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Redfall Bite Back Edition

Redfall is an open-world, single player and co-op first person shooter, which takes place in the fictional town of Redfall, Massachusetts. Battling powerful, sinister vampires on a darkened east coast island, players can expect robust build crafting, in-depth weapon customization, and multiple hero characters to choose from. The Redfall Bite Back Edition is one of a few ways players can purchase the game!

What is the Redfall Bite Back Edition?

Players may choose to buy the standard base game edition of Redfall, but the Bite Back Edition includes a lot of exclusive goodies!

A purchase of the Bite Back Edition will include the base game, Redfall Hero Pass, Throwback Outfit Pack, Laser Beam Multi-Weapon Skin and Tactical Knife Stake Weapon Attachment.

There will be four heroes to play as in Redfall when the game launches, but the included Redfall Hero Pass will give you access to two future heroes when they are released, both with their own new skills and unique gameplay.

The Throwback Outfit Pack includes a unique outfit and backpack for each of the four base heroes inspired by their lives before Redfall. 

Additionally, if you pre-order Redfall you will receive the Vampire Hunter Pack. This pack includes a Level 2 Unrivaled Grim Tide Shotgun, which grants 20% increased damage with this weapon for eight seconds after killing an enemy. The pack also includes the Polar Vortex multi-weapon skin and Blood Ravager stake weapon attachment.

If you purchase the base game and later wish to have the items offered in the Bite Back Edition, they will still be available for separate purchase of the Bite Back Upgrade.

Redfall Release

The release date for Redfall is May 2, 2023.

The game will launch on Microsoft Windows PCs and Xbox Series X/S. Developed by Arkane Studios Austin and published by Bethesda Softworks, there are currently no plans to release the game on other platforms, nor on Xbox One.

Redfall will also be available with Game Pass on Xbox Series X|S, PC and cloud.

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