Free ESO Update 39 received PTS Patch Notes 9.1.2

In the newest ESO PTS Patch Notes 9.1.2, we have various small changes to the new features for free Update 39, which players will receive as part of the base game.

The new features in upcoming update 39 will be free for all players, this year, for the first time, the ZOS team is taking their time to polish and clean up many small and large features in-game, also adding some small new features and quality improvements. Update 39 is coming on PC/MAC on August 21st and on Consoles on September 5th. Read on or check the official forum post.

Free ESO Update 39 received PTS Patch Notes 9.1.2

The Elder Scrolls Online v9.1.2 includes a few balance adjustments for combat abilities and item sets, along with various fixes for quests, UI, housing, and other base game content. We’ve also added a new option to preview furnishing placements directly from the Housing Editor and are testing the Wiches Festival event this week. All PC EU characters are copied for this patch, which is approximate 246MB in size.

Gina Bruno, ZOS Community Manager

Housing and Furnishing

Furnishing Preview Placement
There is now a Preview Placement option available when previewing items from the Purchase tab of the Housing Editor so you can see exactly what a new furnishing will look like in your home.

Event Testing: Witches Festival
Witches Festival is back! This year’s Plunder Skulls may contain a myriad of offerings, including spooky furnishings, recipes, alchemy supplies, and saleable treasures. Their Dremora Plunder Skull counterparts, available from the usual sources, have a chance to drop Witches Festival crafting writs (from which you can get Hollowjack style pages for those who need them!), Glenmoril treasure maps, Grave Dancer style pages, or this year’s new offerings: the Tome of Forbidden Appetites which will eat your face (seriously), the utterly and terrifyingly adorable Ghost Netch, or pages for the fearsome Crowborne Hunter outfit style.

  • The Witches Festival grab bag this year contains the following items:
    • Festival masks (Hollowjack Spectre, Pumpkin Spectre, Scarecrow Spectre, and Thicketman Spectre)
    • Apple-Bobbing Cauldron Fragments
    • Skeletal Marionette Memento Parts
    • Throwing Bones Memento Fragments
    • Marshmallow Toasty Treat Emote
    • Witch’s Bonfire Dust Memento
    • Ghastly Visitation Memento
    • Bonedust Pigment for the Witch-Tamed Bear Dog
    • Bound style pages for the Witchmother’s Servant outfit
  • Event Tickets come from the first boss-type creature that would drop a Plunder Skull. You can get 2 Event Tickets per day this way, all in one parcel, as a drop from the boss.
  • This event also introduces the first of three total fragments for the final morph for this year’s Dibella-themed options, the Hoardhunter Ursauk.
    • The Impresario will carry this fragment as usual, along with bound versions of this year’s new offerings.



  • Fixed an issue where the final hit of channeled Heavy Attacks (Lightning and Restoration) were not considered channeled attacks, despite totally being channeled attacks.


  • Herald of the Tome
    • Fatecarver: Fixed an issue where this ability and its morphs could fail to return as a channeled or Damage over Time effect in some cases.


  • Shadow
    • Veiled Strike
      • Surprise Attack: Reduced the cooldown of the guaranteed Critical Strike on this morph to 3 seconds, down from 4.Concealed Weapon: This morph now grants Major Berserk for 7-10 seconds based on rank, rather than a unique 7-10% damage done when meeting its conditions.


  • Storm Calling
    • Overload: Fixed an issue where this Ultimate and its morphs’ Light and Heavy Attacks did not properly interact with Bound Armaments’ stacking behavior. The Light Attacks now always grant 1 stack, and the Heavy Attacks will now always grant 1 stack every tick.


  • Destruction Staff
    • Ancient Knowledge: Based on player feedback, we’ve re-adjusted the bonuses granted for these staff types to fit more into their theme, while moving to be more generic amplifications so more builds can easily derive meaningful power without intense specialization.
      • Inferno Staves now increase your damage done with Damage over Time effects by 6/12%, rather than the initial hit of status effects by 250/500.
      • Lightning Staves now increase your damage done with direct damage and channeled effects by 6/12%, rather than Damage over Time and channeled effects by 6/12%
    • Weakness to Elements
      • Elemental Susceptibility (morph): Fixed an issue where the Concussed and Chilled status effects applied from this morph could be treated as Damage over Time in some cases, and could fail to interact with sets such as a Baron Zaudrus.

Item Sets

Arena Weapons

  • Merciless Charge: This set now increases your damage done with direct damage attacks by 9.3% of your Weapon or Spell Damage, up to a maximum of 560, rather than increasing your damage done with all Two Handed attacks by 11.16% of your Weapon or Spell Damage with no maximum.

Quests and Zones


  • The map for Tomb of the Serpents no longer displays upon approaching the exterior.


  • Your character will no longer be dismounted while passing through the Wayshrine pavillion inside Necrom City.


  • Added an achievement if you find all the fragments for the Blessings of Stone antiquity.

Tales of Tribute


  • Fixed an issue with Tales of Tribute rewards not being properly granted when leveraging the Activity Finder.

Art & Animation


  • Fixed several areas where terrain could become invisible when Occlusion Culling was enabled in graphics settings.


  • Fixed an issue where the animation for the Legion Zero Recall was changed to an unrelated animation.

Events & Celebrations

Secrets of the Telvanni

  • The Telvanni Secret: Fixed an issue where Tralise and Yensa had incorrect greetings if you started this quest via the Crown Store.

Witches Festival

  • The achievement “Haunted by Netches” now has an icon.

Exploration & Itemization


  • Added contextual sourcing for the following outfits:
    • Thane of Falkreath
    • Highland Gallant
    • Cumberland Cavalier



  • Based on player feedback, we have tinted the windows on the interior of Shadow Queen’s Labyrinth to better match the interior light projections.
  • Fixed some stretching and small gaps on the staircase leading out of the interior workshop in Kelesan’ruhn.


  • Fixed an issue where the Master Writ recipe for the “Dwarven Door, Bronze” furnishing was using the wrong Style Item. It now uses the Arkthzand Style Item.



  • Fixed an issue if you changed your account name while offline, it would not be reflected in active groups when logging back in.

Quest and Zones


  • The waterline is no longer cut off near the shores of Davon’s Watch.



  • Fixed an issue that caused some technically self-inflicted kills to appear in the PvP Death Notifications, such as death by Slaughterfish. Also, please just avoid Slaughterfish in general.
  • Added more fish icons!

Gamepad Mode

  • Fixed issue where locked collectible icons were showing as white silhouettes instead of the intended greyed-out visual.
  • Furniture containers will now correctly be removed from your inventory after you empty them.
  • Vendor windows will now display an icon indicating items that cannot be sold, just like in the keyboard UI.

Help & Tutorials

  • Various currency tutorials will now only be displayed when you gain that currency instead of when there is any change to that currency (gain or lose).

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