Stealth Build Hogwarts Legacy

The Best Hogwarts Legacy Stealth Build

The Best Hogwarts Legacy Stealth Build is designed for a stealth, rogue assassin playstyle. This build is ideal for someone who wants to relive the glory days of Harry Potter using the invisibility cloak from the movies or someone who enjoys stealthy gameplay.

Stealth Build Hogwarts Legacy
Stealth Build

You will be using a combination of a spell and potion to give yourself near-infinite invisibility. Combine this with increased damage from an armor trait and talents, and you can easily zip through the entire story and difficult boss fights.

Best House for the Stealth Build

Houses are primarily relevant for the story and role play. Consider picking a house, wand or playstyle that fits your character’s story. This will not increase or decrease the performance of your build.

If you want to know how House and Wand influence a Hogwarts Legacy gameplay, consider checking out:

How do Armor Traits Work in Hogwarts Legacy Stealth Build?

Armor Traits and Upgrades Hogwarts Legacy

Armor traits are unlocked after a specific main story quest (The Elf, The Nab-Sack, and the Loom).  This can be anywhere from level 15-25, depending on how much focus you give the main story. Once unlocked, you will have access to a loom where you can change traits at the cost of beast materials. The beasts can be unlocked, captured in the wild and brought back to your room of requirement for harvesting materials needed for traits.

Next, you must find bandit camps, clear the enemies, and loot a chest.  This will give you random traits from ones you don’t have.  You can save just before opening and load for the desired trait. And then use this method or roam multiple bandit camps along with collections through story activities.

How Do Talents Work in Hogwarts Legacy Stealth Build?

Talents give a permanent bonus to your character and cannot be changed.  These are also unlocked also through a main story quest around level 10 (Jackdaws Rest Quest).  Your character will start earning one talent point at level 5 all the way up to level 40.

What’s Max Level In Hogwarts Legacy?

The max level in Hogwarts Legacy is 40.  It takes a very long time to reach max level.  Also, consider that you can complete the main story and still progress your character. In fact, you’ll want to progress and/or finish most of the main story because it will unlock the critical systems needed to maximize your build.

Hogwarts Legacy Stealth Build Basics

Builds in Hogwarts Legacy follow a general formula to get more powerful: Spells, Consumables (Potions/Plants), Armor, Armor Traits and Talents.  Below we will go into detail about various parts of your build and why they are important.

Spell Combinations Explained

Hogwarts Legacy - Disillusionment
Hogwarts Legacy – Disillusionment

Disillusionment is an early-game spell that allows you to stealth. However, there is a detection radius and unlike the potions, you can be discovered easily. You can access this spell via the completion of the Secrets of the Restricted Section quest.  You’ll want to pair this spell with Petrificus Totalus basic spell, obtained by completing Secrets of the Restricted Section Main Quest. Approach an enemy while stealth, and destroy them with a near one shot. You can further amplify the damage with armor traits and talents.

Next you will want a combination of spells when you get detected and need to do some area damage and knockback before going back to stealth.  Pair Incendio, obtained from completing Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1, with  Bombarda, obtained by Professor Howin’s Assignment. This combination will do massive AoE damage on top of you if you get detected, and then Bombarda will knock everyone back. Bombarda is a late-game skill, so go with Depulso early on.

Important Talents Explained

Hogwarts Legacy Talent Petrificus Totalus Mastery
Hogwarts Legacy Talent Petrificus Totalus Mastery

Sense of Secrecy I (required level 5) – Enemies’ ability to detect you is reduced

  • Why? this allows you primary spell much less threat of being detected.

Human Demiguise (required level 5) – Allows you to sprint while using disillusionment.

  • Why? massive boost to speed while in stealth.

Petrificus Totallus Mastery (required level 22) – Petrificus Totalus emanates an area of effect that can impact nearby enemies.

  • Why? makes the skill now area damage one shooting groups!

Invisibility Potion Potency talent (level 5) – the invisibility potion’s undetectable effect lasts for a longer period of time.

  • Why? the duration of standard invisibility is short, this is a huge bonus.

Bombarda Mastery talent (required level 16) – bombarda causes an explosive blast with a massive area of effect.

  • Why? It makes this area damage perfect for a big damage knockback and stun.

Talents & Levels for The Hogwarts Legacy the Stealth Build

The following list includes all talents and levels for The Hogwarts Legacy Stealth Build. Keep in mind you may not have all the spells at the listed level, so be flexible with your selection. This level selection will optimize the type of build we are going for, but feel free to swap around as you see fit.

Consumables Explained

Invisibility Potion Hogwarts Legacy

Potions and plants arrive very early in the game and are strong aids in combat.  Once you start to unlock the room of requirement and beast taming through main story quest, you will be able to farm a lot of materials making the mats much easier to obtain.

  • Invisibility Potion = your best friend when needing to get away or if your Disillusionment spell fails.  This will bypass the stealth threat detection and reset the fight!
  • Thunderbrew Potency = massive area damage on top of you, great if you get detected and need huge damage.  Also can break shields with level 22 talent.
  • Maxima Potion = increased spell damage, and who doesn’t want more of that!

Armor Traits Explained

Binding III Hogwarts Legacy

An important thing to note about Armor traits is the traits are multiplicative. Meaning, they get strong the more you equip on your armor.  You have 6 slots in total and generally want all 6 to be uniform for maximum results. So don’t be shy in stacking the same one, assuming you have the material.  Hogwsmead Brood and Peck has materials for sale if your beast taming isn’t up to a high enough level.

  1. Binding III significantly increased damage with Petrificus Totalus.  Great if going for a true stealth one-shot build.
  2. Ambush III increases spell damage while under Disillusionment. Great if wanting to use more spells out of stealth.
  3. Explosive III Greatly increased damage with Bombarda.  Awesome option if you want more spell play than total stealth.

Combat & Rotation

Now that you have a general idea of the build, it will look like this.  You will cast Disillusionment out of combat and sneak up on a single target or multiple if you have the talent.  Use Petrificus Totalus for an instant kill.  You can repeat this over and over until you get caught. Once caught, hit Incendio, Bombarda, and pop an invisibility potion. This will put you back in stealth, even if in the middle of the fight.  From here, you can do the same steps as earlier or open up with a big spell combo with Glacius and Diffindo.  When in doubt, pop Maxima for even more spell damage if you run into trouble not maintaining stealth. Rinse and repeat!

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