Mara’s Nerfed – ESO PTS Patch Notes v9.0.1

Welcome to ESO PTS Patch Notes v9.0.1 article! New ESO Update 38 (U28) and Necrom Chapter Patch Notes present all upcoming changes, including small fixes and for a long-time awaited new playable class, the Arcanist!

ESO Black Book of Hermaeus Mora
Black Book of Hermaeus Mora

After Matt Firor’s End of Year Letter, there were many speculations on what is coming in 2023 for ESO. Players had asked for a new class since the release of Elsweyr Chapter when developers added the Necromancer class. Between ESO Players’ ideas were, for example, The Monk and Dwemer engineer. And finally, we have a new ESO class coming in the Necrom chapter, along with new zones, stories and many game improvements and changes.

ESO PTS Patch Notes v9.0.1

Read below the ESO U38 and Necrom Patch Notes v9.0.1, or check out the official forum post.

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” The Elder Scrolls Online v9.0.1 contains several bug fixes for the Arcanist (more balance changes will start arriving next week), and numerous fixes for Necrom quests, zone content, and the new Trial. There’s also several fixes and additions for UI elements, housing, Companions, and more. We’ve activated Whitestrake’s Mayhem for testing this week, and the size of this patch is approximately 761MB.

  • New Features / Updates / Big Changes
    • Event Testing – Whitestrake’s Mayhem
  • Template Updates
  • Known Issues
  • Combat & Gameplay
    • Combat & Abilities
    • Companions
    • Itemization & Item Sets
  • Fixes & Improvements
    • Chapters & DLCs
    • Base Game

Event Testing – Whitestrake’s Mayhem

The Three Banners march to war once more! As with previous years, you can get your Scroll of Pelinal’s Ferocity from the introductory quest with Predicant Maera or use one leftover from last time if you have it. You will receive Pelina’s Boon Boxes from completing daily quests in Cyrodiil or Imperial City districts, or as a bonus reward in Rewards for the Worthy mails you receive. Event ticket distribution remains as it was, with 2 tickets coming from the first Cyrodiil daily quest completed each day, and an additional 1 ticket for the first Imperial City district daily completed each day.

  • This season, boon boxes contain the usual offerings plus a chance to receive an unbound, tradeable style page for the Sancre Tor Paragon weapon styles. If you’ve already earned a Sancre Tor Paragon page that day, you can instead earn pages from the returning Tools of Domination weapon styles.
  • Imperial City bosses have a chance to drop pages for the Sancre Tor Paragon armor style. If you’ve already earned one that day, you can instead find Gloamsedge armor style pages from last Mayhem.
  • You will also be able to complete the Meadowbreeze Memories morphing collectible skin with this event.
  • This season’s Bags of Veteran’s Glory can contain the following items and will always give you something you don’t already have. All contents of these bags are bound to you.
    • Legion Zero Armor Style Pages
    • Legion Zero Vigiles Armor Style Pages
    • Second Legion Armor Style Pages
    • Standard-Bearer Emotes
    • Standard-Bearer Staves and Shields Style Pages
    • Ebonsteel Knight Armor Style Pages
    • Black Drake Armor Style Pages
    • Battle-Scarred Body and Face Markings
    • Black Drake Warpaint Body and Face Markings
    • House Dufort Banneret Armor Style Pages
  • This Mayhem continues a passive +100% Tel Var Stone gain throughout the life of the event, no scroll or buff required. Please note that this does not affect Tel Var Stone gains from slaying players.
  • Fixed some issues with the Druid’s Braid and Serpent’s Distain item bags referencing Hist Whisperer set bonuses rather than their own.
  • PTS containers for the Ansuul’s Torment Trial set are no longer just named “Ansuul”.


  • Passives are sometimes being lost when you transition between zones or load into a character for the first time.
  • Ability timers are currently displaying different results than previous updates and have mismatched timings.


