Best Starfield Mods in 2023

Improved gameplay visuals, increased combat challenges, clean user interfaces and more with the Best Starfield Mods in 2023!

Starfield First Steps Wallpaper

The modding community has worked its magic, elevating Bethesda’s space exploration game to new heights. From visually stunning upgrades to innovative gameplay tweaks, these mods promise to enrich your Starfield experience. Join us as we navigate through the cosmos of user-created wonders, and select the Best Starfield Mods in 2023 to install before your next space adventure.

Best Starfield Mods in 2023

The Best Starfield Mods are StarUI Inventory, Call Your Ship, and Achievement Enabler. StarUI is the most popular Starfield mod on Nexus Mods, and is a fantastic quality-of-life mod which make your item inventory cleaner looking and easier to read. Call Your Ship does exactly that – you can hail your ship from any location on a planet so you don’t have to slow walk all the way back. Achievement Enabler is a must-have mod, since the game will otherwise lock you out from earning achievements while you have mods installed.

Here are the best mods for Starfield in 2023:

  1. StarUI Inventory – improves inventory management
  2. Call Your Ship – no more need to walk all the way back to where you originally landed
  3. Achievement Enabler – keep earning achievements while playing with mods
  4. NaturaLUTs – Color Graded Filter Removal and Black Level Restoration LUTs
  5. Improved Combat AI – enemies and companions fight smarter
  6. Starfield FOV – change your field of view
  7. Richer Merchants – increases the amount of resources traders have on hand
  8. Ship Skip – removes docking cut scenes
  9. Enhanced Dialogue Interface – cleaner dialogue UI
  10. Ship Builder Tolerance Tweaks – increases the overlap tolerance in the ship-builder

10 Ship Builder Tolerance Tweaks

Starfield Ship Builder Tolerance Tweaks mod by keanuWheeze Best Starfield Mods in 2023

The ability to build your own starship is a highlight of the game, though the complexity and expense means it something that most don’t have the resources for until later on in the game. The Ship Builder UI in Starfield is pretty impressive, but like any major new system there can be a lot of little things that can make it frustrating to work with.

One of those seemingly small things, which can often build into a larger frustration, is the finicky piecing together of the modules of your ship. If other pieces are off in placement just a little bit, it can keep others from fitting where they are supposed to go. The Ship Builder Tolerance Tweaks mod will give you a bit more wiggle room to work with here. It does this by allowing ship modules to overlap with each other just a little bit. It may not sound like much, but when you don’t have to re-position all the other surrounding modules to get something to fit you’ll be breathing a sigh of relief.

9 Enhanced Dialogue Interface

Starfield Enhanced Dialogue Interface by Seb263

Enhanced Dialogue Interface is another one of those basic UI upgrades that doesn’t seem like much to read about, but really gives the look of the game a much more modern polish. This mod features “a wider, refined and centered text area, improved text clarity featuring a subtle shadow for better readability — all without annoying transition animations.” In addition to the nice visual changes it also removes the delay in dialogue transitions and it gives you the ability to set keybinds for selecting dialogue responses.

8 Ship Skip

Starfield Ship Skip Animations by Bub

Starfield has a lot of little transition cut scenes as you move from one activity to another. Showing your ship docking to a space station or taking off from a planet or a couple of good examples. They look very cool and are enjoyable the first few times you see them. However, with enough gameplay they start to happen a lot and even if they are not very long time-wise seeing them over and over again can get frustrating. The Ship Skip mod may break some immersion for some, but other will be more than happy with the sacrifice. The mod automatically removes the docking animations, while the ability to remove landing and take off animations is optional.

7 Richer Merchants

Starfield Where to sell Contraband - Easy & Low Lvl Merchant

In a game with so much stuff to pick up and cram into your cargo hold, Starfield doesn’t always make it easy to get rid of all the excess junk. Additionally, in a game that relies primarily on gunplay and firearms when you find a favorite weapon it’s frustrating when you keep running out of ammo. Richer Merchants is a helpful fix for both of these problems, and thus one of our Best Starfield Mods in 2023. This mod will increase the amount of credits, ammunition, and resources held by merchants. It doesn’t apply to all traders in the game, simply because there are a handful outside of the global leveled lists that Bethesda created, but it should make it a lot easier to sell of your goods and to find the supplies you need.

