How to Get Uncanny Eyes in Dragon’s Dogma 2

The Uncanny Eyes is a worthy headgear for trickster vocation, making it one of the best mid-to-end game defensive choices in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Trickster ability from Capcom trailer

The Uncanny Eyes is head armor in Dragon’s Dogma 2 that fully shrouds the wearer’s face. It is designed to disquiet and confuse. As a trickster, you can equip it on a head gear slot to fantastically increase defenses against smaller enemies and bosses. Vocations can access a limited selection of armor, and Uncanny Eyes is only for tricksters.

Uncanny Eyes Location and where to find in Dragon’s Dogma 2:

  • Location: Battal and Agamen Volcanic Island
  • Looted From: Drops from a chest on the small temple guarded by bandits northwest of Bakbatthal.
  • Sold by: Beatrice in Volcanic Island Armory

How to Get Uncanny Eyes in Dragon’s Dogma 2

You can buy the Uncanny Eyes from Beatrice in the Volcanic Island Armory in Volcanic Island Camp or loot it from the chest in the small temple guarded by bandits northwest of Bakbatthal. There are two ways to obtain it regularly.

However, after the true ending, it can also be found in most of the shops in the game, including Bjorn’s Armory, Grisha’s Armory, Celeste’s Smithy, Bodas’s Armory, Brokkr’s Smithy, Volcanic Island Armory.

Locate Chest with Uncanny Eyes

How to Get Uncanny Eyes in Dragon's Dogma 2

To find the chest with Uncanny Eyes, travel northeast from Bakbatthal. On top of the canyon, on the right, you will notice a small temple guarded by bandits. It is northeast of the Tomb of Ja’Nuwa and northwest of Canyon Cave. Bandits might be challenging depending on your level, so we advise you to be at least level 20.

Climb up, defeat them, and inside the temple, you will find the chest also; on the edge left of the chest is the seeker broken, so make sure you grab that as well.

Or Buy the Uncanny Eyes from Volcanic Island Armory

Alternatively, you can buy Uncanny Eyes from Beatrice in Volcanic Island Armory on Agamen Volcanic Island for 37,500 gold.

Uncanny Eyes Stats & How to Use It

Uncanny Eyes - Dragon's Dogma 2 - DD2

All Uncanny Eyes features in DD2:

  • Armor Type:
  • Can be equipped by Vacations:
  • Location: Trickster
  • Weight: 1,2 kg
  • Buy Price: 37 500 gold.
  • Sell Price: 12500 gold
  • Armor Stats:
    • Defense: 119
    • Magick Defense: 216
    • Slash Resistance: 2
    • Strike Resistance: 2
    • Knockdown Resistance: 13
  • Elemental Resistance:
    • None
  • Debilitation Resistance:
    • None

How to Use Uncanny Eyes and Who Should Use It?

You can use the Uncanny Eyes on your trickster vocation. It’s decent headgear with good stats. It’s worth stopping if you are near Bakbattal and getting it. You may swap later for something better once you reach the true ending. You can only use it on Arisen because pawns cannot learn trickster vocation.

Additionally, as with many other items in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you can gift it to any NPC that likes it to get 30 points of favor.

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