How to Get Primal Crystal in ARK Survival Evolved

Crystal Wyverns and the Crystal Wyvern boss are the only sources of Primal Crystal on Crystal Isles in ARK Survival Evolved, and here is how to get it.

Crystal Isles ARK Survival Evolved

Primal Crystal in Ark serves multiple essential purposes, such as raising baby Crystal Wyverns, taming adult Crystal Wyverns, and even summoning the mighty boss, the Crystal Wyvern Queen. This guide will help you understand how to obtain Primal Crystals and their various uses in the game.

What is Primal Crystal, and What Is It Used for?

Primal Crystal in ARK Survival Evolved serves various purposes, but their primary use is raising baby Crystal Wyverns. Crystal Wyverns are creatures exclusive to the Crystal Isles Map, one of the free Expansions in the game, and so is Primal Crystal. This type of Crystal is relatively rare and hard to get, so having a few in hand is a good idea before you attempt to raise baby Crystal Wyverns.

Here is what Primal Cristal is Used for:

  • Baby Crystal Wyverns: Primal Crystals are essential for raising baby Crystal Wyverns. They are the only source of sustenance for young Crystal Wyverns before they reach adulthood.
  • Taming Adult Crystal Wyverns: Adult Crystal Wyverns can also be tamed using Primal Crystals.
  • Summoning Crystal Wyvern Queen: Primal Crystals can be offered as a tribute to summon one of the bosses, the Crystal Wyvern Queen. It’s a challenging boss fight exclusive to Crystal Isles Map. Due to their relatively short spoil time, it’s best to collect them just before you plan to battle the boss.

How to Get Primal Crystal in ARK

How to Get Primal Crystal in ARK Survival Evolved

To obtain Primal Crystal in Ark Survival Evolved, locate Crystal Wyverns, knock them unconscious, and then collect the crystals from their bodies. Remember that Primal Crystals have a spoil time of about 6 hours, so gather them when you’re ready to use them. Placing Primal Crystals in a Crystal Wyvern’s inventory can help extend their spoil timer.

  • The primary way to obtain Primal Crystals is by knocking out wild Crystal Wyverns or their Heir counterparts. Once they are unconscious, you can loot the crystals from their bodies by getting close and pressing the default key ‘E’ on the PC.
  • Alternatively, if you’re up for a challenge, you can obtain Primal Crystals by defeating an Alpha Blood Wyvern. Killing one of these mighty creatures can yield around 20-30 Primal Crystals.

How Do You Knock Out Crystal Wyvern?

Crystal Wyvern Locations & How to Get Primal Crystal in ARK Survival Evolved

First, your goal is to locate Crystal Wyverns on the Crystal Isles. Thankfully, these creatures are widespread, particularly on the tropical islands to the southwest and central areas. The best spot for encountering them is the Tropical Crystal Wyverns region, characterized by accessibility because the potential predators are rare on the white sands of this region.

To knock out crystal wyvern, you need to trap it and put it to sleep with tranquilizer arrows or darts. You’ll need two stone dinosaur gates and a substantial amount of tranquilizer ammunition. The quantity of ammunition required depends on the Crystal Wyvern level and the weapon and ammo you use. A good starting point is to have around 100-200 tranquilizer arrows or 50-100 darts.

ARK Survival Evolved - Traped Crystal Wyvern
Image via Kaazoo71Games

Once you’ve gathered your equipment and identified a lower-level Crystal Wyvern to minimize resource cost, cautiously approach the creature. Place one stone dinosaur gate in front of it, near its shoulders, and the other behind it, close to the base of its tail. This arrangement should effectively trap the wyvern, preventing it from escaping, even when it attempts to take flight. Confirm that the trap is secure and use your tranquilizer ammo until the wyvern becomes “unconscious.” You’ll notice the status change when the word “(unconscious)” appears next to the creature’s name as you approach.

With the Crystal Wyvern successfully knocked out, it’s time to collect Primal Crystal. Approach the creature and press the default ‘E’ key on your PC. This action will transfer Primal Crystals into your inventory. Remember that these crystals will spoil, so use them efficiently while you can.

What are Crystal Isles and How to Play the Map?

Crystal Isles is a popular free map expansion for Ark: Survival Evolved. It features a stunning and diverse landscape with unique biomes, new creatures, and challenging environments. To play on Crystal Isles, ensure you’ve downloaded the base game and then head to the Steam store and search for ARK: Survival Evolved DLC Crystal Islel or head to this Steam store link with the expansion, click Download and it will become available in your game. It’s a 100% Free map, so it’s available to everyone who owns the ARK Base game.

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