How to Get Thermoarcanic Gloves in Baldur’s Gate 3

The Thermoarcanic Gloves will generate Heat when causing Fire damage, and you can find them in Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3).

Baldur's Gate 3 Thermoarcanic Gloves BG3

Thermoarcanic Gloves

In Baldur’s Gate 3 the Thermoarcanic Gloves is another piece of gear which can generate turns of Heat. Other items include Cinder Shoes, Thermodynamo Axe, Ring of Self Immolation and Fireheart.

Heat is a Condition in BG3 where you are engulfed by vengeful fire. Consequently, you will take 1-4 points of Fire damage each turn. However, you gain access to the passive feature Heat Convergence. By toggling it on, it will consume all of your stacks of Heat into extra Fire damage on your next spell or attack.

Here are all the Thermoarcanic Gloves features in BG3:

  • Armor: Gloves
  • Proficiency Requirement: N/A
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Weight: 0.5 kg
  • Value: 90
  • Location: Looted from the orc Kansif after the Harper ambush, Act 2.
  • Bonuses:
    • Arcane Ashes: Whenever you deal Fire damage, you gain 2 turns of Heat.
  • All Classes, Companions, and Races Can Use This Item

How to Get Thermoarcanic Gloves in Baldur’s Gate 3

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To get the Thermoarcanic Gloves in Baldur’s Gate 3 you’ll need to make your way into the Shadow-Cursed Lands of Act 2 and participate in the Harper Ambush on the Absolute cultists. An orc named Kansif will be traveling with the group of cultists, and will be carrying the Thermoarcanic Gloves. You can take part in the ambush in one of two ways:

  • Find the Last Light Inn first. You can travel with a group of Harpers to an ambush site where they will attack the Drider and the group he leads through the Shadow.
  • Enter the Shadow-Cursed Lands from the Rosymorn Monastery Trail. A group of Absolute followers will be waiting for Minthara but can be convinced you’re with them, too. Use the Spider’s Lyre to summon the Drider, and then during the Harper ambush, you can turn on the cultists.
How to Get Thermoarcanic Gloves in Baldur’s Gate 3

It’s possible that you could choose to fully side with the cultists, and the Harpers might kill Kansif so that you could still loot the gloves. However, if this was really the route you wanted to take it would be best to ‘save scum’ before the fight. Who the Harpers choose to target and manage to kill will be random and there is no guarantee that Kansif will die each time.

Regardless, after the fight find Kansif’s body and you can loot the Thermoarcanic Gloves.

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