Hogwarts Legacy – Minding Your Own Business Quest

Welcome to our step-by-step guide for the complicated ‘Minding Your Own Business’ Quest in Hogwarts Legacy!

Hogwarts Legacy - The Intro

Hogwarts Legacy is a single player, action RPG based on the magical world of Harry Potter. With an endless amount of places to explore and magical spells to learn, there is always something to do and discover. Read on below to follow this Hogwarts Legacy quest!

This Hogwarts Legacy Guide was updated for the June 2024 Summer update.

Minding Your Own Business Quest in Hogwarts Legacy

This is the Playstation Exclusive quest which only players on the Playstaion 4 and 5 were able to access at launch. This quest will become available to all players on June 6, 2024.


  • Speak with the house-elf outside the vacant shop in Hogsmeade
    • The shop is located in south Hogsmeade and the house-elf’s name is Penny
  • Speak with Cassandra Mason
    • You’ll find her at her home on the north side of the village
    • There will be a few dialogue options if you wish to press her a bit more about why she is offering her shop for such a ‘fair’ price
  • Collect 1,500 Galleons to purchase the shop from Cassandra Mason

Set up Shop

  • Speak to Penny the house-elf
  • Clean up and make repairs
    • Enter the shop and attend to the three areas indicated by a quest marker. The Reparo spell will clean things right up!
  • Open the mysterious chest
    • Head through the door on the left into a small back room

Bigger on the Inside

  • Explore what lies below
    • Move forward around the barrels and then through the stone passageway
    • The next room has a creepy mannequin on the left and a single small chest you should loot for a quest related comment
    • Attempt to leave the room and a cut scene triggers.
  • Wooden walls
    • Light your wand with the Lumos spell and take a look around. A door on the opposite wall will eventually open for you.
    • Head down the hallway and into the next creepy room. Head towards a jack-in-the-box in the far left corner, only to again have the room change around you
    • This room will have a single door, and another jack-in-the-box. Approach it and again the room shifts
    • Now the door will be open and you can walk down another hallway
    • Turn right at the corner and head towards the set of double doors you see ahead

Double Door Puzzle

This is where the Minding Your Own Business Quest in Hogwarts Legacy starts to get complicated. You’ll be doing a lot of searching for lanterns and returning them to their empty hangers.

  • On the left side of the doors you will see a hanging lantern. And the left door has a small corresponding light on it. The right side is missing its lantern and the door is dark. You’ll find the missing lantern hanging out in mid-air just to the right of the empty hand.
  • Cast Wingardium Leviosa on the lantern and pull it left to the waiting metal hand and the doors will open.
Hogwarts Legacy - Minding Your Business lantern puzzle
  • Walk down the hallway and hear a bad pun. When you’re near the door the lights will go out and then you’ll be in another room
  • Move through the door ahead and a cut scene will trigger
  • Watch out when you have control of yourself again, and either dodge or blast down the furniture which is about to be thrown your way
  • Once the furniture pieces are spent you’ll find the doors on both the right and left have been opened. There are quest markers both ways, so you can choose which you do first.

