, which allows you to drive higher-class spacecraft. You might come across an easily accessible treasure in the spaceport but cannot fly it, preventing you from stealing it. Therefore, progress your piloting skills to avoid that situation.

Another essential thing to know is that you can have up to 10 ships, so if you steal or acquire a new one, your other sips will be safely parked in the spaceport. Also, stealing ships will require a lot of luck to find the perfect target, so keep your eyes open and digipicks at your pocket. Still, it is an illegal activity, so if you get caught, you must pay a price or go to jail.

How to Steal Ships in Starfield?

Here are the all steps to steal ships in Starfield:

  1. Locate a Parked Ship: Look for a ship that is parked in a spaceport on a planet’s surface.
  2. Use the Digipick: To gain access to the ship, you’ll need to use a digipick. Ensure you have a digipick in your inventory.
  3. Access the Ship: Enter the ship.
  4. Claim the Ship: Take ownership of the ship by interacting with the pilot seat in the cockpit. Escape with it, and it will become part of your fleet.
  5. Enjoy Your New Ship: Congratulations, you now have a new ship to use in Starfield!

That’s all you need to know! These free ships in Starfield are more than just tools; they’re your companions in the cosmos. Prioritizing these missions and quests to obtain them early can greatly enhance your journey, providing you with improved capabilities and a more enjoyable experience as you traverse the stars. So, chart your course wisely, Captain, and may the galaxy unfold its mysteries before you.

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