Hogwarts Legacy Puzzle Door

How to Solve Hogwarts Legacy Puzzle Door

Have you encountered a mysterious riddle and want to know How to Solve and unlock Hogwarts Legacy Door Puzzle? Once you understand the basics, it’ll be easy to solve all of them.

Hogwarts Legacy Puzzle Door
Puzzle Door

Exploration in Hogwarts Legacyis is probably the game’s most significant advantage. At some point, every Hogwarts Legacy player found the mysterious door surrounded by golden beast symbols. Those puzzles are one of my favourite riddles in Hogwarts Legacy. In this guide, you can learn how to solve the puzzle door.

Last updated April 25, 2023. Players can enjoy Hogwarts Legacty for a couple of weeks now, and more details and secrets are uncovered each day. We updated the guide to provide the latest information about the game.

How to Solve Hogwarts Legacy Puzzle Door

Hgwarts Legacy - Puzlle Door with Revelio
Puzzle Door with Revelio. Door and two rollers

When you understand how to solve one Puzzle Door, it becomes effortless to repeat it every time you encounter a new one, as there are many in the castle. The room hidden behind the door contains at least one chest with valuable loot, so it’s worth checking it every time.

To solve the puzzle, you must first interact with the door and reveal the triangular and circular symbols. Nextly locate two additional question marks near the door – the rollers. If you can’t find them, use Revelio to highlight the door and two puzzle rollers.

Hogwarts Legacy Puzzle Door Numbers
Puzzle Door Numbers

Simple Math Door

To solve the puzzle, you need to do simple math. Each magical beast symbol is assigned to the number, as shown in the picture above.

  • Owl: zero
  • Unicorn: one
  • Graphorn: two
  • Hydra: three
  • Demiguise: four
  • Quintaped: five
  • Salamander: six
  • Octopus: seven
  • Spider: eight
  • Snake: nine

Now let’s look at the door and focus on the first triangle. Inside we have the number 5, which is the sum of the numbers on each of the triangles: “0”, “3”, and “?”

Hogwarts Legacy - Puzzle Door with Solution
Puzzle Door with Solution

Add the two numbers on the triangle points that you know to solve it. In our case, it’s:

  • 3+0=3

Then subtract that from the middle number, which is five, so:

  • 5-3=2.
  • ?=2

Now, look at the magical beast symbol “2” assigned to a Graphorn symbol, so pick it on the first roller with a question mark, as shown in the picture above.

Now let’s look at the second triangle. On the triangle points are: four and unicorn symbol – the unicorn is assigned to the number “one”, so:

  • 4+1=5.

Now, let’s subtract that from the middle number.

  • 12-5=7
  • ??=7

The seven is assigned to the Octopus symbol. So on the second roller with two question marks – “??” – pick the octopus symbol.

Lastly, come back to the door to open it and grab the treasures in the hidden door. I noticed that the loot behind the door is often Legendary quality with a good amount of gold, so don’t skip them!

That’s all you need to know to unlock the Hogwarts Legacy puzzle door.

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