Atrium – Right Side

  • Explore the atrium
    • There will be a lot of dead trees and spider webs along the sides of this hallway
    • On the other side of the room you’ll find another double door and lantern puzzle waiting for you. This time both lanterns are missing.
Right Side Lantern
  • To find the lantern for the right side, head to your right and the outside edge of the room.
  • Turn right again and the left to find a whole other set of rooms. To your left you will see another lantern hanger – and then just past another wall a lantern hanging in the air.
  • Catch this lantern with Wingardium Leviosa and move to the lantern on your immediate left – it does not go all the way back to the other double door!
  • Move forward, and up a short set of stairs through the open doorway
Game within a game
  • Follow the path and you will soon find yourself blocked by a game of wizard’s chess!
  • You won’t actually play chess, however. This is more of a maze puzzle. Cast Revelio and you will discover that some of the tiles are marked with a red haze. Don’t step on those or you will fall through!
  • Start at the far left corner and go forward five squares.
  • Then turn right and go all the way to the knight. You can step on his square – just cut across behind him and then run straight forward off the board
Lanterns again
  • Head down the hallway and through the door. You’ll find yourself on the other side of where the lantern was hanging previously.
  • Target the lantern on the hanger you previously placed it on, and pull it towards you with Wingardium Leviosa. Bring it around and place it on the hanger on your side of the space.
  • Now the room will morph, and give you a new path and doorway ahead
  • Inside this door you will finally find the lantern you can hang next to the double doors. Cast Wingardium Leviosa and take it back to that metal hanger.
Left Side Lantern
  • The left side of the double door will have the same walkway around the outside edge and entrance to another set of rooms
  • Walk past all the mannequins and watch out for a flying couch coming straight at you at the end of the hallway
  • Turn right to see the way blocked and a single mannequin. Turn right again to find all the terrifying mannequins creeping up behind you. Destroy them with spells and turn back to the left – there is now a door. Some wood lies across it, but you can easily break it
Sea of Doors
  • This room is exceedingly strange. Endless doors line the walls and broken pieces of wooden scaffolding are everywhere. At the very end of the section you’re standing on is another metal hook without a lantern.
  • Look to your left to find a floating lantern as well as additional hooks
Hogwarts Legacy - Minding Your Business door room lantern
  • Grab the lantern with Wingardium Leviosa, and pull it across the gap to the lantern on your wooden section. This will create additional scaffolding so you can move forward through a door.
  • In this ‘room’ you might want to destroy the furniture before it gets flung at you.
  • Jump across the gap to the left, blast the wood over the door to the left of that, and walk through.
  • This section is simple – there will be a lantern straight ahead in the doorway, cast Wingardium Leviosa and pull it across the gap to hand on the metal hand that’s right there.
  • Now, before you leave, look back over to the first scafollding platform and the lantern there (if you’re still facing forward, it should be to your left). Use Wingardium Leviosa to grab that lantern and then direct it all the way past where you are standing and over to the metal hand on the third platform to the right. It may seem like a stretch, but you can do it.
  • Turn around and head back into the previous room. Turn to the left and go around through a third doorway.
  • With the lantern already in place, you can go straight through the door ahead.

Ghost Fight #1

This is the first of two ghost fights in the Minding Your Own Business Quest in Hogwarts Legacy. They’ll introduce you to some mechanics you’ll see again in the final boss.

  • Play with the poltergeist
    • Through the door and down the stairs will initiate a combat sequence against the ghost
    • He’ll start the fight by throwing furniture at you and then quickly switch to summoning mannequins. He won’t directly do anything to you during this phase, concentrate solely on the mannequins. The fight is over quickly after that.
  • Return to the foyer

Library – Left Side

  • Explore the library
    • As to be expected, there are rows of books in here
    • On the other side of the room you’ll find another double door and lantern puzzle waiting for you. Again, both lanterns are missing.
Right Side Lantern
  • As before, there will be a left and right side to explore. To get there move along the far wall until you find a large statue. The pathway back will be directly behind it.
  • Turn left at the dining room table and down the hallway. The light will die and you will find yourself in another room with mannequins.
  • The mannequins don’t wake up to fight, but you can blast them all away anyway. Doors will appear on the wall ahead of you. Go through the left one
  • Walk around the stacks of stuff and head for a ladder on the left. The floor will break under you, but it will put you back in the previous room. Now go through the door on the right.
  • Walk around the hallway and eventually the ghost will call you out for running in circles. Turn around and run back the way you came. You’ll come to an exit door which will lead down a long hallway – which ends in a spider jump scare at the next door (don’t try to avoid it, it needs to happen)
  • When the lights come back on, turn around, run back down the hallway and run up against the wall and around. This sounds weird, but will trigger the game (or the ghost) to trap you inside a small room
  • Cast Revelio and yikes! Suddenly mannequins. Blast them with a fire spell
  • Cast Lumos and you’ll find yourself in a new room. You’ll find a door out on the opposite wall from where you were originally standing.
Mannequin Fight #2
  • A short hallway leads to another room with a jack-in-the-box sitting on a table in the center. Interact with it.
  • The lights will drop and then you’ll find yourself standing next to a mannequin. Cast Lumos and run around and you’ll find this whole area filled with them. Eventually they’ll wake up and start to attack
  • The fight may seem to be over from time to time, but not all the mannequins will come over to you – you’ll need to run around the room to find more active ones.
  • You’ll know it’s over when the lights go out. Cast Lumos to find yourself in another room and an open door across the way
  • Turn to the left and there will be the lantern you need for the double doors. Carry it with Wingardium Leviosa back to the metal hand.
Left Side Lantern
  • Now you’re ready for the left side. To get there move along the far walls until you find a large statue. The pathway back will be directly behind it.
  • Follow the long hallway and turn right. You’ll come to a stop at a balcony – when you look out and up, you’ll see the floor of the room on the ceiling.
  • There is nothing you can do here, but if you turn back around you’ll see the hallway has changed, and you can run back and then take some stairs down to the right.
Flip the Room
  • This will lead you to the floor of the room you were just looking at from the balcony.
  • Run up the stairs along the left wall. At the top will be a closed door. But wait – turn to the right and look up. Way up and across the room you will see a floating lantern. Cast Wingardium Leviosa and pull it to you.
  • Now the closed door will be open, and you can carry the lantern in with you to hang on the metal hand inside.
  • Out through the balcony, you’ll see the room turn back right-side up.
  • Move forward into a small alcove where you get out by climbing up on a crate and out of an open window.
  • Jump down to the floor. Walk a little forward and then to the left. You should see recognize a flight of stairs going up. Head up and there will be a new passageway going forward.
  • Turn right at the corner and in the room that follows you will find another floating lantern to the left. Catch it with Wingardium Leviosa and pull it over to the metal hand hidden in the dark
Hogwarts Legacy - Minding Your Business lantern in dark
  • This will turn the wall and make an opening for you.
  • In this area there will be no way forward. Turn around and you can see the lantern through an open window. Pull it towards you so that the room rotates back.
  • Turn around, go down the stairs, and place the lantern in a metal hand at the bottom. This will open the door ahead and you can go through
  • Go up the stairs and you will find the lantern you need. Take it back into the library and up to one of the metal hands by the double doors

