Fallout 4: How to Complete Best of Three Quest

Collect the electric Tesla Cannon energy weapon by following our Fallout 4: How to Complete Best of Three Quest guide!

Fallout 4 How to Complete Best of Three Quest

How to Complete Best of Three Quest

Originally part of Creation Club content, the Best of Three quest is now available to all players in the base game of Fallout 4. Furthermore, completing it rewards you with the powerful Tesla Cannon weapon.

If you’re logging into an old save with a leveled up character, chances are you will find the Best of Three quest automatically available. However, if you’re starting a new game, you’ll have to level up and progress the main story quest before you can tackle this one.

Best of Three Main Objectives

Follow the below steps to complete the Fallout 4 Best of Three:

  • Listen to the Vault-Tec distress signal and track it to a Gunner body near the Glowing Sea
  • Loot the Holotape from the Gunner and check the data on it. This gives you another signal to check
  • Defeat the ghouls in the church, then approach another dead Gunner and transfer the Pip-Boy Data
  • Make your way to Relay Tower 0DB-621 and download more data from another Gunner
  • Listen to a new channel called the Gunner Signal Remnant on your radio
  • Follow the signal west to the site of a plane crash
  • Read the data from another dead body
  • Defeat Caroni and loot the Tesla Cannon off of him

Best of Three Walkthrough

Fallout 4 Best of Three map location of Gunner with holotape

In order to get a location for the distress signal, you’ll need to use the radio on your Pip-Boy to listen to it. Afterward, the coordinates will flag on your world map. The distress signal is coming from a location in the southwest corner of the map, down by the Glowing Sea. The nearest fast-travel location is called Somerville Place.

Once you arrive, walk southwest and follow the quest marker on your compass to find the body of a dead Gunner lying against a tree. Loot the corpse to find a Holotape, which you can use your Pip-Boy to take a look at the data. This Holotape will give you some new information, as well as the location of a new distress signal to follow.

Second Distress Signal Location – Hopesmarch Pentecostal Church

Fallout 4 Best of Three second Gunner church map location download Pip-Boy data

The second distress signal is coming from directly west of your current position. However, you could also use Vault 95 as a fast-travel point if you want to quickly gain a closer location.

This second dead Gunner will be inside of the church building you find. Moreover, the church is also filled with ghoul enemies so be careful on your approach. You can sneak up and shoot at some of the ghouls through the holes in the roof to get some easy crit damage. Once the ghouls have been taken out, check out the body of the Gunner inside.

This time there won’t be a holotape to loot, but you should see an option to “Download Pip-Boy Data” down beneath the loot UI. Select that to read the available data, which will also give you yet another signal to track.

Third Distress Signal Location – Relay Tower 0DB-621

Fallout 4 Best of Three third distress signal at Relay Tower 0DB-621

The location of the third distress signal is just southeast of the Hopesmarch Pentecostal Church where you fought the ghouls. There are no closer fast-travel locations so you’ll have to walk there.

There did not appear to be any enemies at this location initially, so you should easily be able to walk up to the relay tower. However, after interacting with the dead Gunner a lot of bloatflies can show up.

Leaning against the computer terminal will be the body of another dead Gunner. Download the Pip-Boy data from him to discover one last signal. Interact with the computer terminal to extend the satellites to pick up the radio signal. Then open your radio to listen to the Gunner signal remnant, and it will give you a new location on your map.

Gunnar Signal Remnant Location – Skylanes Flight 1665

Fallout 4 Best of Three Skylanes Flight 1665 and defeat Caroni

To find the location where the signal is coming from head out southwest from the relay tower. Eventually you will find the site of a plane crash, and you’ll want to check the sections of passenger seats to find another dead Vault 95 Gunner. For the last time, download more Pip-Boy data.

Be ready, because as soon as you’ve finished reading the data, Caroni will be there to immediately instigate a fight. He is wielding the Tesla Cannon and can be deadly if you don’t take him down quickly. Use the broken parts of the plane if you need to break his line-of-sight or get some healing in.

Once you’ve defeated Caroni, you can loot his boy for the Tesla Cannon!

Fallout 4 How to Get Tesla Cannon

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