ESO How to unlock Alliance War Skills

In the ESO How to Unlock Alliance War Skills guide, we explain how to unlock the Skill Trees, including Vigor, Barrier, and Caltrops.

Welcome to the ESO How to unlock Alliance War Skills guide. I’ll explain shortly, how to start the “Introduction to Cyrodiil quest”. How to unlock Alliance War Skill Trees and their most important skills including Vigor, Barrier and Caltrops.

The “Introduction to Cyrodiil” quest

The “Introduction to Cyrodiil” quest is short and doesn’t require any PvP activities. It is very important to complete it as fast as possible because it will provide you with 3 skill points, and unlocks your Alliance War skill lines: Support and Assault. Skills like Barrier, Resolving Vigor or Caltrops are necessary for PvE and PvP. You can unlock them only by PvP activities, and the “Introduction to Cyrodiil” quest will automatically after completing it gives your character level 3 in both Alliance war skill lines including the Resorving Vigor ability!

After you hit level 10 and receive an “Invitation to Cyrodiil” mail go to any campaign (how to enter Cytodiil HERE) and look for NPC with the main quest marker above the head. They will be in one of Cyrodiil starting points, depending on your alliance: Northern High Rock Gate(Daggerfall Covenant), Southern Morrowind Gate(Ebonhart Pact), and Western Elsweyr Gate (Altmeri Dominion).

ESO Introduction to Cyrodiil Quest locations


The NPC will offer you basic training and an explanation regarding the war in Cyrodiil. Accept the quest and now you can skip it or follow it. Important: do not skip it! If you choose to talk to the General and skip the training you won’t receive skill points and Alliance points experience! In the picture below I show my conversation with the quest giver on the Daggerfall Covenant side.

ESO Introduction to Cyrodiil Quest

The Benefits & rewards

Various NPC will explain to you some of Cyrodiil’s basics. You’ll learn how to fast travel, receive siege training and important knowledge about scrolls. After you complete the quest, you’ll be rewarded with 3 extra skill points and level 3 in the Alliance War skill lines. While doing the quest don’t forget to grab a Lorebook inside the Scroll Temple, also next to it, look for the skyshard. In the picture below, I marked the lorebook and the skyshard locations for all three Factions.

ESO Cyrodiil Skyshards

Now you should have access to the Resolving Vigor skill. To level Alliance War Skill Trees and unlock other useful skills like Barrier or Caltrops you need to earn Alliance points (AP) by doing PvP activities.

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