  • Herald of the Tome
    • The tooltip for Unblinking Eye and its morphs currently references a radius of 3 meters.
  • Curative Runeforms
    • Remedy Cascade and its morphs do not proc some item sets that trigger on casting heal abilities, such as Pearls of Ehlnofey.
    • The Stamina variants of the morphs of Remedy Cascade cannot currently be interrupted.
  • Soldier of Apocrypha
    • Ability icons for Cruxweaver Armor and Unbreakable Fate are swapped.


  • Dragon Leap and Mist Form can cause desyncs when used in tandem.


  • Blastbones effects are being summoned from a new (but incorrect) position than before.


  • Restoration Staff
    • Blessing of Protection can result in client crashes.

Item Sets

  • Cryptcannon Vestments currently does not disable passive effect of Ultimate abilities.


  • Fixed an issue where many passives would fail to send their information to your game client after reloading from zone transitions or relogging. If you continue to see issues with passives appearing to become inactive, please continue to report them (and please include which passives it is occurring to!)


  • Fixed a global issue with Arcanist abilities where the Stamina variants of their skills could not be cast while silenced.
  • Herald of the Tome
    • Runeblades
      • Escalating Runeblades (morph): Fixed an issue where the third hit of this morph’s Stamina version would not get the passive Crux bonus.
    • The Imperfect Ring
      • Rune of Displacement (morph): 
        • This morph’s pull function will now only target enemies between 2 to 8 meters away from the initial target. The Damage over Time will continue to apply to all enemies within 8 meters. 
        • Fixed an issue where the pull from this morph could fail to apply.
    • The Unblinking Eye
      • The Languid Eye (morph):
        • Fixed an issue with this morph’s tooltip appearing lower than its actual damage.
        • Fixed an issue with this morph’s action duration reminder timer.
  • Curative Runeforms
    • Apocryphal Gate
      • Passage Between Worlds (morph): Fixed an issue where the synergy granted from this morph could only apply to one ally. It can now be used by all nearby allies.


  • Fixed an issue that could rarely result in potent potions being received due to having Bastian equipped, but not displaying the Companion icon in the loot stream.
  • Sharp-As-Night can no longer be the target of necromantic corpse consuming abilities when he has temporarily fallen in battle.


  • Azandar
    • The Triune Word: Fixed an issue where this ability could cause health desyncs.
    • Vigorous Tentacular Eruption:
      • Fixed an issue where the damage and Major Vulnerability would not consistently apply to all enemies hit with this ability.
      • Fixed a typo within the tooltip text.
  • Sharp-As-Night
    • Cold Snap: Fixed an issue where Sharp would occasionally cast Cold Snap when no enemies were within range.
    • Petals of the Hunter: Updated the tooltip text to clarify this ability will hit Sharp and up to 2 allies.
  • Bastion
    • Searing Weapons: Fixed an issue where Searing Weapons could stack with itself if Bastion was given enough cooldown reduction.


  • Scavenging Demise: Fixed an issue where this set could trigger when applying poisons that dealt no damage.

PvP Sourced Sets

  • Mara’s Balm: Increased the cooldown of this set’s cleanse to 30 seconds, up from 15.


  • Scalecaller Peak
    • Arcanists can no longer use the Apocryphal Gate ability to bypass sections of Scalecaller Peak.


  • Escape from Amenos: Fixed issue where one of Caska’s VO lines was getting cut off.
  • Garick’s Rest: The Note to Cynric is now present after the quest on the short stone wall near the sunflower garden close to the objective’s entrance. Thanks for the report!
  • The Long Game: Fixed an issue where interacting with the plaque on Finimi’s Domicile after items had been gathered would still trigger Valentyn to suggest gathering them.


  • Fixed an issue that caused you to gain 2 coin instead of 1 when claiming Hunding patron favor from Expert NPCs.
  • Adjusted the balance of several cards in the new Almalexia deck.

