Dragon’s Dogma 2 Sorcerer Build – Advanced Vocation (Class)

Discover how to play a Sorcerer Build in Dragon’s Dogma 2, an Advanced Vocation (class), as we share skills, pawns, gameplay tips & more.

DD2 Best Sorcerer Build – Advanced Vocation (Class)

Best Sorcerer Build – Advanced Vocation (Class)

In Dragon’s Dogma 2, the Sorcerer Advanced vocation wields devastating magical powers that can lay waste to their enemies. What’s unique about the Sorcerer’s vocation is its variety of elemental damage types in Dragon’s Dogma 2. This helps attack enemies vulnerable or resistant to certain elemental types. The Sorcerer is an Advanced vocation, meaning you can use the Sorcerer as an Arisen (player-controlled) or a Pawn, which gives them extra utility and usefulness. Unlike the Mage, the Sorcerer is focused on damage, dealing primarily with limited support spells. However, you can provide unmatched spell-casting damage, especially at range.

The downside to playing a Sorcerer is their weak resistance and long cast times. Therefore, it’s best to pair with a Fighter Pawn for protection and keep pressure off you while you channel long spells. Consider the Sorcerer, a powerful range damage dealer that uses elemental damage at range and is one of the strongest builds in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

How to Unlock Sorcerer Vocation

Dragon's Dogma 2 - Vernworth Vocation Guild and Trevo Mine location on the map

To unlock the Sorcerer Vocation, you must visit the Vernworth Vocation Guild. Speak to the Klaus NPC at the Vocation Guild for the Vocation Frustration quest, head to the Trevo Mine, find the weapon, and return with the archistaff to complete the quest. See our How to Unlock the Sorcerer Vocation guide for a step-by-step walkthrough.

Sorcerer Build Features

DD2 Sorcerer Gameplay

The following list presents all the essential Sorcerer Build Mechanics and Features in Dragon’s Dogma 2:

  • Skills: Salamander, Thundermine, Seism, Hagol
  • Augmentations: Asperity, Constancy, Catalysis, Sagacity
  • Best Pawns: Fighter (main), Thief, Archer
  • Primary Stat: Magick
  • Weapons: Archistaff
  • Armor: Robe
  • Rings: Articulacy, Recitation
  • Race: Human

Weapon Skills

DD2 Sorcerer Vocation Best Skills - Dragon's Dogma 2

Salamander, Thundermine, Seism, and Hagol are the best skills for the Sorcerer Advanced vocation. Salamander, Thundermine, and Hagol are all elemental-based damage ranging from fire, lighting, and ice. Enemies in Dragon’s Dogma 2 are vulnerable and resistant to certain damage types, thus a loadout with variety is effective for dealing with multiple situations. Seism is a great skill because it deals with physical damage, thus countering magick-resistant enemies. This spell loadout gives you an offensive damage skill setup designed to handle any enemy or boss fight in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

The following list presents the best Dragon’s Dogma 2 Sorcerer Build – Advanced Vocation (Class) Weapon Skills:

  • Salamander (High Salamander): fire damage and damage over time.
  • Thundermine (High Thundermine): lighting-based area damage spell.
  • Seism (High Seism): Physical damage is helpful with magick-resistant enemies.
  • Hagol (High Hagol): ice damage and crowd control spell.

Salamander (High Salamander)

DD2 - Sorcerer Build Salamander Skill - Dragon's Dogma 2

The Salamander spell is your fire-based spell with a component of damage over time. The High Salamander is the advanced version that increases rage and burn duration. This is an excellent area damage spell (AoE) that spreads flames on the ground in front of you in a cone shape. This will damage enemies over time as they stand and fight in it. Let your tank taunt enemies and cast this spell in that direction.

The downside of the spell is its long cast time and limited range. Thus, if you fail to use it properly, consider swapping to High Levin.

DD2 - High Levin Mage Skill - Dragon's Dogma 2

High Levin is an advanced version of Levin, a ranged lighting spell. It is better for pure range and doesn’t require you to be up close. Experiment, but feel free to swap if you’re not consistently landing damage with Salamander.

Salamander – Conjures a flame that slithers forward along the ground. The flame remains for a time and continuously damages any targets it touches.

Thundermine (High Thundermine)

DD2 - Sorcerer Build Thundermine Skill - Dragon's Dogma 2

The Thundermine spells shoot out lighting and does continuous damage to enemies nearby. The High Thundermine spell is the advanced version that increases skill duration and the number of attacks from the lightning ball. This skill is a ball of lightning you summon in front of you that will continuously attack enemies around you. You must position relatively close to the enemy/enemies and cast this spell, then quickly reposition yourself further away from danger. Also, it is a good spell if enemies come close to you because it can knock down smaller enemies. Use this offensively and defensively when enemies approach.

