How to Upgrade Armor in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Armor Improvement

You don’t have to settle for the base stats on any of your armor sets in Tears of the Kingdom, but how do you upgrade your armor? Not just any old blacksmith will do – Link will need the assistance of some special characters in order unlock the ability to enhance his armor.

Keep on reading below and we’ll tell you how to find the help you need and what the costs will be to upgrade your armor in Tears of the Kingdom!

How to Upgrade Your Armor

Link cannot upgrade his armor on his own. He’ll need the help of the Great Fairies, of which there are four. They are scattered around the vast land of Hyrule, so it will take some traveling to find them all. In addition, they don’t automatically appear. In order to entice them out of the flowers they hide in you will need to enlist the help of some traveling musicians.

IMPORTANT: Before you go searching for the fairies, make sure that you have visited the Lucky Clover Gazette Headquarters (a former stables near) Rito Village and started the “Potential Princess Sightings!” quest first. Otherwise, the side quests to find the fairies will not trigger.

Great Fairies

Each of the Great Fairies can be found in beautiful glowing flowers that are close to the following stables:

  • Great Fairy Tera (to the north and little west of Woodland Stable)
  • Great Fairy Mija (to the north and little east on top of a hill by Snowfield Stable)
  • Great Fairy Kaysa (up the ruined road towards the north west of Outskirt Stable)
  • Great Fairy Cotera (directly north of Dueling Peaks Stable)

These locations are especially handy because you will be able to find a traveling musician nearby, members of a group called the Stable Trotters, who can help you coax her out of hiding. To accomplish this simply visit the nearby stable and find musician. This will begin a quest titled “Serenade to (Fairy’s Name)”. Each of the musicians will need Link’s help with a particular task. Complete it, and you can pull the cart of players to the location of the fairy.

Great Fairy Tera

Upgrading your Armor

Once you have unlocked your first fairy, you will have access to their ability to upgrade the majority of your armor pieces. However, in order to do so they will require from you:

  • Certain materials
    • Usually monster drops, such as Bokoblin horns, fangs, etc.
    • Higher quality armor and higher upgrades will require rarer monster drops and sometimes also gemstone materials.
  • A Rupee Fee for the Labor
    • Upgrading lower level armors up once can typically cost about 50 rupees.
    • Higher quality armor and additional upgrades will see labor costs really start to rise.

All of the fairies will be able to upgrade your armor in the same ways. The reason why you’ll want to go to the trouble of finding all four is that with each one you unlock, you will then be able to upgrade your armor another level higher! This is a great way to keep even some of the initially lower level, early game armor viable for a longer period of time.

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