Sanity’s Edge Trial

  • General
    • Wamasu will now charge less often and travel a shorter distance.
    • We received reports from Merchant Torlema that the floor is cold; she has been approved to wear shoes.
    • Reaper Hounds will now reliably select targets to cast the Fetch ability on.
    • Reaper Hound telegraphs no longer linger after exploding.
    • The item which grants the quest “War Within” is now correctly named the “Whispering Dreamstone”, regardless of the difficulty in which it was acquired.
    • Your character will no longer appear in the ground after using the entrance portal to travel to Exarchanic Yaseyla’s room.
    • Archwizard Twelvane will no longer repeat herself erroneously.
  • Exarchanic Yaseyla
    • Damage dealt by Wamasu is no longer influenced by the challenge banner being raised.
    • Player characters affected by the Frost Bomb ability cannot be affected by it again until the previous version has been removed.
    • Vanton’s Torment monsters are now correctly named Horrors.
  • Archwizard Twelvane and Chimera
    • You will no longer be informed the Chimera has awakened before it actually has.
    • The voice over introduction will no longer be overwritten if the challenge banner is raised.
    • Crystals can now always be destroyed by light attacks regardless of the gear you are using.
    • Your camera angle will no longer abruptly change as you approach the portal to Vanton’s Psyche.
    • Area of Effect abilities from monsters can no longer hit targets outside the room in which they were sourced.
    • Circuit Charge is now removed from all player characters when the Chimera turns to stone.
    • Removed erroneous icons from the Attracted Bolt ability.
    • The Radiance ability will now be correctly removed when intended.
    • This encounter no longer has a chance to erroneously reset.
    • Teleporting effects will now always show as intended on your character.
    • The Entropic Flare ability will no longer target player characters not currently in the fight space when it is cast.
  • Ansuul the Tormentor
    • Memory Fragments will now be summoned properly in all phases of the encounter.
    • Increased the time before Ansuul will apply her Poisoned Mind ability.
    • The Poison Mind ability visuals will now be correctly removed when the boss is defeated.
    • The Sunburst ability will now retain its telegraph for the remainder of the fight when used in the final phase with the challenge banner raised.
    • The portal to travel to the tormented Vanton will no longer allow more than three player characters to enter.
    • Ansuul the Tormentor can now always be heard when summoning the Spiral Descender in Warlock Vanton’s Nightmare.
    • Ansuul will now correctly play all visual effects when transitioning between phases.
    • Ansuul will now always gain the correct powers when Torments are completed.
    • Essence Manifestations will no longer be summoned if Ansuul is defeated while using the Manic Phobia ability.
    • You will now be automatically returned to the encounter space after a short time when Vanton’s side area is defeated.


  • “Necrom Outskirts Wayshrine”, the default wayshrine for the Necrom Zone, will now appear on the world map without first needing to discover it.
  • Vhogor the Pestilent in Bastion Nymic no longer drops Tel Var Stones.
  • Fixed various typos and other grammatical issues associated with Antiquities and collectibles.
  • Adjusted several Antiquity dig sites in Necrom.


  • You can now interact with the hidden orbs in the Dreaming Quarter, unblocking the Nightmare’s Puzzler achievement.
  • The “Fate’s Proxy” achievement is now in its correct sub-category.
  • Added a missing achievement requirement for the “Sane and Clearheaded” achievement.
  • Bastion Nymic boss achievements now pay out 10 points each.
  • The “Savior of Necrom” achievement now correctly requires Necrom’s Stalwart Protector for completion.
  • The “Great Oaks from Little Acorns” achievement now requires completing both components to complete it.
  • Corrected the wording of various achievement descriptions.
  • The “Hero of Necrom” achievement now requires all tasks to be completed before it unlocks.


  • Runemaster: This monster now properly times attacks when fighting with other monsters.
  • Lurker: Growing pools from “Bile Sweep” now do damage that matches the size of the pool after it grows in.

World Bosses

  • You can no longer make the world boss Valkynaz Dek vanish by killing their summoned minions.


