ESO global reveal livestream and the BIG Chapter reveal

ESO: 2023 Global Reveal and BIG Chapter reveal Livestream

During the global reveal livestreams, Developers provide details about the new chapter, what’s coming to Elder Scrolls Online and what changes players can expect to see in the new coming year. Given some of the issues that ESO has encountered in Quarter 4 of this year, players are anxious to see what ZOS may have in store for us going forward.

ESO 2023 Global Reveal Livestream

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Discover the future of The Elder Scrolls Online with two amazing back-to-back livestreams: The Developer_Direct and 2023 ESO Global Reveal.

Going live on on Wednesday, January 25 at 3PM EST, Xbox and Bethesda will present a Developer_Direct that includes our first major announcement of the year, providing an early look into ESO’s next big adventure. Immediately following the Developer_Direct, we’re also hosting the 2023 ESO Global Reveal. Starting at 3:45PM EST the very same day, the Global Reveal will dive deep into what you can expect from ESO this year. No need to touch that dial, as both shows will be hosted live on one after the other!

What’s more, tune in to the 2023 ESO Global Reveal and you can claim the Ritual Casting emote as a free Twitch Drop—don’t forget to link your accounts before it kicks off!

ESO global reveal livestream and the BIG Chapter reveal

It’s going to be a big year for the #ESOFam and The Elder Scrolls Online, so be sure to check out both livestreams via starting on Wednesday, January 25 from 3PM EST—we’ll see you there!

Thanks for reading about the next ESO: The global reveal live stream. All ESO players look at 2023 with high hopes for their favourite MMO. Will the next chapter include the BIG most requested feature? Not long ago in Matt Firor’s End of the Year Letter, we could read small details about what’s coming, but the global reveal live stream will drop the veil of secrecy.

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