ESO Cyrodiil PvP guide for Beginners

ESO Cyrodiil PvP guide for Beginners, you’ll learn all the basics, Cyrodiil quests, collectibles and tips for new or levelling players.

Welcome to Cyrodiil! ESO Cyrodiil PvP guide for Beginners, you’ll learn all the basics about PvP and Cyrodiil. Additionally, we included an in-depth explanation of Cyrodiil campaigns and tips for new or levelling characters. Later in the guide, we added available quests and collectibles and the best way to farm alliance points (AP) in the Cyrodiil.

Cyrodiil basics

Cyrodiil is a zone in the centre of Tamriel, with wide plains and many cities, outposts, bridges and castles called the keeps. Players from three factions fight for domination over the map and the Emperor’s throne. The three factions are Aldmeri Dominion (yellow), Daggerfall Covenant (blue) and Ebonheart Pact (red). Green highlighted keeps on the map below are locations available for my character to teleport using Transitus Network. All Transitus shrines are connected with lines on the map. Keeps with the yellow star around the icon are under attack. The goal of every alliance is to control as many keeps, outposts, scrolls, resources or cities as possible to get Campaign Points. The score evaluation is every hour.

Day and night, you can find groups or single players sieging the keeps, flipping flags, and fighting over lumbermills or cities. It’s a never-ending war waiting for you! For more details, the list of keeps and Cyrodiil history click HERE.

ESO Cyrodiil map markers
ESO Cyrodiil map

Keeps are big castles with walls. Each has three resources outside of the keep walls: Lumbermill (gives the doors of your keep more strength), Mine(gives all of the walls of your keep more strength to take more hits) and Farm(gives the NPC guards of your keep more Health). To capture the resource, you simply need to kill the guards protecting the enemy alliance flag and then wait until the flag flips. If the enemy controls all of your faction resources you won’t be able to teleport using Transitus Network to the keep and from the keep. Teleport is also impossible if the keep or outpost is under attack (flagged at 50% wall or gate health).

ESO keep Flags and resources
ESO Keep, Flags and Resources

Outposts are smaller forts without walls and resources. Outposts are much easier to capture compared to keeps as they only have one wall to break through and one flag to capture inside.

To capture the keep or outpost you need at least a small (advised 6+) group of players to break their walls or gates using siege equipment. Similar to the resources, inside the keep, you’ll find two enemy flags. Kill not only enemy players but also the keep guards and flip both flags to capture the keep or outpost. When the siege ends, and the castle is no longer under attack, you and your group will need to repair the damaged walls to prevent enemy players from easy access inside. Now the enemy will need to siege the keep to capture it.

Cities there are a lot of cities and villages in Cyrodiil but only three major ones that add to the campaign score and can be taken by any of three factions. Cities are not protected by walls, and to gain control you simply need to flip all the flags guarded by NPC. You can also find multiple daily quests in all of Cyrodiil’s cities, that grant you the reward boxes with armor sets and supplies.

Scrolls are artefacts granting your faction great defensive or offensive buffs. Scrolls can be picked up by any player and carried, but while carrying the scroll it’s impossible to mount or use any transportation skills, other than skills that increase your speed. Capturing enemies’ scrolls gives even better buffs, and is extremely important to gain a big amount of campaign points. Each faction owns two scrolls and keeps them in scroll temples. The scroll temples are behind the faction gates and only the faction players can go through. To open the enemy gate you need to capture the two nearest keeps. Don’t expect, that taking the scroll from the temple is easy. You’ll most likely encounter enemy resistance and hostile NPCs. After grabbing the scroll, you’ll be chased to wherever you decide to secure the scroll, which usually is far from enemys’ territories.

Gaining control over any of them will give you Alliance Points (AP) and campaign points and a bonus to your whole faction. If you want a boost to your AP during capturing the keep or its resources, spend two points on the Continuous Attack passive from Alliance War – the Assault skill tree. Also, make sure you have at least one point in it for a 30% faster mount speed.

ESO Aliance passives
ESO Alliance passives

During the camping duration objective of any alliance is to capture as many keeps cities, scrolls or outposts as possible and hold them for as long as possible. At each score evaluation factions receive points based on how many locations they control. The faction with the most points will win the campaign and receive bonus “end of campaign rewards”.

