Fallout 4: How to Get Chinese Grenade Launcher Rifle

The Chinese Grenade Launcher Rifle in Fallout 4 is capable of shooting high-damage grenades and is a reward for the When Pigs Fly Quest.

Fallout 4 How to Get Chinese Grenade Launcher Rifle

The Chinese Grenade Launcher Rifle rapidly shoots out high-damage grenades allowing for massive damage. It is a powerful weapon that can be obtained as a reward for completing the quest “When Pigs Fly”. This weapon can fire multiple grenades in a short amount of time eliminating anything in its path. As a result, this makes for a very fun weapon that is capable of taking out anything it’s fired at.

Chinese Grenade Launcher Rifle Location and where to find in Fallout 4:

  • Location: In Cambridge, When Pigs Fly Quest
  • Reward From: Completing When Pigs Fly Quest. After the quest, the base weapon and ammo can be purchased from the new vendor Suggs.

How to Get Chinese Grenade Launcher Rifle in Fallout 4

In Fallout 4, the Chinese Grenade Launcher Rifle can be found in Cambridge after the completion of the When Pigs Fly quest or purchased from a new weapon dealer.

Fallout 4 Suggs Map Location

Sugg’s Shop is quite easy to find since it’s located in one of the first big cities you get to, Cambridge. The shop is located Northwest of the Greenetech Genetics or Southeast of the Kendall Hospital. You need to make your way to this location to begin the necessary quest or to purchase it from the vendor.

Quest Reward

Fallout 4 Grenade Launcher Schematic

During the new quest, When Pigs Fly, you will need to kill Marvin and obtain the Grenade Launcher Schematics. Once you have collected the schematic, return to Suggs and eliminate any additional security Marvin had guarding Suggs shop. Talk to Suggs to conclude the quest and he will give you the Chinese Grenade Launcher Rifle.


Fallout 4 Suggs Chinese Grenade Launcher Rifle Shop

Should you not want to do the quest or accidentally misplace your launcher, you can always purchase it directly from Suggs. Making your way to his shop location in Cambridge and selecting barter in his conversation options will open the shop and allow you to purchase the weapon. Lastly, It can be quite expensive if you attempt to purchase it early on so it’s recommended to complete the quest to obtain it early.

Chinese Grenade Launcher Rifle Stats, Effects & How to Use It in Fallout 4?

Fallout 4 Penetrating Chinese Grenade Launcher Rifle

Chinese Grenade Launcher Rifle Stats and Effects in Fallout 4:

  • Weapon Type: Launcher Rifle
  • Effect(s): Ignores 20% of Enemies Resistances
  • Base Damage: 313
  • Ammo: Frag
  • Clip Size: 4
  • Fire Rate: 11
  • Range: 155
  • Accuracy: 77
  • Value: 2901
  • Weight: 21.4

You do begin with a little bit of ammo for completing the quest and turning in the schematic. One of the massive benefits of this weapon is that you can shoot multiple grenades back to back without needing to reload between each one. This can help tremendously in dealing with massive area-of-effect damage to multiple large health targets.

How to Use the Chinese Grenade Launcher Rifle?

In Fallout 4, the Chinese Grenade Launcher Rifle is a launcher that can fire multiple grenades without needing to reload. Being a grenade launcher it packs quite the punch even unmodified. Also, due to the nature of the ammo, you will not only deal damage to a target for a direct impact but area damage to any nearby enemies as well. So we recommend utilizing this weapon against large groups of enemies and high-health targets. Lastly, it does only hold 4 shots at base so don’t expect to spam it for long before needing to reload, however, most enemies will be dead before the magazine is empty.

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