ESO: Sluthrug’s Hunger Explained With How to Get Instructions

Instructions and everything you need to know about the Sluthrug’s Hunger set, which you can get from the Oathsworn Pit dungeon in ESO.

The Elder Scrolls Online Sluthrug’s Hunger Explained With How to Get Instructions

Sluthrug’s Hunger

Sluthrug’s Hunger Features and Set Bonuses in ESO:

  • Name: Sluthrug’s Hunger
  • Type: Dungeon Set
  • Available Armor Weight: Weight and Items: Medium Armor, Jewelry, Weapons
  • Location: Oathsworn Pit Dungeon
  • Requires DLC: Scions of Ithelia
  • Armor Set bonuses (Level 50 – CP 160):
    • 2 items: 129 Stamina Recovery
    • 3 items: 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
    • 4 items: 1487 Offensive Penetration
    • 5 items: Healing yourself or an ally makes the recipient Blood Hungry for 3 seconds. When you deal direct damage to an enemy, the enemy becomes Bloodied for 3 seconds. Bloodied enemies take 4% more damage from and deal 4% less damage to Blood Hungry targets.

In ESO, the Sluthrug’s Hunger set offers five set bonuses and belongs to the medium armor category. The first three bonuses on the Sluthrug’s Hunger set offer moderate increases to stamina recovery, weapon and spell damage, and offensive penetration. The final five-piece bonus is based around your heals granting your allies a buff, and your direct damage making enemies vulnerable to that specific buff.

How to Use Sluthrug’s Hunger armor set The Elder Scrolls Online Scions of Ithelia DLC

Essentially, when you heal yourself or another player they become Blood Hungry for just 3 seconds. You’ll then want to immediately deal direct damage to an enemy, which will cause it to become Bloodied. This means that it will take 4% more damage from and deal 4% less damage to Blood Hungry targets.

The description is a bit complex, but basically it means that if you are wearing this set and heal someone, while doing direct damage in rotation, they will have a 3 second window to deal more damage and take less damage.

How to Use Sluthrug’s Hunger Set in PvE and PvP?

The Sluthrug’s Hunger 5-piece set may be useful, but it is not likely to change the current meta either within player vs environment (PvE) or player vs player (PvP) settings. In PvE this set won’t be meta, but some highly organized groups might be able to effectively pair it with certain builds and other sets to make it more useful. However, don’t expect to use this set or see it used much at all in PvE. Given the frantic nature of the battlefield and the difficulty proccing the buff/debuff, it’s too complex to make much impact.


The rotation difficulty will likely put off most regular or casual ESO players from using this set. However, organized dungeon and trial groups could put Sluthrug’s Hunger on the Elemental Catalyst Necromancer, for example. With Mortal Coil in the group, the heal could be procced every 3 seconds, assuming the group is taking enough damage. The direct damage requirement should be easy to meet on a Necro. Whirling Blades is direct damage, so applying Bloodied to a group of enemies should be easy to maintain.


PvP use for the Sluthrug’s Hunger set is likely to be pretty trivial. Although the set description text says ‘an ally’ which implies that the heal buff could potentially effect alliance members you are not directly grouped with, a wider application doesn’t necessarily make this set more useful.

Unfortunately, in PvP situations, Sluthrug’s Hunger won’t make a difference because the proc is weak. Additionally, it requires movement rather than a burst. In the current ESO PvP meta, players simply have much better burst proc set options.

How to Get Sluthrug’s Hunger Set in ESO?

You can get Sluthrug’s Hunger armor, weapons, and jewelry from bosses and chests in the Oathsworn Pit dungeon, on any difficulty. Below are instructions on how to get all items from the ESO Sluthrug’s Hunger set:

  • Chests have a chance to drop Weapons and Jewelry from the Sluthrug’s Hunger set
  • All Bosses have a guaranteed drop of one body armor piece per player.
  • The Final Boss also has a guaranteed drop of one Body armor, Weapons, and Jewelry per player.
Oathsworn Pit Location - ESO

To access this dungeon, you must own the Scions of Ithelia DLC or have an active ESO Plus subscription. The major region in which this dungeon is located is called the Reach, which is far to the northwest of the full Tamriel map. Furthermore, within the more detailed map of Wrothgar, you can find the Oathsworn Pit dungeon to the far south of the map. It is relatively close to the Siege Road Wayshrine.

Additionally, as a dungeon, this type of content is meant to be tackled by four players. In ESO, a well-balanced group typically contains one tank, one healer, and two damage dealers.

Bedlam Veil Dungeon ESO - Toc of the Last Ayleid King Meta, No Class Balance Changes, Questing Adjustments in PTS Patch Notes for ESO Update 41 Thumb Image

As you play through and learn the dungeon mechanics, be sure to also always be on the lookout for chests. As mentioned above, chests always have the chance of dropping one of the dungeon sets, including Sluthrug’s Hunger.

All sets available in the Oathsworn Pit dungeon are:

  • Sluthrug’s Hunger (Medium Armour)
  • Cinders of Anthelmir (Light Armor)
  • Black-Glove Grounding (Heavy Armor)
  • Anthelmir’s Construct (Monster Set)

Can you Buy or Trade the Sluthrug’s Hunger Set in ESO?

You can’t buy Sluthrug’s Hunger set items in ESO. Within limits, you can trade the monster helmets and other dungeon-specific sets. However, your ability to trade is limited to the group of players you attempted the dungeon with. Furthermore, the ability to trade those pieces with the group only lasts for a limited amount of time.

Additionally, once the gear piece is bound to the specific player, it can no longer be traded. Finally, you also cannot sell monster helmets to players who didn’t take part in defeating the final boss.

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