Best Damage Build Hogwarts Legacy

The Best Hogwarts Legacy Ancient Magic Build

The Best Hogwarts Legacy Ancient Magic Build is designed for massive amounts of damage with quick recharge on your ancient magic skill.

Best Damage Build Hogwarts Legacy
Ancient Magic Build

This build is about optimizing your generation of Ancient Magic, getting filled up very quickly, and bursting down Hogwarts’s most dangerous enemies.  Your talents will optimize your regeneration of Ancient Magic while using the free spell to hurtle objects and enemies after disarming them. This is going to be fun wielding such ancient magic!

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Best House for the Ancient Magic Build

Houses are primarily relevant for the story and role play. Consider picking a house, wand or playstyle that fits your character’s story. This will not increase or decrease the performance of your build.

If you want to know how House and Wand influence a Hogwarts Legacy gameplay, consider checking out:

How do Armor Traits Work in Hogwarts Legacy Ancient Magic Build?

Armor traits are unlocked after a specific main story quest (The Elf, The Nab-Sack, and the Loom).  This can be anywhere from level 15-25, depending on how much focus you give the main story.  Once unlocked, you will have access to a loom where you can change traits at the cost of beast materials.  The beast can be unlocked, captured in the wild and brought back to your room of requirement for harvesting materials needed for traits.

Next, you must find bandit camps, clear the enemies, and loot a chest.  This will give you random traits from ones you don’t have.  You can save just before opening and load for the desired trait.  And then use this method or roam multiple bandit camps and collections through story activities.

How Do Talents Work in Hogwarts Legacy Ancient Magic Build?

Talents give a permanent bonus to your character and cannot be changed.  These are also unlocked also through a main story quest around level 10 (Jackdaws Rest Quest).  Your character will start earning one talent point at level 5 all the way up to level 40.

What’s Max Level In Hogwarts Legacy?

The max level in Hogwarts Legacy is 40.  It takes a very long time to reach max level.  Also, consider that you can complete the main story and still progress your character. In fact, you’ll want to progress and/or finish most of the main story because it will unlock the critical systems needed to maximize your build.

How Does Ancient Magic Work In Hogwarts Legacy?

Ancient Magic Meter Hogwarts Legacy

Ancient Magic is an Essential Spell in Hogwarts Legacy that allows for incredible burst damage in a single instanced spell that must recharge in order to cast again. Think of it as a cooldown that is a bit longer and requires combinations of spells and basic attacks to charge. Once you reach a certain level on your bar, you can fire off an instant attack for the most damage in the game. This build’s goal is to use talents, spells and armor traits that optimize not only our damage of Ancient Magic but the recharge time so we can use it more frequently.

Ancient Magic Hotspot

Later on in the game, you can unlock a mini-game puzzle with Ancient Magic Hotspot.  After completing these puzzles, you can unlock more Ancient Magic meters, allowing you to use the ability more often.  You can also save up your meter before a big epic boss fight, then use the skill back to back and clear the room of any enemies.

Hogwarts Legacy Build Basics

Builds in Hogwarts Legacy follow a general formula to get more powerful: Spells, Consumables (Potions/Plants), Armor, Armor Traits and Talents.  Below we will go into detail about various parts of your build and why they are important.

Spell Combinations Explained

  • Expelliarmus obtained after completing Professor Hecat’s Assignment 2. This is your primary method to disarm the enemy and then fling back at them their weapon for massive damage.
  • Ancient Magic Throw obtained after completing Welcome to Hogsmeade Main Quest. This basic ability allows you to do damage with Ancient Magic for free without cost or cooldown.  This build centers on maximizing the free use of Ancient Magic Throw and its damage. Two talents also help us with free damage and quicker recharge (Throw Expertise and Airborne Absorption).  The combo is to disarm a combatant with Expelliarmus, then thing fling their weapon at them for free HUGE damage.
  • Levioso obtained after completing Defence Against the Dark Arts Main Quest.  Levioso is also a great option plus the talent Levioso Mastery makes the spell multiple targets as well!
    • Flipendo (and/or Levioso also works) obtained Flex skill after completing Professor Garlick’s Assignment 2.  This build tries to lift up and immobilize targets while doing basic attacks to further recharge our Ancient Magic meter with Basic Cast Airborne Absorption.
  • Bombarda obtained after completing Professor Howin’s Assignment.  This spell is a great followup to Airborne enemies since it does massive damage and a knockback.  This combo lets you lift and knock off ledges and terrain for epic kills.
  • Flex damage combo: Glacius + Diffindo is good single-target spell combination if you have more than one bar and need more spell options.
  • Lastly, at end game (level 22) Transformation Mastery will turn enemies into exploding objects. Change them, put in the air and throw them for a hilarious and effective combination!