Thundermine – Conjures a ball of lightning that automatically unleashes crackling bolts at foes who draw near. The bolts also knock down smaller targets. Dissipates after a set number of attacks.

Seism (High Seism)

DD2 - Sorcerer Build Seism Skill - Dragon's Dogma 2

The Seism spell erupts stone, dealing physical damage to enemies. This spell is useful because enemies are resistant to magick or elementals, and Seism will be useful against those enemies. Seism also sends smaller enemies flying upwards and then knocking them down. It has good range and also hits multiple enemies. With this spell loadout, you have multiple elemental damage types for any situation.

Seism – Sends eruptions of stone high into the air, dealing physical damage. Especially effective against targets resistant to magick.

Hagol (High Hagol)

DD2 - Sorcerer Build Hagol Skill - Dragon's Dogma 2

The Hagol spell is an ice elemental spell that places an icy dome AoE damage spell. The added benefit is that the damage crowd controls minor enemies and helps manage enemy pressure. The High Hagol is the advanced version that extends the blizzard’s range and frostbite longevity. Hagol also inflicts targets with frostbite, slowing enemy movement. Consider this your best crowd-control spell and one you should bring to open-world exploration.

Hagol – Summons is a bone-chilling blizzard in the immediate vicinity that damages any targets it touches and inflicts frostbite on them.

Core Skills

DD2 - Sorcerer Build Quickspell - Dragon's Dogma 2

In Dragon’s Dogma 2, Core Skills act as passive perks or basic attacks for your Sorcerer Class. You have two spells that do not consume resources. Galvanize acts as a way to recover stamina, which can be used to expedite spellcasting with Quickspell (heavy attack). Magick Bolt is your simple light attack that can be used when spell-casting isn’t possible. Magick Bolt will do a small amount of damage and shouldn’t be used frequently.

Your main goal with the Sorcerer is maintaining stamina to cast powerful spells rather than light attacks. When running low, position yourself safely and use Galvanize to channel stamina regeneration.

The following list presents Core Skills for Sorcerer Build:

  • Magick Bolt: Fires a magickal burst that differs based on active enchantment. It can be cast while moving. This is your light attack.
  • Galvanize: Rapidly recovers Stamina through single-minded focus. It can be employed while moving but with reduced efficacy. This is your heavy-attack stamina regeneration tool.
  • Bursting Bolt Stores up magick before unleashing it in a powerful burst that explodes sometime after connecting with the target. The effect differs based on the active enchantment.
  • Levitate: Manipulates the caster’s weight through magickal means, allowing them to float temporarily.
  • Quickspell: Greatly hastens incantation speed. Consumes Stamina while active.

Maister Skills

Dragon's Dogma 2 Sorcerer Maister Trysha

In Dragon’s Dogma 2 you can learn an ultimate ability for your vocation from Maisters. Acquiring these abilities can often change the way you play your class, and are worth taking the time to earn.

Additionally, there is no set Vocation Rank you are required to have before you can unlock ultimate abilities. However, you must have unlocked the Vocation itself. As an Advanced vocation Sorcerer can be unlocked early in the game.

Finally, the Sorcerer Vocation is fortunate in that it can unlock two different ultimate abilities. Check out our Sorcerer Maister Vocation guide for a full step-by-step walkthrough.

The Following Lists presents the Sorcerer Ultimate Ability and How to Unlock:

  • Maister: Trysha
  • Location: Eini’s house
  • Required Quest: ‘Spellbound.’ After arriving at Eini’s House, speak to the grandparents. When they are out of the house, speak to Trysha. She will ask you to bring her five grimoires.
  • Quest Timer: This quest doesn’t appear to have a timer, though once you’ve started it, you should probably finish it as soon as possible.
  • Ultimate Ability—Meteoron: This ability summons a meteor shower, dealing immense damage to targets across a broad range. It prevents movement while incanting and is unaffected by Quickspell. It is most effective when cast in a wide-open space.
  1. Maister: Myrddin
  2. Location: Checkpoint Rest Town
  3. Required Quest: ‘Sorcerer’s Appraisal.’ Speak to Myrddin, who will ask you to collect the same five grimoires as Trysha.
  4. Quest Timer: This quest doesn’t appear to have a timer, though once you’ve started it, you should probably finish it as soon as possible.
  5. Ultimate Ability – Maelstrom: Conjures a whirlwind to wreak havoc upon those caught in its path. He prevents movement while incanting and is unaffected by Quickspell. Most effective when cast in a cramped space.


In Dragon’s Dogma 2, Augmentations are passive bonuses you can earn by ranking up a vocation (class). After many levels, you can swap to different vocations and unlock better bonuses to further increase your Sorcerer’s power. However, most players will play a Sorcerer to a higher level before swapping. After all vocations have been maxed out, we will update this section with optimal multiclass options later.

