Fallout 4: How to Complete Speak of the Devil Quest

Unlock a set of powerful end-game armour by following our Fallout 4: How to Complete Speak of the Devil Quest guide!

Fallout 4 How to Complete Speak of the Devil Quest

How to Complete Speak of the Devil Quest

Originally, the ‘Speak of the Devil’ quest was part of available content players could purchase through the Creation Club. However, with the new patch released by Bethesda on April 25, 2024, this quest and the set of X-02 Power Armor you can find at the end of it have become part of the base game.

The Speak of the Devil quest is meant for a higher leveled character, so if you are starting a new play through you won’t receive it right away., However, if you are jumping back into Fallout 4 following the update and using an old save, you should automatically receive the quest after logging in.

Speak of the Devil Main Objectives

Follow the below steps to complete the Fallout 4 Speak of the Devil Quest:

  • The start of the quest will direct you to Wattz Consumer Electronics, which is north of Diamond City Market.
  • Pick up the Holotape on the table with a radio and read the note
  • Locate Richie’s body at Relay Tower 0MC-810, take another Holotape, and read another note.
  • Use the terminal to load the Holotape and transfer song files, then listen to the Radio AM 810 signal.
  • Next, head to the BADTFL regional office, which is back southwest, just east of Wattz Consumer Electronics
  • Find Connie’s body and another Holotape/note. The correct password is: [e\_di@bl0*p7z+rk4CkzEsx\@iene (“El Diablo Viene”)
  • Then head to Relay Tower 0SC-527 (Southeast of Diamond City). Use the terminal to load the FM 52.7 Holotape and transfer the song file
  • Now, head to the Boston Police rationing site directly south of Diamond City. Make your way up onto the roof and inside.
  • Enter Mass Pike Tunnel. Activate the radio next to John Reise to unlock the nearby door.
  • Inside will be the X-02 Power Armor

Speak of the Devil Walkthrough

Fallout 4 Speak of the Devil Wattz Consumer Electronics map location and Connie's Note

The first location you will need to visit is Wattz Consumer Electronics, which is just to the southeast of the Corvega Assembly Plant. If you have that available as a fast travel point, it should be fairly easy to make your way there. Otherwise, you find the signal marker for the building north of Diamond City Market.

On the first level inside, look for a Black Devil poster with a radio on a table beneath it. Sitting on the table should be a holotape and Connie’s note. Take the holotape and read the note found underneath.

Relay Tower 0MC-810

Fallout 4 Speak of the Devil Relay Tower OMC-810 map location and Richie's Note

Next, you’ll be heading to Relay Tower 0MC-810, which is directly northeast of Wattz Consumer Electronics. If you’re looking for a closer fast-travel location, County Crossing is a good spot.

You’ll encounter some Enclave soldiers as you near this location. After taking them out, look for Richie’s body near the terminal. Loot the note from him, then read it. Also be sure to take the AM 810 music catalogue holotape.

Next, use the terminal to extend the satellites and load that holotape. You’ll then need to transfer over one of the songs from the holotape. Either Stars and Stripes Forever or Battle Hymn of the Republic will do. Now you can pick up the Radio AM 810 signal, which will lead you to the next location.

BADTFL Regional Office

Fallout 4 Speak of the Devil BADTFL map location and FM 52 7 Music Catalogue holotape

Your next stop is the BADTFL Regional Office, which will take you back in a southwestern direction. This location is just east of where you found Wattz Consumer Electronics. It’s also very close to Bunker Hill, if you have access to that fast travel location.

Look for Connie’s body leaning on a table in one of the interrogation rooms. Pick up the FM 52.7 Music Catalogue holotape off of the table next to her. Unfortunately, this holotape will be locked. If you have Hacker +3 you can immediately crack the code. Additionally, if you have Hacker +1, you can hack it like a regular computer terminal. However, if you do not have any level of the Hacker Intelligence perk, then you’ll need to find clues to the password.

FM 52.7 Music Catalogue Holotape Password

Fallout 4 Speak of the Devil password note in small hole

A paper on the table, Connie’s written confession, gives you a clue which states “Check the Wall”. Therefore, you want to look inside the smaller hole in the wall behind Connie’s body. You’ll find a pack of cigarettes and a note revealing the password.

The Note reads “El DIablo Viene” which should ‘translate’ in the computer to: [e\_di@bl0*p7z+rk4CkzEsx\@iene.

Relay Tower 0SC-527

FO4 Speak of the Devil Relay Tower 0SC-527 map location and Terminal load holotape

Next, you’ll be looking for Relay Tower 0SC-527, which is southeast of Diamond City Market. One of the nearest fast-travel locations is either NH&M Freight Depot or Big John’s Salvage.

Use the terminal there to load the FM 52.7 Music Catalogue holotape and then transfer the song file ‘America the Beautiful’. Consequently, now the Radio FM 52.7 signal will become available on your radio.

Boston Police Rationing Site

FO4 Speak of the Devil Boston Police Rationing Site map location Activate Radio

Finally, the quest will direct you to the Boston Police Rationing Site, which is very close by, just to the northwest. To get inside the building you’ll need to get up on the roof. Jump up on the train near the building and then jump across shipping containers to get to the roof. There will be a hole in the side of a wall you can go through.

Next, head through the quest-marked door into a Utility Tunnel. Head through the tunnels until you find the body of John Reise. In that same room will be a radio on a small metal table. Activate the radio and the door next to it will open up.

Inside the unlocked room will be a full set of the X-02 Power Armor!

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