How to get ESO Cryptcannon Vestments – Necrom Mythic Item?

The following guide explains how to get ESO Cryptcannon Vestments and find all five leads and items to unlock this gear piece.

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The ESO Necrom Chapter, just like previous ESO expansions, adds the new powerful Mythic Set items and gear items, including the new Cryptcannon Vestments. Mythics are powerful one-piece set items that give unique bonuses. Players find them extremely valuable in many different PvP and PvE scenarios.

How to get ESO Cryptcannon Vestments?

You can obtain Cryptcannon Vestments through the Antiquity system and equip them at the chest slot. It’s a Light armor piece that Adds Minor Heroism while you are in combat. Additionally, you can’t use your ultimate abilities if you are in a group with at least one player or a companion. Instead, when you activate an ultimate ability, the ultimate points are equally split among your leaving teammates.

Here are the Cryptcannon Vestments Tooltip and Leads:

Cryptcannon Vestments

(1 item) You can no longer cast Ultimate abilities. Instead, casting an Ultimate ability transfers your Ultimate resource to your living group members, divided equally among them.

Gain Minor Heroism while you are in combat.

Here are all Cryptcannon Vestments Leads dig and drop locations:

LeadDrop locationDig LocationHow to get the Lead
Ancestor Samite SashNecrom CityTelvanni PeninsulaTelvanni Peninsula Daily Reward Coffer
Ancestor Samite StoleApocryphaTelvanni PeninsulaUzur the All-Seeing Delve Boss in The Disquiet Study Delve
Ancestor Samite UndershirtBal SunnarTelvanni PeninsulaBal Sunnar final boss
Netchbeak ClaspsTelvanni PeninsulaTelvanni PeninsulaTreasure Chest in Telvanni Peninsula
Scrib Chitin PaddingApocryphaTelvanni PeninsulaCorlys the Chainmaker Worldboss
Cryptcannon Vestments Leads

How to Get All the Leads? – Tips and Tricks

Getting most of the leads is straightforward. However, to get a few of them, you must enter the Apocrypha zone and travel through a special portal in “Necrom Bindery”, Necrom City. Here is a complete guide on how to get unlock Apocrypha. Also, you can teleport to anyone in your guild or friends list who currently is in the Apocrypha.

To get leads, you may need to kill bosses or open chests multiple times before you get the required mythic piece item, so be patient.

Lastly, you can get the Ancestor Samite Sash Lead from Daily Reward Coffers in the Telvanni Peninsula, which are rewards for a repeatable quest. Travel to Necrom City Weyshrine and grab a daily quest from a daily job broker. Upon completion, your reward will be a Daily Reward Coffer. Similarly to killing bosses, you may need to do this quest many times. Also, you can do more than one daily quest per character if your friends can share a different one with you. Repeat the quest on all of your characters every day until you get the Ebony Crossed-Sword Chain Lead.

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