ESO: How to Get the Rourken Steamguards Mythic Explained

Everything you need to know about how to get the Rourken Steamguards Mythic from the Gold Road Chapter in ESO.

ESO - Rourken Steamguards Mythic - Elder Scrolls Online

Rourken Steamguards

Rourken Steamguards Features and Set Bonuses in ESO:

  • Name: Rourken Steamguards
  • Type: Mythic
  • Available Armor Weight: Heavy
  • Location: West Weald
  • Requires DLC: Gold Road Chapter
  • Armor Set bonuses (Level 50 – CP 160):
    • (1 item) Activating Block while in combat grants you Steam Guardian for 0.5 seconds, reducing your damage taken by 99%. This effect can occur once every 10 seconds. Blocking an attack while Steam Guardian is active reduces its cooldown by 5 seconds.

In ESO (The Elder Scrolls Online), the Rourken Steamguards are mythic and basically, give you a brief moment of very high damage mitigation with a short cooldown.

ESO - Rourken Steamguards - Gold road gear sets

To trigger the Rourken Steamguards mythic in ESO, you need to activate block. Doing so gives you 99% damage mitigation for 0.5 seconds before it goes on cooldown for 10 seconds. If you end up blocking an attack during the proc, it reduces the cooldown by five seconds. The key is not to just hold down block with this mythic, its to time your block to mitigate a lot of incoming damage at the right time.

How to Use Rourken Steamguards in PvE and PvP?

Rourken Steamguards are very good if you use them correctly, but they’re tricky. You need to work on timing, which is simple in PvE content but much more difficult to learn in PvP content. The 0.5 seconds is extremely short; up to 10 seconds is a long time to wait for another proc. Getting that 5-second reduction makes this set a lot better, but it’s not quite enough.

Player vs. Environment (PvE) – While 99% mitigation is great, that damage reduction is just too short to provide a better buff than other options. The problem for tanks is more often heavy damage over a short period. That time is just usually longer than 0.5 seconds. Sure, it could give the healers a moment to catch back up, but if you need this set to live, you’ll probably die to the heavy damage over the next five seconds anyway.

Player vs. Player (PvP) – The Rourken Steamguards mythic still has a little more playability in PvP. The problem is still true though, that you need to learn how to use this mythic. Timing is very challenging in PvP, and you have such a short window to negate an attack from an enemy. Nothing will feel better than blocking a Nightblade’s Bow proc if you can get this right though.

That said, it might be worth playing with this simply to get better at reading your opponents in PvP. It’s tough to begin understanding when heavy damage is coming, but focusing on it through this mythic could be a helpful training method.

How to Get Rourken Steamguards Mythic Leads in ESO?

You can get the Rourken Steamguards mythic leads from many zones, but you’ll always dig for them in West Weald, the Gold Road Chapter zone.

Rourken Steamguards Mythic Leads

Here are all the Rourken Steamguards Mythic Leads dig and drop locations:

LeadDrop locationDig LocationHow to get the Lead
1. Bthzarki Tonal PipesTBDWest WealdTBD
2. Heartland-Leather GlovesWest WealdWest WealdFort Colovia Delve Boss
3. Santakian Construct PlatingAlik’r DesertWest WealdSantaki Delve Boss in Alik’r Desert
4. Tonal Resonation ChamberWrothgarWest WealdRkindaleft Public Dungeon Bosses in Wrothgar
5. Volenfell Etching ToolsVolenfellWest WealdVolenfell Dungeon Final Boss

How to Get All the Leads? – Tips and Tricks

So how do you get all the leads for the Rourken Steamguards mythic in ESO? Below are the lead locations and how to get them. Not all have been found and will be updated on the launch of the Gold Road Chapter.

1 – Bthzarki Tonal Pipes

The Bthzarki Tonal Pipes have not yet been found, but we will update this page when this drop is confirmed.

2 – Heartland-Leather Gloves

Heartland-Leather Gloves Lead Location Fort Colovia Delve in West Weald - ESO

The Heartland-Leather Gloves drop from the delve boss in Fort Colovia in the West Weald zone.

3 – Santakian Construct Plating

Santakian Construct Plating Lead

The Santakian Construct Plating drops from the Santaki delve boss in the Alik’r Desert zone.

4 – Tonal Resonation Chamber

Tonal Resonation Chamber Lead Location in ESO

You can get the Tonal Resonation Chamber lead from the Rkindaleft Public Dungeon boss in the Wrothgar zone.

5 – Volenfell Etching Tools

Volenfell Etching Tools Mythic Leads in ESO

You can get the Volenfell Etching Tools from the final boss in the Volenfell dungeon.

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