Best Spell Build in Hogwarts Legacy

The Best Hogwarts Legacy Spell Build

The Best Hogwarts Legacy Spell Build is designed for massive damage with the most burst damage possible. This build is ideal for destroying bosses, infamous monsters and especially trolls!

Best Spell Build in Hogwarts Legacy
Best Spell Build

You will primarily focus on casting spells and using potions to aid your effectiveness while relying on mobility for escaping and protection. The burst combination with this build can one-shot trolls, especially as you progress in the game, and get access to powerful talents and armor traits.  If you love the typical Wizard or Witch from the Harry Potter books, this build is for you!

Best House for the Spell Build

Houses are primarily relevant for the story and role play. Consider picking a house, wand and or a playstyle that fits the story of your character. This will not increase or decrease the performance of your build.

If you want to know how House and Wand influence a Hogwarts Legacy gameplay, consider checking out:

How do Armor Traits Work in Hogwarts Legacy Spell Build?

Armor Traits and Upgrades Hogwarts Legacy

Armor traits are unlocked after a specific main story quest (The Elf, The Nab-Sack, and the Loom).  This can be anywhere from level 15-25, depending on how much focus you give the main story. Once unlocked, you will have access to a loom where you can change traits at the cost of beast materials. The beasts can be unlocked, captured in the wild and brought back to your room of requirement for harvesting materials needed for traits.

Next, you will need to find bandit camps and clear the enemies and loot a chest.  This will give you random trait from ones you don’t have.  You can save just before opening and load for the desired trait.  And then use this method or roam multiple bandit camps along with collections through story activities.

How do Armor Traits Work in Hogwarts Legacy Spell Build?

Talents give a permanent bonus to your character and cannot be changed. These are also unlocked also through a main story quest around level 10 (Jackdaws Rest Quest).  Your character will start earning one talent point at level 5 all the way up to level 40.

What’s Max Level In Hogwarts Legacy?

The max level in Hogwarts Legacy is 40. It takes a very long time to reach max level. Also, consider that you can complete the main story and still progress your character. In fact, you’ll want to progress and or finish most of the main story because it will unlock the critical systems needed to maximize your build.

The Best Hogwarts Legacy Spell Build Basics

Builds in Hogwarts Legacy follows a general formula to get more powerful: Spells, Consumables (Potions/Plants), Armor, Armor Traits and Talents.  Below we will go into detail about various parts of your build and why they are important.

Spell Combinations Explained

Hogwarts Legacy - Diffindo
Diffindo Spell
  • Expelliarmus unlocked by completing Professor Hecat’s Assignment 2.  This spell is fantastic because with a Talent you can do slightly increased damage.  If you spec further into Dark Arts talent Curse Sapper will give you health upon a kill!  Even if you don’t like Dark Arts, its a worth while spell to use.
  • Glacius unlocked by completing Madam Kogawa’s Assignment 1.  The best spell in the game for adding damage.  Moreover, it does area damage with a talent and should be our first or second skill cast on our main target.
  • Diffindo unlocked by completing Professor Sharp’s Assignment 2.  This is the highest single target skill in the game and with a talent, can do area damage!  Combine with the two debuffs, you can easily get over 10,000 damage at end game and even one shot a troll!
  • Levioso unlocked by completing Against the Dark Arts Main Quest.  This is a good control spell and also breaks yellow shields.
  • Descendo unlocked by completing Onai’s Assignment.  This spell pairs well with Levioso because the slam down from up in the air will create damage.

ExpelliarmusGlacius + Diffindo = big nuke

Levioso + Descendo = massive control

Important Talents Explained

Hogwarts Legacy Talent Diffindo Mastery
Hogwarts Legacy Talent Diffindo Mastery

Glacius Mastery talent (required level 16) – striking an enemy frozen by Glacius blast damaging shard outward from the target.

  • Why? our primary means to debuff a target along with making it area and multiple enemies.

Diffindo Mastery talent (required level 5) – diffindo casts slice through impacted enemies to strike additional targets.  Must be able to cast diffindo to Unlock this Talent.

  • Why? the best single target damage spell in the game and why not make it area damage too!

Spell Knowledge talent (required level 5) – a new spell set is added. Hold R2 (on PlayStation) and tap dpad in direction to swap to an unlocked spell set.

  • Why? as a spell caster, you will most likely need multiple bars, if not just for convivence.

Basic Cast Mastery (required level 5) – basic cast impacts reduce spell cooldown.

  • Why? huge reduction in spell cooldown to get you back to your combination quicker.

Maxima Potion Potency talent (required level 16) – Maxima potion causes attacks to have additional increased damage and break enemy shields.

  • Why? insane damage with combined with other parts of the build.

Disarming Curse talent (required level 5) – Expellarmus has the same effect as a curse on enemies.  Cursed enemies take increased damage.

  • Why? This is Dark Arts talent and will increase enemies’ damage taken. Not mandatory for the build if you don’t want to touch this tree, but it does increase damage.

Talents & Levels for The Hogwarts Legacy the Spell Build

The following list includes all talents and levels for The Hogwarts Legacy Spell Build. Keep in mind you may not have all the spells at the listed level so be flexible with your selection.  This level selection will optimize the type of build we are going for, but feel free to swap around as you see fit.

Consumables Explained

Potions and plants arrive very early in the game and are strong aids in combat.  Once you start to unlock the room of requirement and beast taming through the main story quest, you will be able to farm a lot of materials making the mats much easier to obtain.

  • Focus Potion reduces the cooldown on spells allowing you to use super long cooldown abilities quicker and less bar swaps.
  • Maxima Potion increases the drinker’s spell damage for a limited amount of time.  That that you need more damage, but why not!
  • Invisibility Potion makes you invisible for a short period. You can use this as an escape mechanism and then blow up multiple mobs.

Armor Traits Explained

An important thing to note about Armor traits is the traits are multiplicative.  Meaning they get strong the more you equip on your armor.  You have 6 slots in total and generally want all 6 to be uniform for maximum results. So don’t be shy in stacking the same one, assuming you have the material.  Hogwsmead Brood and Peck has materials for sale if your beast taming isn’t up to a high enough level.

Laceration III Trait Hogwarts Legacy
  1. Laceration III (use I or II if needed) significantly increased damage with Diffindo.  This, stacked on all 6 of our armor pieces, makes mince meat out of anything in the game.
  2. Concentration III significantly increased the damage of all Damage spells.  A good alternative if you want to use a variety of spells.
  3. Disarming III Significantly increased damage with Expelliarmus. A good beginning choice if you rely on this spell early.

Combat & Rotation

Now that you have the general idea of the build, it will look like this.

  1. Drink a Maxima potion and or Focus for faster spells.
  2. Cast Expelliarmus to curse target.
  3. Glacius to add more debuff and increase damage to a target.
  4. Diffindo for the one shot.
  5. Next, use control spells Levioso and Descendo to control targets until your combination is up.
  6. Fill in the gaps with more ranged damage spells and dodge roll/protego for protection.

Rinse and repeat!

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