What’s the difference between CP and no-CP? Types of campaigns

Which campaign you should choose is related to how levelling system in ESO operates (click HERE for a comprehensive beginner and levelling guide and builds). Also what gear are you wearing and what other PvP alliance characters do you have? Let’s look at all campaigns and which one you should choose.

Campaigns are timed 7 days or 30 days. When the campaign ends, all players that took part in it will receive the “end of campaign rewards” which are based on how much AP they earned during this limited time and their “End of Campaign Reward Tier”. A new campaign starts when the previous one ends. In the gif below you can see the Cyrodiil campaign menu and how to enter any of the campaigns.

Below-50 campaigns

Before you’ll hit level 50, ESO offers below-50 campaigns in all three modes: Cyrodiil and Imperial City, that’s why you need only level 10 to start PvP in ESO. The choice here is easy. However ESO will allow your low-level character to enter the above 50 campings, but it doesn’t work the other way around. As a character above 50, you can’t enter the below-50 Campaigns.

No-CP vs CP campaigns

After you’ll hit level 50 you start to collect so-called Champion Points (CP), and now you have access to all campaigns (the champion points guide HERE). Cyrodiil and Imperial City campaigns can be CP-enabled, which means all of your CP buffs will be applied to your character in that campaign. In non-CP campaigns, CP benefits are disabled and not applied to your character. It doesn’t mean the no-CP campaign is bad or worst. In fact, some players prefer it over CP campaigns. However, you need to remember that if your CP level is low you will have fewer CP buffs and thus you’ll have difficulties fighting against players with higher CP levels. Regardless of your CP level, you can enter all campaigns, just keep it all in mind.

You should choose the no-CP campaign if you aren’t at least level 800 CP. You’ll lack the passive buffs and survivability that the CP offers and you will have a hard time keeping up with the rest of the players. Sometimes the non-cp campaign is also a good choice if you want for example avoid gankers who are much less strong there.

In the CP campaigns, combat is much faster, because you can kill huge groups and earn AP faster. In the No-Cp the combat is slower, but you can’t blow up massive groups, as a result, zerg groups and the largest population dominates. No-CP campaigns are technically new player friendly because they limit the item sets and allow only the use of static boosts to character’s statistics. Moreover, without proc sets (more in next section) which increase the time to kill, so players have more time to react.

Non proc sets campaign

The second campaign factor depends on the “item sets with process effects” (proc sets). The “proc sets” are an armor group that performs an action for you when certain conditions are met. An example: whenever you complete a heavy attack, the armour set heals you for a specified amount. We have various campaigns with both options. On “no proc sets campaigns” the effect will simply never happen and your proc armor may be ineffective, so make sure you are wearing the correct gear for the correct campaign. (PvP builds with proc, and no-proc gear sets HERE) You can always check the campaign rules in the alliance menu before you enter.

ESO campaign rules
ESO campaign rules

As mentioned before proc gear sets make combat faster, which gives you less time to react, however, in the proc-sets campaign all the item sets are allowed so you don’t need to worry about your gear. All the PvP builds on the website have no-proc/no-cp camping gear options, click HERE.

Home Campaign

Before you enter any of the campaigns it’s good to decide which one will you play the most often, and make it a “home campaign”. If you did this right, the home icon will appear next to chosen campaign. You can have only one home campaign, however, this setting resets every month and can be changed at any time. We do this to earn campaign points, progress on the campaign leaderboard and receive tier rewards at the end of the campaign. And you can do this only on your home campaign. If you enter as a guest you’ll still receive AP, and can help your faction win but your character will not advance in “campaign tier rewards”.

In the picture below you can see I set “GRAY HOST” as my main campaign, now I can see campaign duration, points of the whole factions and my tier rewards progress bar, marked in the picture. By playing in the Grey Host campaign I’ll finally reach level one “End of Campaign Reward Tier” and as a result, I’ll receive by mail gold, lots of transmutes and gear. I’ll discuss Cyrodiil rewards and collectibles in detail later in the guide.

ESO Aliance war
ESO Alliance war
Alliance locked campaign

This is usually the main campaign with cp and proc sets enabled. This campaign will be locked to your character alliance and only available to other characters from the same faction. Example: If you enter this campaign as e.g Altmeri dominion character the game will ask you to make a decision: “Do you want this campaign to be bound to Aldmeri Dominion only?” If you refuse you’ll be removed from it. If you agree this campaign will be available only for your Aldmeri Dominion characters until the campaign end. Every time a new campaign starts you can select the new faction you want to fight for.

