ESO: Anthelmir’s Construct Explained with How to Get Instructions.

Everything you need to know Anthelmir’s Construct monster set that you can get from the Oathsworn Pit dungeon in ESO.

Character Wearing the Helmet Anthelmir's Construct in ESO - Monster Set Explained with How to Get Instructions

Anthelmir’s Construct

Anthelmir’s Construct Features and Set Bonuses in ESO:

  • Name: Anthelmir’s Construct
  • Type: Monster Set
  • Available Armor Weight: Medium Armor, Light Armor, Heavy Armor
  • Location: Oathsworn Pit
  • Requires DLC: Scions of Ithelia
  • Armor Set bonuses (Level 50 – CP 160):
    • (1 item) Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
    • (2 items) Attacking an enemy with a fully-charged Heavy Attack throws an axe at your enemy, dealing 1572 Physical damage and reducing their Armor by 400 for 5 seconds. This effect can occur once every 10 seconds and the damage and armor reduction scale off the higher of your Weapon or Spell Damage. The axe drops to the ground after traveling to your target for 5 seconds. Touching the axe reduces the cooldown of this set by 5 seconds.

In ESO, Anthelmir’s Construct is a monster set, meaning it only has two pieces: helmet and shoulders, and both are available in medium, light, and heavy armor options. After you attack an enemy with a fully-charged Heavy Attack (hold down the attack button), the set will spawn and throw an axe at them. The axe deals decent damage at the maximum level of 1572 physical damage and reduces the enemy’s armor, making them more vulnerable to the following attacks.

How to Use Anthelmir's Construct Set - ESO Scions of Ithelia DLC

You can throw an axe at the enemy once every 10 seconds. However, the axe will be visible on the ground for 5 seconds, and if you pick it up (run on top of it), the cooldown of this effect will be only 5 seconds. As a result, a skilled player can manage to deal damage with this set once every 5 seconds.

How to Use Anthelmir’s Construct Set in PvE and PvP?

PvE: It won’t be helpful in most PvE scenarios. Many ESO mechanics require you to move frequently, and there is little time to charge a full heavy attack and constantly chase the axe. Otherwise, you wouldn’t take advantage of this effect. Secondly, you can obtain sunder or armor reduction from various sources in ESO much more easily. Still, if you like the set, you can try to create a setup similar to classic heavy attack builds. Please Note: Our builds are created to the most possible damage and efficiency. You should always adjust them to your needs, but it may result in lower damage or effectiveness.

PvP: Heavy attacks in PvP, due to the spread of gameplay, are mainly used to regain back resources. Players will easily escape from Anthelmir’s Construct Set effect and go to offense, dealing a lot of damage to you before you even manage to end your heavy attack. Therefore, executing constant, fully charged Heavy Attacks is almost impossible. This makes Anthelmir’s Construct not suitable for PvP.

How to Get Anthelmir’s Construct Armor Set in ESO?

You can get Anthelmir’s Construct headpiece for killing the final boss in Oathsworn Pitil on veteran difficulty. Anthelmir’s Construct shoulder piece is in Scions of Ithelia Coffer and sold by Urgarlag Chief-bane.


Oathsworn Pit Location - ESO

To enter the dungeon, you must own the Scions of Ithelia DLC or have an active ESO Plus subscription. Oathsworn Pit is a group dungeon in ESO; you will need a group of four players, preferably one healer, one tank, and two damage dealers. Next, head to the Reach and move to the Northwest corner of the map to locate the dungeon entrance. You can also queue via the group finder to immediately join.

Monster helmets only drop from the last boss on Vteran or Hard Mode difficulty. Your group must defeat Arados, the final boss, and then loot his body. Each player will receive a separate loot containing one monster helmet per player. It’s worth noting that players, for a limited time, may trade the helmets and other dungeon-specific sets with each other. However, once the set is bound to the specific player, it can no longer be traded. You also cannot sell monster helmets to players who didn’t take part in defeating the final boss.


ESO Undaunted Enclave maps

You can buy Anthelmir’s Construct Shoulders from Urgarlag Chief-bane, who is one of the Undaunted Pledge Masters. Undaunted Pledge Masters, also called Undaunted Vendors, sell Coffers containing shoulder pieces of various Monster Helm Sets. They are located in the Undaunted Enclaves in each Alliance capital (base game):

  • Elden Root (Grahtwood region): the Enclave in Aldmeri Dominion territory
  • Wayrest (Stormhaven region): the Enclave in Daggerfall Covenant territory
  • Mournhold (Deshaan region): the Enclave in Ebonheart Pact territory

As mentioned, Urgarlag Chief-bane is an Ork lady who sells the Scions of Ithelia Coffer for 5 monster keys. Once you open the box, inside will be a shoulder piece of random armor weight in one of two monster sets available in Scions of Ithelia DLC: Anthelmir’s Construct or The Blind. So it may take a few coffers to get the set you need.

How to Get Monster Keys

Trade Undaunted Keys
Trading Undaunted Keys with Urgarlag Chief-bane

Five monster keys are easy to get. Monster keys are a currency found in your inventory currency tab, and you can earn them from pledge masters for completing so-called pledges. Pledges reset each day, requiring you to complete the specific dungeon and defeat the last boss inside. Completing it on normal or veteran difficulty will earn you one key. However, completing a hard mode (additional task) on the veteran difficulty will give you two keys. Those hard mode tasks vary depending on the dungeon, but they can include ensuring that a defined NPC survives or that you must use a specific boss mechanic.

Each day, two base game dungeons and one DLC dungeon are available as a pledge. As a result, you can earn 6 Monster Keys daily. Remember that DLC dungeons are usually harder than base game dungeons, especially on Hard Mode difficulty, and require an active ESO Plus subscription or for you to own specific DLC.

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