ESO: Cinders of Anthelmir Explained With How to Get Instructions

Instructions and everything you need to know Cinders of Anthelmir set, which you can get from the Bedlam Veil dungeon in ESO.

The Elder Scrolls Online Cinders of Anthelmir Explained With How to Get Instructions

Cinders of Anthelmir

Cinders of Anthelmir Features and Set Bonuses in ESO:

  • Name: Cinders of Anthelmir
  • Type: Dungeon Set
  • Available Armor Weight: Light Armor, Jewelry, Weapons
  • Location: Bedlam Veil
  • Requires DLC: Scions of Ithelia
  • Armor Set bonuses (Level 50 – CP 160):
    • 2 items: Adds 1487 Offensive Penetration
    • 3 items: Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
    • 4 items: Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
    • 5 items: On dealing damage, summon a Cindermoth that chases your target without mercy for 8 seconds. If your target is slain before the moth reaches its goal, it seeks a new target within 8 meters. The first enemy that nears the Cindermoth causes it to stop and burst after 1 second, dealing 1283 Flame Damage and Burning enemies within 8 meters. This can occur once every 8 seconds and scales off your Weapon or Spell Damage.

In ESO, the Cinders of Anthelmir set offers five set bonuses and belongs to the light armor category. The first three bonuses on the Cinders of Anthelmir set offer moderate increases to offensive penetration, along with weapon and spell damage. The final five-piece bonus triggers a Cindermoth summon every 8 seconds when you deal damage. This Cindermoth will target a nearby enemy and chase it down, until it is close enough to explode.

Player using Cinders of Anthelmir in ESO with example of a Cindermoth summon

Based on the tooltip, it appears that triggering this 5-piece effect is very simple. “On dealing damage” means any type of damage, done by weapon, magic or ability. The Cinermoth you summoned automatically targets whichever enemy you hit with said damage.

Once the Cindermoth is close enough to the target, it will stop and then explode one second later causing Flame Damage and Burning to all enemies within an 8 meters radius. So, the explosion is an area-of-effect attack, assuming you are fighting more than one enemy.

How to Use Cinders of Anthelmir Set in PvE and PvP?

The nice thing about the Cinders of Anthelmir set is that everything triggered by the 5-piece bonus happens automatically, as you are doing damage in your regular rotation. This set is not likely to change the current meta either within player vs environment (PvE) or player vs player (PvP) settings. However, it is a fun set with a neat summons that has a very cool area-of-effect graphic. Overall, for roleplayers, this may be a be a set they love to use with their Bear-ultimate Warden character.


Although the Cinders of Anthelmir is not likely to replace any of the high-end meta sets in the game, this set could be useful for solo players questing in the overland world. There the Cindermoth could be an additional AOE to help take down random mobs of enemies. Moreover, this could also apply to dungeon or trial mobs. Additionally, with the recent changes to status effects, the guaranteed Burning condition could be impactful.


Again, the great thing about this set is that the summon and area-of-effect explosion are automatically triggered. By simply doing damage, you will regularly summon your Cindermoth, and it will find a target on its own. Newer players could see a benefit from having one less thing to manage or direct on the busy and ever moving battlefields of Cyrodiil. However, those same newer players should really be prioritizing survivability and sets which can help keep them alive longer. It’s possible that this set might find some niche use with players somewhere in the middle, but it likely won’t make much impact on the current meta.

How to Get Cinders of Anthelmir Set in ESO?

You can get Cinders of Anthelmir armor, weapons, and jewelry from bosses and chests in the Bedlam Veil dungeon, on any difficulty. Below are instructions on how to get all items from the ESO Cinders of Anthelmir set:

  • Chests have a chance to drop Weapons and Jewelry from the Cinders of Anthelmir set
  • All Bosses have a guaranteed drop of one body armor piece per player.
  • The Final Boss also has a guaranteed drop of one Body armor, Weapons, and Jewelry per player.
Bedlam Veil map location in ESO where you can find the Cinders of Anthelmir

In order to access the Bedlam Veil dungeon and collect the Cinders of Anthelmir set you will need to own the Scions of Ithelia DLC or have an active ESO Plus subscription. The major region this dungeon is located in is called Wrothgar, which is far to the northwest of the full Tamriel map. Moreover, within the more detailed map of Wrothgar, you can find the Bedlam Veil dungeon to the far south of the map. You can find it just to the north of the Siege Road Wayshrine.

Additionally, dungeon content is meant to be played by a four-player group. In ESO, a well balanced group typically contains one tank, one healer and two damage dealers.

Bedlam Veil Dungeon ESO - Toc of the Last Ayleid King Meta, No Class Balance Changes, Questing Adjustments in PTS Patch Notes for ESO Update 41 Thumb Image

As mentioned above, chests always have the chance of dropping one of the dungeon sets, including Cinders of Anthelmir. Therefore, as you play through and learn the dungeon mechanics, be sure to also always be on the lookout for chests.

All sets available in the Bedlam Veil dungeon are:

  • Cinders of Anthelmir (Light Armor)
  • Sluthrug’s Hunger (Medium Armour)
  • Black-Glove Grounding (Heavy Armor)
  • Anthelmir’s Construct (Monster Set)

Can you Buy or Trade the Cinders of Anthelmir Set in ESO?

Unfortunately, you cannot buy the Cinders of Anthelmir set items in ESO. Within limits, you can trade the monster helmets and other dungeon-specific sets. However, you can only trade with the group of players you attempted the dungeon with. Furthermore, the ability to trade those pieces with the group only lasts for a limited amount of time.

Additionally, once the gear piece is bound to the specific player, it can no longer be traded. Finally, you also cannot sell monster helmets to players who didn’t take part in defeating the final boss.

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