During the camping duration objective of any alliance is to capture as many keeps cities, scrolls or keeps as possible and hold them for as long as possible. At each score evaluation factions receive points based on how many locations they control. The faction with the most points will win the campaign and receive bonus “end of campaign rewards”.

How to enter the Cyrodiil?

First, pick your campaign carefully. As was mentioned before your campaign should be chosen based on your level, champion points and what gear sets you are using. Campaigns have a player limit so next to its name you can see what is the current population of any faction. If you see the padlock icon for any faction, this means there is the max number of players and you will be most likely placed in the queue.

To enter Cyrodiil press the default key “L” to open the Alliance menu or chose the “tower” icon tab in the character menu. Choose the campaign tab and pick your campaign in the list. Double click on the campaign name or press “E”. Cyrodill campaigns have their player limits, so sometimes you may be placed in the queue. Simply wait for a window to pop up asking if you are ready. Confirm and join your faction in the Cyrodiil!

ESO How to enter Cyrodiil
ESO How to enter Cyrodiil

You can enter Cyrodiil as a solo player or with a group. If you are in a group of players game will ask you if you want to join Cyrodiil solo or with the group. Choose the group option and all of you will receive the Cyrodiil invite at the same time. If there is not enough space for all your group members the game will wait till all of you can join at the same time. So group queue sometimes may take longer than solo.


How to find a group in Cyrodiil?

Cyrodiil doesn’t have a “group finder” as dungeons or battlegrounds have. However every day many beginner players or new players enter the Cyrodiil, and will look for others to play with. You can simply ask in-zone chat if any group is available and open for new players to join or type LFG(Looking For Group – acronym). Also, look for in-zone chat messages that ask to type a “keyword” to join the group. That happens often on PC because PC players have access to addons, which if the group leader has, the addon will automatically send group invites for every player that types a keyword in zone chat.

You can also join the Guild, many of which either organise PvP raids or are dedicated to PvP only and have nearly always a PvP group of players playing in the Cyrodiil or Imperial City. Make sure you join the guild that fights on your character alliance side.


How to travel in Cyrodiil? Transitus Network

You’ll start in one of 6 gates (2 per faction). It’s like a mini town with quest boards, merchants, banks, supplies and siege equipment for you to buy. Also, one wayshrine and one Transitus shrine.

Cyrodiil is a large instanced zone that allows players to long-distance travels thanks to Transitus Network. It’s similar to wayshrains, but in Cyrodiil you can only travel from one Transinus shrine to another. Each gate, outpost village and keep has one Transitus shrine. So if you find yourself in the middle of nowhere you need to first go to the nearest keep or outpost controlled by your faction, and locate transmits shrine inside.

Transitus shrines have a characteristic blue flame. Also, you probably noticed on the Cyrodiil map different colour lines connecting keeps, cities and outposts. To travel from one keep to another, the keeps need to be connected with such lines in your alliance colour. Keep in mind that you cannot travel to a location that is under attack or a keep that has all three resources under enemy control.

ESO Transmitus shrine
ESO Transmitus shrine

You can travel from anywhere on the map only by using recall stones. To buy them locate a siege merchant, who is common and found in every location controlled by your faction. To travel using recall stones simply put it on your quickslot-menu and activate it whenever you are ready, then pick one of the available locations on the map.

ESO Keep recall stone
ESO Keep recall stone

How to leave Cyrodiil?

To leave Cyrodiil, first use transmits network or recall stones to come back to one of the starting location gates, then locate a wayshrine that will take you back to any of Tamriel’s PvE zones. However, to travel you must visit and use the wayshrain as shown in the picture below because you can’t teleport to waysrines in PvP zones the same way you can do it in PvE zones.

ESO Southen gate Cyrodiil
ESO Southen gate Cyrodiil

How to unlock Alliance War skills?

First, you need to finish the “Introduction to Cyrodiil” quest. It’s short and doesn’t require any PvP activities. It is very important to complete it as fast as possible because it’ll provide you with 3 skill points, and unlocks your Alliance War skill lines: Support and Assault. Skills like Barrier, Resolving Vigor or Caltrops are necessary for PvE and PvP. You can unlock them only by PvP activities, and the “Introduction to Cyrodiil” quest will automatically after completing it gives your character level 3 in both Alliance war skill lines including the Resorving Vigor ability!

