Redfall Vampire from Trailer

Redfall: Gameplay Pictures and Wallpapers

The Redfall is a new RPG with vivid graphics, colourful effects, and fantastic animations, let’s take a look at the latest gameplay promo pictures and Wallpapers.

Redfall Bloody Tom Reveal

Redfall is an open-world, single player and co-op first-person shooter which takes place in the island town of fictional Redfall, Massachusetts. The consequences of a failed scientific experiment have created a legion of vampires who have taken over the town – blocking out the sun and cutting off the remaining citizens from the outside world.

Redfall Pictures and Gameplay!

The Redfall’s Gameplay is full of high-speed action, filled with hordes of vampires, and you, one of the playable heroes, will be fighting against the mysterious plague of supernatural beasts that hunts the Redfall island. The four characters you can pick from are Layla, Devinder, Remi, and Jacob.

The Redfall offers various abilities and customisation for heroes, making characters unique and specialised. Each hero is distinct, but they have the same purpose, so they join in the battle against bloodthirsty vampires in the game’s open world. Customisation in Redfall includes abilities, attributes, gear, upgrades and weapons.

You can build your hero characters into specific playstyles and create many diverse team lineups if you’re playing co-op. Teams may have up to four members and you can use any character regardless of your teammates’ choices. Moreover, you can focus on specific abilities and weapon setups as a group and make a very specialised crew. Players can create and choose all available heroes or play with multiple versions of the same character.

The Official Redfall Trailers

The game’s open world looks impressive, atmospheric, and dark. Perfect for gameplay that has been shown in the latest 10 min “Deep Dive” video published on Bethesda’s official channel.

The Official Redfall Pictures

The following pictures can help us catch a glimpse of the game’s open world, enemies, weapons and graphics.

Redfall Vampire from Trailer
Redfall Vampire Blocking the Sun
Vampire Blocking the Sun
Redfall Lighthouse Stealth
Lighthouse Stealth
Redfall Vampire Staking
Vampire Staking
Redfall Vampire Nest Heart
Vampire Nest
Redfall Angler Showdown
Abilities and Customisation
Layla Ellison Umbrella ability
Redfall Launch Characters at shelter
Characters at the shelter

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