The Following List presents Augmentations for Sorcerer Build:

  • Asperity (Sorcerer Vocation): Increases the likelihood of inflicting debilitations with your attacks. Requires Sorcerer and Vocation Rank 2 to unlock with 300 Discipline.
  • Constancy (Sorcerer Vocation): Augments your Knockdown Resistance. Requires Sorcerer and Vocation Rank 6 to unlock with 1,800 Discipline.
  • Catalysis (Sorcerer Vocation): Increases damage dealt when exploiting a hostile target’s elemental weakness. Requires Sorcerer and Vocation Rank 8 to unlock with 3,000 Discipline.
  • Sagacity (Sorcerer Vocation): Augments your Magick. Requires Sorcerer and Vocation Rank 9 to unlock with 5,000 Discipline.
  • Exaltation (Mage Vocation): Increases your stamina speed recovery. Requires Mage at Vocation Rank 9 to unlock with 5,000 Discipline.
  • Endurance (Archer Vocation): Increase your maximum stamina. Requires Archer at Vocation Rank 4 to unlock with 900 Discipline.

Best Pawns for Sorcerer Build

Dragon's Dogma 2 - Fighter Vocation (Class) Overview and Description - DD2

The best Pawns for your Sorcerer Build are a Fighter for crowd control, a Thief for burst damage, and an Archer for ranged attacks. In Dragon’s Dogma 2, Pawns act as companion allies. Each Arisen (player) will have one main pawn who can pick vocation and skills and two additional support basic vocations.

Below are the best pawns for the Sorcerer in Dragon’s Dogma 2:

  • Fighter (main pawn): The Fighter’s role is to taunt and crowd-control enemies off your Mage. This frees you up to attack from the rear and do more damage.
  • Thief—This vocation focuses on burst damage and mobility. Thieves are great to bring as pawns because they are effective against large enemies.
  • Mage—The Mage Pawn is the party buff and healing support class. You can use an Archer in this position. However, your party won’t be able to heal you, which can be troubling.

Sorcerer Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Your role as a Sorcerer is to deal damage at range and avoid taking damage. The trick to mastering the Sorcerer’s advanced vocation is managing your stamina. Stamina expedites the speed at which you cast spells, thus increasing your damage. Unlike the Mage, the Sorcerer has multiple ways of using stamina to help with spell casting, but all require timing and positioning. Below are additional tips and tricks for Sorcerer Gameplay.

Stamina Sustain

DD2 - Sorcerer Build Galvanize Skill - Dragon's Dogma 2

As a Sorcerer, you will run out of stamina quickly. Casting skills take a long time unless you spend stamina to speed up your casting time. In our time playing Sorcerer, you can cast two spells by quick casting before running low on stamina. The Galvanize core skill allows you to channel and regenerate stamina quickly. This core skill gains more stamina recovery stationary but can be used moving. Therefore, your positioning and timing are essential to cast spells effectively. If you can do nothing else, strafe to avoid damage, and Magick Bolt, which doesn’t require stamina.

Spell Knowledge

When battling enemies as the Sorcerer, you must quickly determine which elements are effective against which enemies. There are two ways to do this. The first method is to listen to pawns; sometimes, they will tell you, “This enemy is weak to fire damage.” The second method is to test your skills to see which damages that type of enemy more. Our spell loadout has three different elemental types, including seism for physical damage. If you notice the health bar barely moving, swap to a different element to increase effectiveness.


Surviving as a Sorcerer requires knowledge of where to position yourself. Always be behind your tank in combat. If you need to get up close for a skill like Thundermine, cast it quickly, then retreat near your mage. Being beside your mage is beneficial if they have an AOE healing or debuff spell for the party. If you are near enemies, you can always levitate away quickly.


DD2 - Sorcerer Build Consumable - Dragon's Dogma 2

Before setting out on an advancer, you must stock up on consumables, camps, and materials needed. When you rest at a camp, you can cook food and get multiple buffs for a limited time. Moreover, some consumables give you a defensive or offensive boost for a limited time. Other potions immediately give you stamina and health; you can be drunk while stunned. These are essential if you get overwhelmed in combat without a healer.

Large Monsters

DD2 Use Weak Points on Large Monsters

During combat with larger monster encounters, the Sorcerer should focus on staying back and dealing damage. Allow your Fighter or Thief Pawns to get in close to climb them and do damage. Giant monsters will sometimes target you after the Fighter’s taunt wears off. When this happens it is important to keep an eye on the monster, they will have tells if they are about to charge. During this time, avoid getting hit until your fighter taunts again.

Equipment for Dragon’s Dogma 2 Sorcerer Build

The best equipment for the Sorcerer increases your Magick and stamina. For Rings, look to increase health early on than anything to help with stamina for better spell casting. While you progress, upgrade gear with raw materials to gain additional stat increases. Even one level that only costs gold can increase your survivability.

