Fallout 4: How to Complete Enclave Quest Echoes of the Past

Discover everything thing you need to know to complete the new Enclave quest Echoes of the Past in Fallout 4!

Fallout 4 Enclave Remnants

How to Complete Enclave Quest Echoes of the Past

The ‘Echoes of the Past’ quest in Fallout 4 is part of some new content developer Bethesda released for the game on April 25, 2004. No matter what platform you own the game on, this content will be freely available to you after you download the new patch for the game.

To start the ‘Echoes of the Past’ quest in Fallout 4, you must log into the game. Your radio will pick up a mysterious signal on the airways, automatically triggering the quest’s start.

Echoes of the Past Main Objectives

Follow the below steps to complete the Fallout 4 Enclave Echoes of the Past Quest:

  • Investigate the last known location of the Missing Caravan
  • Follow the blood spatters, Kill the hostile soldiers, Read the Terminal for more information
  • Track the Enclave Homing Beacon within the Glowing Sea (Optional: Start search from Edge of Glowing Sea)
  • Clear the Atlantic Offices build of Enclave Soldiers, Kill the Enclave Colonel
  • Retrieve the Terminal Key, End the Lockdown
  • Exit the Building
  • Investigate the three Enclave Encampments

Echoes of the Past Walkthrough

Fallout 4 Echoes of the Past Find the Missing Caravan location

On your map, you’ll find a flashing quest marker just northeast of Saugus Ironworks. The Ironworks can be found over in the northeast portion of the map, not too far from the coast. Furthermore, fast travel there if you can, then head east across the bridge. As you do so, you’ll see some blood spatters on the cement.

Next, follow the blood spatters left after the bridge and down towards the riverbed. The quest markers should make it pretty clear. Moreover, you’ll soon come up on some Enclave Soldiers and Troopers, which you can sneak up on for initial extra crit. Additionally, watch out for the turret in their camp. When the fight ends, head into the overpass debris to find the computer terminal. Use it to take a look at all their armor and weapons info.

Track the Enclave Homing Beacon

Fallout 4 Echoes of the Past Edge of Glowing Sea to Atlantic Offices

Secondly, the next location to visit during the Enclave ‘Echoes of the Past’ quest in Fallout 4 will be the Edge of the Glowing Sea, which can be found in the lower southwest corner of the world map. Throw on some protective armor and check your radio for the Enclave Homing signal. However, the strength of it will be really low at first, but if you head southwest from the fast travel point, it will start to go up.

As you get within about 85% signal strength range, you’ll start to see a structure in the distance with Enclave Soldiers on guard. Take them out and approach the building. Moreover, the new Atlantic office location is almost to the southwest edge of the world map.

Clear Out the Atlantic Offices

Fallout 4 Echoes of the Past Kill the Enclave Colonel

To get inside, you’ll need to climb up the sign’s edge on the building’s east side. This will get you on the roof, where there will be an opening that leads down inside. The space is pretty tight, and there will be a few soldiers to take out. You can loot the Tesla Cannon from one of them.

Head to the north side of the building on the roof and jump down one level to encounter another soldier. Then, drop down through a hole in the floor to fight more. An Enclave Colonel will be through the door at the bottom of the stairs. You can shoot at him past the lasers through the hole in the floor. Loot the terminal key from his body.

Use the key at the computer terminal in the next room around the corner. This will give you much information about new armor, weapons, and Enclave locations. Finally, exit the building using the elevator and remove any additional soldiers.

After you view the information on the terminal, three new quests will begin, directing you to investigate each Enclave Encampment location. However, at this point, the Echoes of the Past Enclave quest for Fallout 4 is completed.

Investigate the Southern Enclave Encampment

FO4 Southern Enclave Encampment location map

The Southern Enclave Encampment is far south of the world map, west of the Murkwater Construction Site or South of Gunner’s Plaza. Use one of those two locations for your closest spawn point if you can.

Head west or south, depending on where you started, and you will eventually find the Encampment Site. Your next goal will be to defeat the Southern Enclave Encampment Garrison. This will consist of a small group of Enclave Soldiers on guard. Afterward, you will need to shut down the Communications Tower. This is pretty simple to do, simply interact with the satellite dish in the camp to turn it off. Additionally, check the terminal desk nearby for a copy of an Enclave Enrichment Manual, which will allow you to build Enclave barricades for your settlements.

Investigate the Western Enclave Encampment

FO4 Western Enclave Encampment location map

Our second stop will be the Western Enclave Encampment, which can be found very close to the Medford Memorial Hospital. Fast travel to that location and head to the northwest.

This encampment is much like the first, which echoes the previous Investigate quest in Fallout 4. Consequently, you’ll have to defeat a handful of Enclave Soldiers and destroy a turret before you can safely approach. As before, turn off the communication satellite. Next, collect the Enclave Enrichment Manual nearby. This will unlock the ability to give your Power Armor an Enclave paint job.

Finally, there is just one more site to clear!

Investigate the Eastern Enclave Encampment

FO4 Eastern Enclave Encampment location map

The third and final Eastern Enclave Encampment can be found in the northeastern portion of the map up by Salem. Your closest fast travel points will be either the Coastal College or the Parsons State Insane Asylum.

If you start at the Coastal College, you’ll be very close to the location, and it will be relatively easy to sneak up on the camp. Again, take out the soldiers and turrets first, then deal with a Hellfire Trooper. Next, approach the camp and turn off the communications tower.

The third Enclave Enrichment Manual you collect will grant you the ability to build the Enclave Laser Turrets and Comm Towers at settlement workshops.

Echoes of the Past Enclave Quest Rewards in Fallout 4

Fallout 4 Echoes of the Past quest reward Enclave Power Armor paint job

Echoes of the Past/Investigate the Enclave Encampments Quest Rewards:

  • Enclave Barricades
  • Enclave Flag
  • Enclave Crate
  • Enclave Paint Job for your Power Armor
  • Enclave Laser and Heavy Laser Turrets
  • Enclave Communication Towers
FO4 Echoes of the Past quest reward Enclave Heavy Laser Turret
Fallout 4 Echoes of the Past quest reward Enclave Flags
FO4 Echoes of the Past quest reward Enclave Barricade

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