Ark Survival Ascended Explorer Notes: XP Boost, Map, Locations, and Tips

Explore Ark’s hidden lore and treasures of ARK Survival Ascended Explorer Notes, revealing XP boosts, map, locations, and expert tips on a leveled-up adventure!

Ark Survival Ascended Explorer Notes inside the cave - Cave Entrance
Tip: Explorer Notes Can Also be Found Inside the Caves – Cave Entrance

Ark Survival Ascended Explorer Notes and XP Boost

In Ark Survival Ascended, Explorer Notes are either Dossiers’ or other survivors’ stories and discoveries describing how to survive in the harsh environment of this prehistoric world. Hundreds of notes are scattered throughout different maps, offering players lore insights, XP Boost, and experience points.

Why and How You Should Hunt for Explorer Notes in ARK

Hunting for explorer notes is rewarding; they grant significant experience bonuses for players and creatures. Leveling up enhances skills and stats, making your gameplay more enjoyable, and you and your creatures become more powerful. Every note grants 100% XP for 10 minutes. You should collect them on a creature because it doubles not only yours but also your dino’s XP gain.

Ark Survival Ascended Explorer Notes XP Boost Icon and Timer
Explorer Notes XP Boost Icon and Timer

Another tip I like to give is an exporter notes hunt and killing hunt. If you discover two or more notes quickly, this extends the XP-boost effect time without resetting it. So find an explorer note, and kill everything on your path to the next explorer note. This way, you and your dino will level up at light speed.

However, collecting all Explorer Notes goes beyond XP. Explorer notes unlock an extra ten levels for your character, enhancing your skills and stats.

ARK Ascended - Explorer Notes

To find explorer notes, explore different areas and watch for various containers such as ancient Greek art vases or green metal chests reminiscent of military gear. Another type resembles pirates’ chests from Captain Jack Sparrow’s adventures. If you spot a suspicious container, it likely holds an explorer note with fragments of ARK knowledge. A unique note tape takes the form of a sci-fi console narrated by a mysterious being encountered at the game’s start.

Hunt for Explorer Notes in ARK Survival Ascended in Ruins
Hunt for Explorer Notes in Ruins

When seeking explorer notes, I often explore old ruins scattered around the maps. Inside, you can almost always find another note. Secondly, you can find 2-4 explorer notes and other rewards in caves. Caves, challenging with creatures up to level 300, like Araneo and Arthropluera, provide fantastic XP, making it essential to collect explorer notes in these environments. With a 100% XP boost from notes, killing those creatures will grant you substantial levels, double the value.

Explorer Notes Map, Locations, and Types

Here is a map marked with all explorer note locations we found for efficient hunting and reference:

ARK Survival Ascended: The Island Map - All Explorer Notes Locations
ARK Survival Ascended: The Island Map – All Explorer Notes Locations

Ark features various explorer note types, such as Helena’s notes, a creator of Dossiers, a notes type that describes each creature in ARK Survival Ascended and the methods to tame them. Another notable survivor is Sir Edmund Rockwell, who appears to be a chemist from the 19th century. He wrote the Recipes for Consumables and Kibbles, including the Mindwipe Tonic, his most famous creation.

There are many notes across the maps and all ARK DLCs, each providing unique knowledge and experience points. Below is a list of all explorer note authors and survivors:

  • Boris
  • Diana Altaras
  • Emilia Müller
  • Gabriel
  • Gaius Marcellus
  • Nerva
  • HLN-A
  • Imamu
  • John Dahkeya
  • Mei-Yin Li
  • Nida
  • Raia
  • Rusty Stafford
  • Santiago
  • Sir Edmund Rockwell
  • Skye
  • Trent
  • The One Who Waits
  • ??? (Unspecified name)

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