Expelliarmus + Ancient Magic Throw = disarm their weapon and smash this with it for massive damage with no cooldown.

Levioso + Bombarda = launch up in the arm, use basic attacks to charge Ancient Magic and knock of the ledge.

Important Talents Explained

Hogwarts Legacy Talent Ancient Magic Throw Expertise
Hogwarts Legacy Talent Ancient Magic Throw Expertise

Ancient Magic Throw Expertise (required level 5) – Ancient Magic Throw catches and throws disarmed enemy weapons.

  • Why? This is core to the discord and throw method of easy and hard-hitting damage.

Protego Absorption (required level 5) Successful protego blocks will contribute to the Ancient Magic Meter.

  • Why? This will help you fill up Ancient Magic while defending yourself.

Evasion Absorption (required level 16) – successfully evading an unlockable attack with dodge contributes to the ancient magic meter).

  • Why? This will help you fill up Ancient Magic while defending yourself.

Basic Cast Airborne Absorption (required level 16) – basic cast impacts on airborne enemies contribute more to the ancient magic meter.

  • Why? This will help fill up the Ancient Magic meter while doing basic offensive attacks to airborne targets.

Levioso Mastery (required level 5) – enemies near a target levitated by levioso are also levitated.

  • Why? Ideal for controlling multiple enemies and using attacks while airborne.

Bombarda Mastery talent (required level 16) – bombarda causes an explosive blast with a massive area of effect.

  • Why? One of the best damage abilities in the game, with a huge knockback and area damage.

Transformation Mastery talent (required level 22) – enemies struck with the transformation spell transform into explosive objectives.

  • Why? This allows you to turn enemies into exploding objects, lift them and throw them!

Talents & Levels for The Hogwarts Legacy Ancient Magic Build

The following list includes all talents and levels for The Hogwarts Legacy Ancient Magic Build. Keep in mind, you may not have all the spells at the listed level so be flexible with your selection.  This level selection will optimize the type of build we are going for, but feel free to swap around as you see fit.

Tools, Plant and Potions Explained

Maxima Potion Hogwarts Legacy

Potions and plants arrive very early in the game and are strong aids in combat.  Once you start to unlock the room of requirement and beast taming through the main story quest, you will be able to farm a lot of materials making the mats much easier to obtain.

  • Focus Potion reduces the cooldown on spells allowing you to use super long cooldown abilities quicker and fewer bar swaps.
  • Maxima Potion increases the drinker’s spell damage for a limited amount of time.  Increasing damage is amazing before launching off your initial combo of spells.
  • Invisibility Potion makes you invisible for a short period. You can use this as an escape mechanism and then blow up multiple mobs.

Armor Traits Explained

An important thing to note about Armor traits is the traits are multiplicative. Meaning, they get strong the more you equip on your armor.  You have 6 slots in total and generally want all 6 to be uniform for maximum results. In this build, you can use 3 Focus and 3 Magic for quicker recovery or stack all 6 for massive recovery or massive damage. Hogwsmead Brood and Peck has materials for sale if your beast taming isn’t up to a high enough level.

  1. Ancient Magic Focus III significantly increased the Ancient Magic Meter fill rate.  You should have enough damage with your Ancient Magic alone to one-shot nearly every boss in the game.  Thus, it makes more sense to stack a lot of recovery to use Ancient Magic more frequently.
  2. Ancient Magic III significantly increased damage from ancient magic.  This is great to split to ensure you can one-shot nearly everything. If you feel it’s overkill, go 6 into Magic Focus.
  3. Control III Significantly increased damage with Ancient Magic Throw. A great option if you are reliably on the throw predominantly vs the meter.

Combat & Rotation

Now that you have a general idea of the build, it will look like this.

  1. Disarm an enemy with Expelliarmus.
  2. Use Ancient Magic Throw
  3. Now lift them up with Levioso
  4. 2-3 basic attacks if your Ancient Magic isn’t full
  5. Bombarda or another ranged knockback for huge damage
  6. Use Ancient Magic on cooldown (when it’s available) for higher HP targets like Trolls or bosses.

Rinse and repeat!

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