Best Hogwarts Legacy Mods in 2023

Improve game performance, enhance your spells, and fly on dragons with the Best Hogwarts Legacy Mods in 2023!

Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay

One of the massive benefits of playing a game on PC is the ability to improve or change the gameplay experience through mods. Hogwarts Legacy, the popular RPG set in the world of the Harry Potter series, proved to be no exception. Whether you are jumping into the game for the first time, or looking to experience the game again in a new and different way, here is our list of the best Hogwarts Legacy Mods in 2023!

Best Hogwarts Legacy Mods in 2023

The Best Hogwarts Legacy Mods are Ascendio, Mouse Controls for Broom, and DragonOgryff. Ascendio will improve overall game performance on your PC. Mouse Controls for Broom provides a simple fix for the rather challenging broom controls on PC. Finally, DragonOgryff is a mod that will change your Hippogriff mount into a much more menacing Draco!

Here are the best mods for Hogwarts Legacy in 2023:

  1. Ascendio – improve game performance
  2. Mouse Controls for Broom – control broom movement with a mouse
  3. DragonOgryff – change hippogriff mount into a dragon
  4. Spells Enhanced – add new spells
  5. NPC Schedule Advanced – improve story immersion
  6. Companions Mod – bring companions with you anytime
  7. Remove Block and Dodge Indicators – make combat more challenging

7 Remove Block and Dodge Indicators

Hogwarts Legacy Combat with Protego

The combat in Hogwarts Legacy can leave something to be desired for players who are looking to test their skills. While the Hard difficulty setting is more challenging, it still provides players with indicators telling them when to block and dodge. Admittedly, when surrounded by enemies and trying to keep an eye on everything on the battlefield, these telegraphs can be helpful. But for players who want to test their skills, Remove Block and Dodge Indicators mod is a fantastic way to separate the average student from the next future Merlin.

6 Companions Mod

Hogwarts Legacy Companions

The companions and their personal stories are some of the best parts of the Hogwarts Legacy game. They each have their own personal story quests and will accompany you on certain sections of the story. However, that’s generally where their involvement ends. The Companions Mod allows you to bring along not only the ‘main’ game companions but also gives you to option to have professors and other classmates accompany you. Not only will they follow you, but they will cast Lumos and Disillusionment spells whenever you do. Additionally, they will fight with you and can help you out in the battle arena!

5 NPC Schedule Advanced

Hogwarts Legacy Main Hall

While the name might not seem like a clear indicator of what this mod does, NPC Schedule Advanced is a great way to improve the overall immersion of the school. Anyone who has played Hogwarts Legacy long enough knows that the castle itself is an amazing set piece, a truly wonderful and faithful recreation of the school. However, the way NPCs such as students and professors move around in the space can be less than ideal. While there are groups of students around during the day, most everyone tends to simply disappear at night. With NPC Schedule Advanced almost every named NPC’s schedule changes. Students will return to their common rooms at night and you’ll see them physically walking to and from their ‘standard’ location. Additionally, you’ll find Merchants in Hogsmeade close-up shops and go home at night, and students will visit the town on the weekends.

4 Spells Enhanced

Spells Enhanced by Khione95

Spells Enhanced adds nine new spells, all taken from the Harry Potter Series. These include:

  1. Reducto – blast objects into pieces
  2. Expulso – repel enemies with a blast
  3. Apparition – instant teleportation
  4. Apparation Maxima – greater distances traveled
  5. Stupefy – stuns the target
  6. Petrificus Totalus – freezes the target in place
  7. Incendio Incantatem – conjures a jet of flame
  8. Obliviate – erase memories
  9. Confundo – confuses the target

As a fun addition, five of these new spells also have voice-acted lines which the characters speak as they cast them.

3 DragonOgryff

Hogwarts Legacy DragonOgryff Mod by Showie

Hippogriffs are awesome, but dragons are better! The DragonOgryff mod gives you even more variety in your mounts by letting you fly around the grounds of Hogwarts on the back of a dragon. You can choose from the Green Welsh or Hungarian Horntail, two breeds that book fans will be well familiar with! There is also a very neat-looking Ethereal dragon if you prefer an otherworldly-like menace.

2 Mouse Controls for Broom

Hogwarts Legacy Mouse Controls for Broom Mod by R457

Mouse Controls for Broom does exactly what it says. Ask any PC users who played the game on mouse and keyboard at release and the controls for flying your broom in the game were likely uncomfortable and unnatural. It was my own experience that anything that was a race or trying to efficiently hit those balloons while on a broomstick was something of a chore. With this mod installed you’ll be able to use your mouse to control the direction of your broom – while still keeping the original keybinds intact as a backup should you need them.

1 Ascendio

Hogwarts Legacy Ascendio Mod by Seifu

The Ascendio mod is the most downloaded Hogwarts Legacy mod available on Nexus Mods for good reason. You should see an overall boot in-game performance with this installed. According to the creators, “t applies Unreal Engine parameters to help address some of the game’s performance issues.” This should help with both the game’s frame rate and possibly prevent game crashes that were happening before.

The creators do warn in the notes that it is not possible to test the compatibility of this mod with all possible combinations of graphics cards and CPUs. It’s still worth a try and can be uninstalled without much fuss if you don’t see an improvement when you play the game.

How to Install Mods for Hogwarts Legacy

It’s highly recommended that you use a reputable site such as Nexus Mods when you are downloading and installing mods for Hogwarts Legacy. You can choose to manually install your mods if that’s something you’re comfortable with, but you can also use the Nexus Mod Manager to streamline the process for you. If you’re not using the manager, then the basic steps for installing a mod are:

  1. Choose the mod you wish to install
  2. Download that mod
  3. To install, follow the directions on the page for the specific mod you’ve downloaded. All mods are not installed the same way, so you’ll want to be sure you’re following the right instructions

Whenever you’re dealing with mods, it’s always a good idea to make a backup of your game before installing, just in case something doesn’t work right and you need to be able to revert changes.

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