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Destiny 2 Hotfix Iron Banner multipliers Buffed

Welcome to Destiny 2 Hotfix Iron Banner multipliers Buffed!  Today, the Bungie team has posted small fixes and improvements. Check out what changes this week in Destiny 2. To find out the details, read on below, or check out the official post on the forums HERE.

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The iron Banner event appears twice every season, and each time remains for a week, thus is linked with the weekly reset. For information on the weekly reset, visit the Destiny 2 Ritual Reset Guide. During the event, guardians together participate in Crucible matches to earn unique rewards like shaders and emblems. Additionally, players are rewarded with weapons and high-stat gear for each match. All Destiny 2 players, regardless of expansion ownership, can participate in Iron Banner events.

Destiny 2 Hotfix Patch Notes



Fixed an issue where Security Drone 01 from Operation: Seraph’s Shield was not visible for players who had not completed enough Beyond Light campaign missions.
You now can obtain Deepsight weapons from the Seasonal vendors daily instead of weekly. Get your patterns, Guardian!


Increased Iron Banner Rank gains.

Doubled multipliers from wearing Iron Banner gear.

Halved the multipliers for completing challenges.

Significantly increased the multiplier for wearing an Iron Banner emblem.


Added quitter protections to Competitive Division.

Players completing matches that end in losses where one or more teammates were missing from the start of the match will not result in division point loss.



Fixed an issue where the Full Auto setting could occasionally stop firing while the trigger is held.

Fixed an issue where with Full Auto setting turned on, auto loading a charge-based weapon after emptying the mag allowed you to shoot them without a charge delay.


Fixed an issue where a dialog prompt during the initial Enigma crafting quest would fail to advance.

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