After you hit level 10 and receive an “Invitation to Cyrodiil” mail go to any campaign (how to enter Cytodiil HERE) and look for NPC with the main quest marker above the head. They will be in one of Cyrodiil’s starting points, depending on your alliance: Northern High Rock Gate(Daggerfall Covenant), Southern Morrowind Gate(Ebonhart Pact), and Western Elsweyr Gate (Altmeri Dominion).


ESO Introduction to Cyrodiil Quest locations


The NPC will offer you basic training and an explanation regarding the war in Cyrodiil. Accept the quest and now you can skip it or follow it. Important: do not skip it! If you choose to talk to the General and skip the training you won’t receive skill points and Alliance experience! In the picture below I show my conversation with the quest giver on the Daggerfall Covenant side.

ESO Introduction to Cyrodiil Quest


The Benefits & rewards

Various NPC will explain to you some of Cyrodiil’s basics. You’ll learn how to fast travel, receive siege training and important knowledge about scrolls. After you complete the quest, you’ll be rewarded with 3 extra skill points and level 3 in the Alliance War skill lines. While doing the quest don’t forget to grab a Lorebook inside the Scroll Temple, also next to it look for the skyshard. In the picture below, I marked the lorebook and the skyshard locations for all three Factions.

ESO Cyrodiil Skyshards

Now you should have access to the Resolving Vigor skill. To level Alliance War Skill Trees and unlock other worthwhile skills like Barrier or Caltrops you need to earn Alliance points (AP) by doing PvP activities.

Alliance Ranks & Emperor

Each new alliance rank will reward you with a new alliance war title, a skill point and an achievement that unlocks unique collectibles such as furniture, dyes and titles. PvP ranks have certain thresholds, all the PvP ranks HERE

The Emperor/Empress rank is one of the most difficult and most prestigious achievements in the game but isn’t earned as regular war ranks. If one faction captures all six keeps that surround the Imperial City then, the player at the top of the campaign’s leaderboard from that faction will become the Emperor or Empress. The required keeps are marked on the map below. You can check your leaderboard position, in the alliance war tab and choose “Emperorship”. It requires a lot of time and skill sometimes luck to become Emperor/Empress of Cyrodiil.

ESO Emperor keeps

The Emperor/Empress receives a special skill line with unique and powerful passives, also the whole faction receives a unique bonus. The player continues to be Emperor/Empress as long as their faction holds at least one “emperorship keep” (keeps marked on the map). If the faction loses all “emperorship keeps” the Emperor/Empress will be dethroned and become “former Emperor/Empress” – the title available from now to all of their characters. Other rewards and collectibles for becoming an emperor are the Emperor regalia (costume), the Throne of Cyrodiil(furniture) and the Ruby Throne Red (armor dye).

ESO Emperor regalia and Throne

Why should I go to Cyrodiil? ESO Cyrodiil quests, rewards and Cyrodiil collectibles

In Cyrodiil you can find three types of quests. PvE story quests, PvE daily quests, and PvP repeatable quests. Completing any of those quests will grant you AP and multiple rewards including gold, supplies and gear, and sometimes collectibles.

PvP repeatable quests, the Mission Boards

Cyrodiil offers repeatable quests the Bounty Missions from the Bounty Mission Board:

  • Capture the Keep,
  • Capture the resource
  • Capture the scroll
  • Scouting Missions
  • Kill Enemy Players

I’d advise you to always take those quests return them as soon as you complete them and take the new ones. Those quests should be available to you in starting PvP area, the alliance gates. Look for repeatable (blue) quest marks in your faction’s main Cyrodiil gates(starting area) above the bounty boards. Completing them will grant you Alliance Points (AP), and multiple gear items, crafting materials or supplies. If you can’t see the quests, it means you hadn’t completed the introduction to Cyrodiil quest, it that case click HERE!

ESO Mission Boards
ESO Mission Boards


PvP repeatable quests, Arena Gladiator’s Proofs and Conquests Boards

By completing the repeatable quests from the Conquest Board in Cyrodiil, once a day per account you can acquire an Arena Gladiator’s Proof to exchange them for special collectibles like costumes, styles, pets, hats etc.(details and images in the table below) Arena Gladiator’s Proof’s drop has a 20-hour cooldown so make sure you open the next bounty reward boxes, called the Gladiator’s Rucksacks, after this time to receive the Proofs.

