How to get ESO Esoteric Environment Greaves – Necrom Mythic Item?

The following guide explains how to get ESO Esoteric Environment Greaves and find all five leads and items to unlock this gear piece.

ESO Wraith-of-Crows

The ESO Necrom Chapter, just like previous ESO expansions, adds the four powerful Mythic Set items and gear items, including the new Esoteric Environment Greaves. Mythics are powerful one-piece set items that give unique bonuses. Players find them extremely valuable in many different PvP and PvE scenarios.

How to get ESO Esoteric Environment Greaves?

You can obtain Esoteric Environment Greaves through the Antiquity system and equip it at the legs slot. It’s a heavy armor piece. While you are above 33% of your stamina, you gain a buff that reduces by half your damage taken, but when you take damage, you use stamina instead of health.

Here is the Esoteric Environment Greaves Tooltip and Leads:

Esoteric Environment Greaves

(1 item) While you are above 50% Stamina, reduce your direct damage taken by 50% and lose 968 Stamina whenever you take direct damage, up to once every 0.3 seconds.

Here are all Esoteric Environment Greaves Leads dig and drop locations:

LeadDrop locationDig LocationHow to get the Lead
Biome-Proof PlatingVvardenfellTelvanni PeninsulaNchuleft Delve Boss in the Vvardenfell zone
Harvester-Scale PlatingTelvanni PeninsulaTelvanni PeninsulaGorne public dungeon bosses
Nonreactive CinctureGraven DeepTelvanni PeninsulaGraven Deep Dungeon side boss
Thras-Crafted BreechesCoral AerieTelvanni PeninsulaCoral Aerie Dungeon Secret Bosses
Tonal Pivot JointsVvardenfell Telvanni PeninsulaForgotten Was Public Dungeon Group Event Boss, Vvardenfell zone
Esoteric Environment Greaves Leads

How to Get All the Leads? – Tips and Tricks

To get leads, you may need to kill bosses or run dungeons multiple times before you get the required mythic piece item, so be patient.

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