Hogwarts Legacy - Ancient Magic

Hogwarts Legacy: Ancient Magic

Welcome to Hogwarts Legacy Ancient Magic Guide. It is for players looking for all information about one of the Essential spells and how to use it.

Ancient Magic in Hogwarts Legacy!

Hogwarts Legacy - Ancient Magic
Hogwarts Legacy – Ancient Magic

Each spell has a core identity and belongs to a category. Some spells have a chance to advance or even change through the talent system as you spend talent points on them. There are over 20 slottable spells to choose from and many more practical ones that help with quests and exploration.

In Hogwarts Legacy, when at least one segment of your Ancient Magic Meter is full, you can cast devastating Ancient Magic attacks that deal massive damage and break Shield Charms. Pair it with basic attacks to fill the Ancient meter quickly and create combos.

When can I unlock the Ancient Magic Spell?

You can unlock it during Welcome to Hogsmeade Main Quest


List of Spells

Control Spells

Control Spells are slottable spells, and they have yellow icons. This type of spell is capable of breaking yellow enemies’ shields.

Incantation Explanation
Arresto Momentum The Slowing Charm. Slows the velocity of an object.
Glacius It creates icy-cold air from the wand’s tip and freezes the object or enemy.
Levioso Levitates objects and enemies. Helpful in solving puzzles and surprising enemies alike.
Transformation Transforms objects and enemies into alternate forms, whether puzzle solutions or harmless knickknacks.


Force Spells

Force Spells are slottable spells, and they have purple icons. This type of spell is capable of breaking purple enemies’ shields.

Incantation Explanation
Accio Summons an object into the caster’s hands. We saw this spell. In the gameplay, the player summoned a platform making a bridge so they could continue to travel through an area.
Depulso Repels many types of objects and enemies with considerable force. Although it deals no direct damage to foes, enemies and objects alike can be launched into each other with destructive results. Also useful for pushing and spinning objects for a variety of purposes.
Descendo It deals no direct damage, but objects and enemies that are slammed to the ground will suffer considerable impact damage. Airborne enemies will take even greater damage upon hitting the ground.
Flipendo Flipendo flips objects and enemies upwards and backwards.


Damage Spells

Damage Spells are slottable spells, and they have red icons. This type of spell is capable of breaking red enemies’ shields.

Incantation Explanation
Confringo The Blasting Curse courses the target to explode.
Diffindo The spell is used to precisely and accurately cut something. It can cause injury or even death if used on a living creature.
Expelliarmus Disarms wands and weapons from most enemies who wield them. It also deals damage to all enemies, even if they do not carry a weapon.
Bombarda It deals heavy damage on impact, accompanied by an explosion that can destroy heavy obstacles and hit surrounding enemies.
Incendio Conjures fire. This spell can be used as one of the combat spells or light up fire on torches and campfires.


Utility Spells

Utility Spells are slottable spells, and they have blue icons.

Incantation Explanation
Disillusionment It causes you to blend into your surroundings, making it more difficult for others to perceive you. Perfect for sneaking or approaching enemies undetected.
Lumos This spell transfers your wand into a flashlight. It creates a tiny spark of light on the caster’s wand tip.
Reparo  The Mending Charm. It allows you to quickly return certain damaged objects to their former states.
Wingardium Leviosa Levitates and controls a movable object. You can control its position to fine-tune its distance and rotation. Leviosa is automatically cast on objects summoned to you with Accio.


Transfiguration Spells

Transfiguration Spells are slottable spells, and they have light green icons.

Incantation Explanation
Conjuring Spell Conjures items into existence when cast within the Room of Requirement.
Altering Spell Alter the physical forms and features of items when cast within the Room of Requirement.
Evanesco Vanishes items and returns moonstone when cast within the Room of Requirement.


Unforgivable Curses

Unforgivable Curses are slottable spells, and they have dark green icons. This spells category is considered forbidden, and NPC characters react negatively if the protagonist uses them.

Incantation Explanation
Avada Kedavra A powerful and forbidden spell that kills its target. One of the three Unforgivable Curses.
Crucio Inflicts excruciating pain on its target – It’s also known as the Torture Curse.
Imperio One of the three Unforgivable Curses. Temporary forces enemies to fight as if they were your companion.


Essential Spells

Essential spells are not slottable spells. Each one has a dedicated key binding, so players can access them anytime.

Incantation Explanation
Basic Cast Deals minor damage to enemies and objects.
Revelio Highlights a variety of invective targets in the world, including hidden objects, puzzle items, loot and enemies.
Protego Protects against a variety of attacks, including spell casts, weapon strikes and more.
Alohomora The Unlocking Spell. Unlocks all types of locks. However, those protected by special spells and charms may not be affected by it.
Stupefy Stuns enemies, making them easy targets for follow-up spells. It deals no direct damage, but stunned enemies take extra damage, indicated by gold numbers. It also breaks enemy Shield Charms.
Ancient Magic When at least one segment of your Ancient Magic Meter is full, you can cast devastating Ancient magic attacks that deal massive damage and break shield Charms.
Ancient Magic Throw Summons and then throws special environmental objects at the targeted enemy. Particularly useful for breaking through Shield Charms
Petrificus Totalus Powerful enough to bind most enemies permanently, but more dangerous foes will only take some damage and then quickly break free from the effect.


Important Hogwarts Legacy information

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