Depending on your alliance Conquest Boards are in the Eastern Elsweyr Gate(Altmeri Dominion), Northern Morrowind (Ebonhart Pact) Gate and Southern Highrock Gate (Daggerfall Covenant) that offer additional daily quests with unique rewards:

  • Capture three keeps
  • Capture nine resources
  • Kill 40 enemy players
  • Capture all 3 towns

When you have the required amount of Arena Gladiator’s Proofs you can buy a special envelope(upgrade) from War Researcher Merchant (found at any alliance gate – starting location) and combine all the items into collectibles (Cyrodill merchants guide HERE):

Collectible Required Proofs Required Upgrade (from war researcher merchant)
Arena Gladiator Costume 50 Arena Gladiator’s Exultation – 10 000 Alliance Points
Elinhir Arena Lion Pet 40 Arena Gladiator’s Mockery – 10 000 Alliance Points
Random Knight of the Circle Weapon Outfit Style page 40 Arena Gladiator’s Mockery – 10 000 Alliance Points
Arena Gladiator Emote 30 Arena Gladiator’s Mockery – 10 000 Alliance Points
Random Knight of the Circle Armor Outfit Style page 20 Arena Gladiator’s Mockery – 10 000 Alliance Points
Arena Gladiator Helm 20 Arena Gladiator’s Mockery – 10 000 Alliance Points
Reach-Mage Ceremonial Skullcap 20 Reach-Mage’s Ferocity – 1000 Alliance Points


ESO Arena Gladiator Costume
Arena Gladiator Costume
ESO Elinhir Arena Lion Pet
Elinhir Arena Lion Pet
ESO Knight of the Circle
Knight of the Circle
ESO Arena Gladiator Helm
Arena Gladiator Helm


PvE daily and story quests

You can find PvE Story quests all over the Cyrodiil zone. Cyrodill also offers the engaging PvE main questline and side quests, as well as delves, and dolmens to complete. Killing a delve boss grants a 20% buff for 1 hour, to your AP earned! In the Cyrodiil zone, you can also collect the Mundus stones, shyshards and lorebooks.

PvE Daily quests are available in small and big cities in the Cyrodiil zone: Bruma, Cheydinhal, Chorrol, Cropsford, Vlastarus and the Weynon Priory.

Fighter guilds quests are available after you spend one skill point into Bounty Hunter passive.

Rewards of the worthy

You will also receive by mail Rewards for the Worthy coffer for every 20 000 AP earned, either in Cyrodiil or Battlegrounds. The first one of the day, the Reward of the worthy will contain from 4-10 transmute stones and a random PvP gear set item (rewards of the worthy stets). Every next reward box will have only one item set.

End of campaign tier rewards

ESO Champion's Cache Transmutation Geode

After the camping ends each participant will receive Tier rewards. Rewards are based on the number of AP earned by a player during the campaign and their alliance score. So no worries participants from losing alliances also receive a lesser reward. All are shown in the table bellow

7-Day Campaigns
  Tier 1 (25k-49.9k AP) Tier 2 (50k-99.9k AP) Tier 3 (100k+ AP)
1st Place Alliance 2100 gold 3000 gold + 1 Superior item 3900 gold + 1 Epic item
10 Transmute stones + 20 Keep Wall Masonry Repair Kits
2nd Place Alliance 1375 gold 1750 gold 2125 gold
10 Transmute stones + 10 Keep Wall Masonry Repair Kits
3rd Place Alliance 950 gold 1100 gold 1250 gold
10 Transmute stones + 5 Keep Wall Masonry Repair Kits
30 Day Campaigns
  Tier 1 (25k-49.9k AP) Tier 2 (50k-99.9k AP) Tier 3 (100k+ AP)
1st Place Alliance 10500 gold 15000 gold + 5 Superior items 19500 gold + 5 Epic items
50 Transmute stones + 20 Keep Wall Masonry Repair Kits
2nd Place Alliance 6875 gold 8750 gold 10625 gold
50 Transmute stones + 10 Keep Wall Masonry Repair Kits
3rd Place Alliance 4750 gold 5500 gold 6250 gold
50 Transmute stones + 5 Keep Wall Masonry Repair Kits

In addition, if you place high enough on the leaderboards, you will receive the following rewards.