Additionally, weapon purchases should be prioritized over armor for the Sorcerer Build. When using the Dragon’s Dogma 2 Sorcerer Build Advanced Vocation (Class), you want higher offensive capabilities than defensive.

Best Sorcerer Beginner Gear

Gear SlotGear ItemEffect
HeadSerpentine CircletDefense 11/Magick Defense 26/KD Resist 6
BodyMagician’s CoatMinor Defense and Knockdown Resistance
LegSavant’s BootsDefense 24/Magick Defense 32/KD Resist 8
CloakDashing CapeletElemental and Debilitation Resistance
WeaponMeniscusStrength 33/ Magick 145/KD Power 55
RingRing of ExultationIncreases maximum health
RingRing of AcclamationIncreases maximum health
Best Dragon’s Dogma 2 Sorcerer Build Beginner Gear

Below is the location for the best Sorcerer Beginner Gear:

  • Serpentine Circlet: In chest in the underground cave in Harve Village. Or purchase at Bjorn’s Armory (Vernworth) for 6,300 gold.
  • Magician’s Coat: Purchase at Bjorn’s Armory (Vernworth) for 4,520 gold.
  • Savant’s Boots: Purchase at Bjorn’s Armory (Vernworth) for 6,770 gold.
  • Dashing Capelet: Purchase at Bjorn’s Armory (Vernworth) for 3,650 gold.
  • Meniscus: Purchase at Rodrick’s Smithy (Vernworth) or Celeste’s Smithy (Checkpoint Rest Town) for 9,600 gold.
  • Ring of Exultation: Reward for completing the quest ‘Medicament Predicament’ in Melve.
  • Ring of Acclamation: Purchase at Philbert’s Sundries in Vernworth for 8,000 gold. Also rare drop from Minotaur.

Best Sorcerer Advanced Gear

You should know that the Charming Corset is the best advanced piece of body armor for any vocation, but you can only acquire it once by turning in 150 Seeker’s Tokens at the Vocation Guild.

Finally, don’t forget to upgrade and enhance your items in order to improve their damage dealing abilities and levels of protection. The following is a table of the best advanced gear for our Dragon’s Dogma 2 Sorcerer Build – Advanced Vocation (Class) guide.

Gear SlotGear ItemEffect
HeadTwilight Star Defense 60/Magick Defense 60/KD Resist 8
BodyAres Morpho RobeDefense 115/Magick Defense 162/KD Resist 14
LegBraided BootsDefense 85/Magick Defense 75/KD Resist 12
CloakCommander’s MantleCold Resist and Debilitation Resist
WeaponLion-Lord’s ArchistaffStrength 120/ Magick 371/KD Power 104
RingRing of ArticulacySlightly reduces time taken to incant spells
RingRing of RecitationGreatly reduces time taken to incant spells
Best Dragon’s Dogma 2 Sorcerer Build Advanced Gear

Below is the location for the best Sorcerer Advanced Gear:

  • Twilight Star: Collect and turn in 50 Seeker’s Tokens at the Vocation Guild.
  • Ares Morpho Robe: Purchase at Volcanic Island Armory (Volcanic Island Camp) for 42,800 gold.
  • Braided Boots: Purchase from Zachary at the Excavation Site for 16,800 gold.
  • Commander’s Mantle: Purchase at Celeste’s Smithy (Checkpoint Rest Town) for 12,000.
  • Lion-Lord’s Archistaff: Purchase at Grisha’s Armory (Sacred Arbor) for 56,900 gold.
  • Ring of Articulacy: Purchase at Grisha’s Armory (Sacred Arbor) for 10,000 gold.
  • Ring of Recitation: Loot from a chest inside Tomb of Ja’Nuwa behind a breakable wall.
    • Ring of Triumph: A good alternative. Can get claimed in exchange for 50 Seeker’s Tokens or purchased from Zachary at the Excavation Site for 20,000 gold.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Sorcerer Build Summary Guide


  • Salamander (High Salamander)
  • Thundermine (High Thundermine)
  • Seism (High Seism)
  • Hagol (High Hagol)

Main Pawn: Fighter

Recruit Pawns: Thief, Archer

Primary Stat – Magick

Weapons: Archistaff

Armor: Robe

Race: Human


  • Asperity, Constancy, Catalysis, Sagacity (Sorcerer)
  • Exaltation (Mage)
  • Endurance (Archer)

Best Beginner Gear

  • Head: Twilight Star
  • Body: Ares Morpho Robe
  • Leg: Braided Boots
  • Cloak: Commander’s Mantle
  • Weapon: Lion-Lord’s Archistaff
  • Ring: Ring of Articulacy
  • Ring: Ring of Recitation

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