ESO: Official Necrom Cinematic Trailer

The new ESO: Official Necrom Cinematic Trailer was revealed during the official Livestream hosted on Bethesda’s Twitch channel, showcasing the new zone, Arcanist class, companions and more!

Elder Scrolls Online Chapters are big expansions released yearly. They usually include a new zone new separate storyline and one or more new game features. This year 2023 Bethesda revealed the new chapter Necrom and surprised the community with the new Arcanist class.

Elder Scrolls Online is an MMO, RPG with a big and magical open world filled with quests and group activities. You can explore it alone or with friends regardless of your and their level thanks to smart level scaling very unique to ESO.

ESO Necrom Cinematic Trailer

ESO Necrom Chapter June 5th release date
Release Date

Firstly, what is Necrom? On The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages (UESP), we can read about Necrom zone:

Necrom is one of the eight major cities on the mainland of Morrowind, situated along the eastern coast of the Central Highlands region overlooking the Padomaic Ocean. Necrom is known as the City of the Dead, because in Dunmeri tradition, the various families and clans of Morrowind would travel to Necrom and bring their deceased family members in urns and coffins for solemn processions that last for months. The city is composed of lofty walls and white towers, and is known for a “dark heat”. Necrom’s Great House affiliation is either Dres or Indoril, but the city itself perpetuates a religious tradition that predates the Tribunal cult and has a strong Temple presence.

Telvanni house controls Necrom city and the whole peninsula. The zone is big and comparable to previous Chapters like Blackwood and Elsweyr. As a result, players who love “clear the map” and sink into always rich story quests of Elder Scrolls shouldn’t be disappointed. As always the zone is colourful and beautiful. Also, Necrom Zone has the well-known Morrowind and Dunmer vibe with sandy, arched buildings. The flora is wild and dangerous, the magical creatures hiding between giant mushrooms and green bushes. With the main Necrom city and rocky spires on the horizon, this zone is everything that Vanderfell fans could desire.

However, it’s not the only zone we will visit. The Apocrypha is a realm that belongs to Hermaeus Mora and is famous for it’s Forbidden Books of the Endless Library & the mind-bending wonder of Chroma Incognito.

The Necrom Chapter Story

ESO Necrom Chapter Story
Necrom Chapter

The New Necrom chapter story will focus on discovering the secrets of Hermaeus Mora one of the Daedric Princes. However, he has many names and each always respectfully articulated – the Demon of Knowledge, the Master of the Tides of Fate, Gardener of Men, Prince of Fate, Lord of Secrets, the Keeper of Forbidden Knowledge, the Golden Eye, He Who Records All Knowledge, the One Who Knows – to name only a few.

During the travels across Morrowind’s Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha, players will encounter Hermaeus Mora and one more Daedric Prince, Vaermina the Lady of nightmares! Certainly, Hermaeus Mora does not seek to interfere or destroy the mortal world, so it’s the Vaermine that players should fear the most. Her cursed or as her cultists see it “blessed” objects will put you to sleep immediately but act as a summons to dreadful nightmares. “Dare you rest on it?”

ESO Necrom City
Necrom City

The Prince of Fate holds secrets too dangerous for mortals or Daedra to comprehend. Now hidden yet turbulent powers threaten Hermaeus Mora’s realm of Apocrypha and if the Daedric Prince’s secret is uncovered, it could unravel all of reality. The player is the only one who can help him keep the secrets hidden. Others believe cultists of Hermaeus Mora use these beasts to track tomes long thought lost. Also, Players will encounter on their travels many never seen before creatures and daedra such as Apocryphal Bookwyrms! Those shadowy-looking worms devour books to vouchsafe the knowledge for their master. Players will undoubtedly also meet watchers and many other fantastic creatures from Eder Scrolls Lore.

New Arcanist Class

The Arcanist class uses arcane, ancient runes and lost tomes of power to wild the powerful magic. The class is capable of destructive, restorative, or defensive magic. Just like all other ESO classes, it will most likely have all the tools to heal, deal considerable damage and also fulfil the classic role of the tank in group scenarios.

Class skills have beautiful visual effects and each animation is something we haven’t seen before. Therefore it will attract many players to come back to the game and try this robust and fascinating new class.



The new chapter will bring many fantastic features and with the new class on the horizon, many players will be satisfied and eager to play it in June. The new chapter will be released in June 2023.

All ESO players look at 2023 with high hopes for their favourite MMO. Not long ago in Matt Firor’s End of the Year Letter, we could read small details about what’s coming, but the global reveal live stream ended the veil of secrecy.

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