Leaderboard Position 7-Day Campaigns 30-Day Campaigns
Top 2% on Leaderboard in Alliance 3000 gold + 1 Legendary item + 20 Transmute stones 15000 gold + 5 Legendary items + 20 Transmute stones
Top 3-10% Leaderboard in Alliance 1500 gold + 1 Epic item + 20 Transmute stones 7500 gold + 5 Epic items + 20 Transmute stones

Table source: Online: Campaigns – The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages (UESP)

As you can see it’s very beneficial to reach at least tier one campaign reward to receive a good amount of gold and 10 – 50 transmute stones. Moreover, you can do it on every character as a result you’ll receive a big amount of transmute crystals and gold at the end of the campaign. If you play the same campaign 2nd+ time in a row (needs to be set as a home campaign) you can also receive a mail with the ‘Campaign loyalty reward”

ESO Siege Merchants, Golden vendor, Elite gear vendor and War Researcher.

AP is a currency that can be spent in the Cyrodiil vendors. You can buy with it various resources, motifs and gear sets. One of the most profitable strategies that PvP players use to earn extra gold with AP is buying from Siege Merchants Alliance Spell Draught and Alliance Battle Draught and then selling them in guild store to other players. They also buy elite gear sets boxes from Elite gear vendors to then sell the currently most used sets for gold. However, elite gearboxes contain one random item set, so it’s not guaranteed what item set you’ll receive from the box. Some of the most important AP vendors are shown in the pictures below. All of them you can find in the alliances’ main gates.

ESO Siege merchant

Siege Merchant

The siege merchants sell food, potions and siege equipment. Remember to buy some supplies, before you join the fight in Cyrodiil. I can recommend meatbag catapults, regular ballista, stone trebuchet, forward camp and keep recall stone. Also some repair kits for walls and doors.


ESO War resercher

War Researcher

War researcher sells all kind of things. Collectibles, motifs, traits, style materials and much more. Check his stock maybe you’ll find something for yourself!


ESO Elite gear Merchant

Elite gear vendor

Elite gear vendor sells various boxes with random gear piece. It is not guaranteed which set exactly you’ll get. To check what gear sets can be found in the box, hover over it, and check the description.


ESO Golden Vendor, Adhazabi Aba-daro

You can find Golden Vendor, Adhazabi Aba-daro in any Alliance base (main starting gates). She is available only during the weekends and each time she sells random items from a selection of gold jewellery gear sets and monster helmets. She changes her stock every week and arrives at the same time as Luxury Furnisher (00:00 UTC and 07:00 pm EST). All items from her can be bought with gold or with Alliance Points, regardless if you have DLC that the item was realised in or not. So it’s a good idea to check her stock every week, and not miss out on any powerful item sets that your characters may need. We also have detailed information on our website when golden Vendor is online (click HERE).

ESO Golden Vendor

Golden Vendor

How to farm Alliance Points (AP) and quickly level Alliance War skill trees?

Firstly, to boost your Alliance Points (AP) gain, use a special consumable called the Colovian War Torte. The ESO Colovian War Torte increases the AP and Alliance War Skill Line experience gain by 50% from all sources for 30 minutes. The timer pauses when you are offline, and continues when you return. This bonus is compatible with other foods or drinks.

ESO Colovian War Torte


The Recipe for Colovian War Torte can be found only in the Cyrodiil zone. The small book with a green glow around replaces the classic materials node and is very rare. Once you pick it up it becomes an item the “Recipe: Colovian War Torte”. You can also buy the Colovian War Torte recipe and/or the Colovian War Torte food from other players in guild traders.

ESO Recipe: Colovian War Torte

Moreover, if you are planning on farming AP in Cyrodiil, first locate and enter any of the delves in Cyrodiil and kill the boss there. As a result, you’ll receive a lasting one-hour, 20% boost to your CP gain. Both buffs from killing the boss and eating Colovian War Torte stack, so you can have a 70% experience bonus to alliance points AP in total.

The map below represents all Cyrodiil Delve locations with the white torch icon. However, for your AP boost, you can go to the delves that are the closest to your alliance’s main gate and avoid enemy players.

Useful Information and tricks

  • Battle spirit – This passive you’ll have automatically applied to your character when entering Battlegrounds, Imperial City or Cyrodiil. It adds 3 000 health and reduces healing and damage.
  • In Cyrodiil, you can respawn at any Transitus shrine that belongs to your faction even if not connected to Transitus Network
  • Players can resurrect players from their faction in Cyrodiil
  • Use the surroundings that Cyrodiil offers, to survive or kill players. Hide behind the objects, use speed or stealth, knock players from the edges or stun them! If they don’t see you they can’t hit you!
  • Teamwork is essential to win!
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