6 Starfield FOV

Starfield FOV mod by Hellstorm102

In most modern RPGs, whether shooters or fantasy melee games, players will have access to some kind of slider or other accessibility mechanic which allows them to change their field of view to whatever distance suits them best. For unknown reasons, however, Bethesda Game Studios released Starfield with the ability to make any changes to the FOV position. This can be quite frustrating for those who find the locked position of the camera either to close or too distant. Thankfully, Starfield FOV provides a simple fix to this problem! Moreover, the mod applies to both the first and third-person camera, so no matter how you like to play you can adjust the camera position.

5 Improved Combat AI

Starfield Improved Combat AI mod by Ixion XVII

Highly skill shooter players are probably not going to find a whole lot of challenge in Starfield’s conflicts. Combat is a big part of the game, but in Starfield it’s on equal footing with exploration, crafting and construction. Players will often find enemy NPCs just standing around even when bullets are flying, instead of actively returning fire or getting behind cover. Improved Combat AI will give NPCs more of a survival instinct to shoot more often, change positions, and throw grenades. As an extra bonus, this will apply not only to enemies, but also to your companions!

Another nice combat related mod that deserves a mention is Less Spongy Enemies. In Starfield many enemies are ‘difficult’ not via mechanics but just because they soak up loads of bullets. Less Spongy Enemies cuts down on large stacks of enemy health, so it doesn’t feel like it takes forever to do damage.

4 NaturaLUTs

Starfield NaturaLUTs mod by TheDragonWithinMe Best Starfield Mods in 2023

Mods that provide a reshading of games are pretty popular, and a great way to enhance the graphics of your game in the way that you prefer to see. Developers will often use certain filters in certain locations to give the area a certain look and feel. However, not all players like these types of atmospheric modifications. Quantum Reshade is an honorable mention in this category, depending on what your own personal preference may be. The NaturaLUTs mod is our personal recommendation for the Best Starfield Mods in 2023. This is because while it is technically not a reshade mod, it instead uses custom processed LUTs to remove the hazy filtered look and enhance black levels to true pitch.

3 Achievement Enabler

Starfield Achievement list from Steam Best Starfield Mods in 2023

What some PC players may not be aware of is that Bethesda will lock you out of earning achievements if you are playing the game with mods installed. This is the case whether you are playing through Steam or the Microsoft Store. It’s a strange choice coming from a studio which has such a strong history of supporting community created mods. Regardless, you can sidestep this issue with Achievement Enabler. It will do exactly as advertised – you can install and play with all of the mods that you please and still earn achievements as you play.

2 Call Your Ship

Starfield Call Your Ship mod by Rysel Best Starfield Mods in 2023

Exploration is a huge part of Starfield and one that players should be prepared to embark on. The distances involved when walking across an otherwise barren planet, from you ship to Point of Interest and back, however, can be cumbersome. When you’re ready to just move on, it seems rather inefficient that in the age of space travel no one has invented the technology to bring your ship to you at need. Thankfully, the creators of the Call Your Ship mod have done just that. Now you can call your ship to you from any outdoor location, and just like whistling for a mount in Skyrim, it will come to you.

1 StarUI Inventory

Starfield StarUI Inventory mod by m8r98a4f2 Best Starfield Mods in 2023

One of the most common complaints and frustrations for Starfield players is the game’s clunky and frustrating inventory management system. StarUI Inventory is one of the most popular mods for Starfield for this very reason. With this mod you get much more visually streamlined inventory UI, where you can view much more of your inventory at a glance than before. Additionally, all of the most important information about those items will display. This really cuts down on having to click back and forth viewing specific information on individual items. User Interface changes might not be as flashy or sexy as better graphics or new content, but StarUI Inventory will have a major positive impact on your Starfield experience and is the top ‘must-have’ mod!

How to Install Mods for Starfield

It’s highly recommended that you use a reputable site such as Nexus Mods when you are downloading and installing mods for Starfield. You can choose to manually install your mods if that’s something you’re comfortable with, but you can also use the Nexus Mod Manager to streamline the process for you. If you’re not using the manager, then the basic steps for installing a mod are:

  1. Choose the mod you wish to install
  2. Download that mod
  3. To install, follow the directions on the page for the specific mod you’ve downloaded. All mods are not installed the same way, so you’ll want to be sure you’re following the right instructions

Whenever you’re dealing with mods, it’s always a good idea to make a backup of your game before installing. In case something doesn’t work right and you need to be able to revert changes.

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