Ghost Fight #2

  • Entertain Fastidio
    • Through the door and up the stairs will initiate a combat sequence against the ghost
    • To start the fight he will fling himself at you, so you’ll need to dodge.
    • Then he’ll build up stacks of furniture which will come crashing down. Dodge those, too
    • He’ll smack you over the head again, and that’s it for now.
  • Return to the foyer
    • The main set of doors in the upper center will now open for you.

Fastidio Finale

This first boss fight in the Minding Your Own Business Quest in Hogwarts Legacy has a tricky third phase. You will be flipped upside down and the screen will flip upside down, making it challenge to aim and dodge.

  • Venture beyond the foyer doors
    • Keeping moving forward until you go through the cemetery gates. This will trigger a cut scene
  • Challenge Fastidio
    • You won’t fight the ghost himself, but rather the furniture monster he sends at you.
    • Tips for combat:
      • Save your ancient magic blast for the third phase! Fastidio will flip the ‘room’ and everything will be inverted. The less time you spend in that phase the better and the ancient magic takes a big chunk out of this beast.
      • Confringo or any fire based spell does a decent amount of damage
      • Glacius is handy for slowing it down. It moves fast for such an ungainly looking thing, try to stay out of its range.
    • In the first phase, you face just the monster
    • In the second phase you will fast the monster, plus a bunch of mannequins
    • As mentioned before, in the third phase the room and your movement will be inverted.
Hogwarts Legacy - Minding Your Business upside down fight
  • Return to the shop
    • Follow the quest marker to a ladder which finally takes you out of the chest

Back at the Shop

  • Speak to Penny
  • Seek out Officer Singer
    • You’ll tell her of your accusations, and she’ll suggest a visit with Cassandra
  • Confront Cassandra Mason
    • Officer Singer will attempt to speak to Cassandra and she is quick to attack. You will have to fight her

Final Confrontation

For the final boss fight in the Minding Your Own Business Quest in Hogwarts Legacy you’ll want to be sure to have Accio in a handy spell slot for crowd control.

  • Fight with Cassandra Mason
    • Tips for combat:
      • Try to keep her feet off the ground as much as possible with Accio and/or Wingardium Leviosa. If you can chain them together with basic attacks and other spells you can do a good job controlling much of the fight.
      • She’ll sometimes hurl objects at you, which you can send right back at her.
      • In the second phase, she’ll start using protective spells, which you’ll need to break by casting a similarly colored spell at the color coded orb around her.
      • In the third phase she’ll also start to teleport around. This is where Accio can really help you control her movement.

Happy Ending

  • Return to the shop
    • Speak to Penny
      • In the dialogue, you can choose to set Penny free, if you wish. If you choose to do so, she’ll happily choose of her own free will to remain as manager of the shop.
      • You can then choose between three options for the name of the shop
  • Minding Your Own Business
    • You can now use the shop you’ve officially acquired to sell all of the excess gear you’ve picked up on your adventures.
    • In addition, if you’ve chosen not to give Penny clothes during the quest, you can return later on and speak with her again if you change your mind.

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