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Redfall Overview

Redfall is an open-world, single player and co-op first person shooter, which takes place in the fictional town of Redfall, Massachusetts. Battling powerful, sinister vampires on a darkened east coast island, players can expect robust build crafting, in-depth weapon customization, and multiple hero characters to choose from. There’s a lot to unpack in the game, so let’s get to our Redfall Overview!

What is Redfall?

Redfall is an open-world, single player and co-op first person shooter, which takes place in the island town of fictional Redfall, Massachusetts. The consequences of a failed scientific experiment have created a legion of vampires who have taken over the town – blocking out the sun and cutting off the remaining citizens from the outside world.

Redfall Launch Characters

In order to tackle this threat, players will have four different heroes to choose from:

  • Devinder Crousley, an aspiring inventor and cryptozoologist
    • Crousley fights using his inventions and weapons, providing a unique vampire hunter playstyle
  • Layla Ellison, a biomedical engineering student who now possesses telekinetic abilities
    • In combat, Ellison’s abilities manifest as a purple force field, which can naturally be used for defense but can also be engaged offensively
  • Remi de la Rosa, combat engineer
    • Along with her own heavy firepower, she comes paired with her robot partner Bribon. The two together pack am aggressive, powerful punch.
  • Jacob Boyer, an ex-military sharpshooter turned private contractor
    • Given his history, Boyer’s specialty is with a sniper rifle. His abilities are enhanced even further with a unique eye and a new psychic raven companion.

Players can choose to tackle the vampire hordes alone or team-up in groups up to four members strong. According to Bethesda, “You will collect an arsenal of specialized weaponry and can customize your character with unique upgrades and abilities to suit your playstyle for guns blazing, stealth combat, and everything in-between.”

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When does Redfall Release?

The release date for Redfall is May 2, 2023.

The game will launch on Microsoft Windows PCs and Xbox Series X/S. Developed by Arkane Studios Austin and published by Bethesda Softworks, there are currently no plans to release the game on other platforms, or even on Xbox One.

It will also be added to the Game Pass list on launch day.

What Pre-Order Editions are available?

Players can pre-order the base game as a standalone and receive the Vampire Hunter pack, which includes a Level 2 Unrivaled Grim Tide Shotgun, and the Polar Vortex multi-weapon skin and Blood Ravager stake weapon attachment.

A purchase of the Bite Back Edition will include the base game, Redfall Hero Pass, Throwback Outfit Pack, Laser Beam Multi-Weapon Skin and Tactical Knife Stake Weapon Attachment.

There will be four heroes to play as in Redfall when the game launches. However, the included Redfall Hero Pass will grant access to two future heroes when they are released. Each will have their own new skills and unique gameplay.

The Throwback Outfit Pack includes a unique outfit and backpack for each of the four base heroes. 


Redfall will have a roster of various heroes for players to choose from. Each hero will have their own unique abilities and powers, which will make character choice important in multi-player mode. Redfall will offer ways to customize a hero’s abilities, attributes, gear and weapons, so that all characters will have something valuable to contribute in battle.

Teams may have up to four members, and are not limited to one character at a time. Multiple teammates (even all four) can choose to play the exact same character. Players can create and choose all available heroes or play with multiple versions of the same character. But this may not always be a wise choice, as a variety of special abilities in other heroes may be essential to dealing with powerful bosses.

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I’ll be doing more deep dives into Redfall and covering the game here on Keep an eye out for more coverage as we anxiously wait for the game to release! Additionally, I’ll also be streaming the game on Twitch.