  • Fixed several dozen minor visual issues across the Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha environments.
  • Updated several areas where your character could get stuck in the environment.
  • Rebalanced several Main Quest and Delve boss encounters.
  • The Sunken Layer point of interest now appears correctly in Zone Guide progress.
  • Adjusted how several quest-offering NPCs appear in Necrom and Ald Isra when playing through Necrom’s Main Quest.
  • You will now only see Mages Guild/Fighters Guild Handbills in Necrom once you’re level 5 or above.
  • Necrom’s Solo Daily quest giver now only appears to players of an appropriate level.
  • You will now see map locations for boats/carts to Necrom on the maps for Mournhold, Wayrest and Elden Root.
  • Norianwe will now properly appear to explain the portal to the Telvanni Peninsula after completing the tutorial quest.
  • Fixed an issue which caused several areas of the Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha to lack wildlife and monsters.
  • You can now discover the “Altar of the One Who Knows” Interesting Locale without needing to walk into the sky.


  • Moved Archivist Bartalus closer to the entrance to the Disquiet Study delve entrance.
  • The Quire’s Wind delve boss, Mad Cipher Gelon, can no longer stun characters that are already stunned.
  • Enemies in the Disquiet Study Delve will burst from the pages of Unstable Tomes slightly more quickly.
  • Fixed an issue where a Bookwyrm would not respawn in the Apogee of the Tormenting Eye delve.


  • A Hidden Fate: Fixed an issue with the quest pin associated with this quest.
  • A Memory of Mystery: Fixed an issue where Thoryn’s hand would clip through his head.
  • A Thief to Catch a Thief: You should have an easier time finding the NPC to start this quest.
  • Devourer of Dreams: Your character will now perform the appropriate animations when freeing the prisoners.
  • Fate’s Proxy:
    • You should now have an easier time finding Leramil in the Necrom Bindery.
    • Daggerfall Covenant and Ebonheart Pact players that start this quest while outside the Telvanni Peninsula will be properly directed to Necrom.
    • You can now find Leramil at the docks to advance the quest If you accept this quest outside of Necrom, then travel to Necrom via boat/cart.
  • Knowledge is Power: You will now receive the correct number of quest items while progressing through this quest in a group.
  • Light the Way to Freedom: You will no longer see summoning visual effects vanish when playing in first person perspective.
  • Llaro’s Headache:
    • You can no longer ask Edril why you are helping him if you’re is no longer on the quest step “Talk to Edril”.
    • Fixed an issue where the final dialogue choice was not highlighted red, noting it as an important choice.
  • Lost in Thought: Updated several of Huzmargo’s lines to no longer lack audio during this quest.
  • Spirit of Fate: Fixed an issue where you would encounter some invisible collision at the top of Tel Baro while on this quest.
  • The Double Edge: Sharp will now properly follow you if you move quickly through Derendrien’s Camp.
  • Tracing Shadows: Adjusted a scene at the end of this quest so NPCs no longer talk over one another.
  • Turning a Page:
    • Adjusted the position of Vorm’s Map after Vorm’s spits it out during this quest.
    • Updated the accuracy of the map pin when tasked with taking Vorm’s map.
  • Under Malign Stars: Fixed several issues in the Empyrean Ascent.

World Events

  • Changed the visual effects for the red plague containers in the Plagued Quarter to better distinguish them from green.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the rune visual effects in Bastion Nymic to get stuck on your character.
  • Fixed an issue that caused two Herald end bosses to spawn.
  • Fixed an issue where the forcefield walls in Bastion Nymic would reappear if you logged out and back in.
  • Fixed several visual issues with the Herald’s Seeker’s “Abyssal Conjuration” ability.
  • Herald’s Seekers will now appear more reliably within the indicated areas of the Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha.
  • Your quest progress will now be properly restored when returning to Bastion Nymic within the time limit.
  • You will now see quest pins over the valves in the Peryite portion of Bastion Nymic.
  • Fixed some visual issues with effects at the Writhing Wastes edifice.
  • You can now interact with the hidden orbs in the Dreaming Quarter.
  • Encounters in Bastion Nymic will no longer instantly respawn after entering certain portals.


  • Moongrave Fane
    • Player pets can no longer attack Hemo Helots.


  • Fixed an issue where certain outfits could cause visual issues with Companion inferno staffs.
  • Fixed a visual issue where the passenger on a Group Mount might flicker between the ground and the saddle.


  • Fixed an issue where certain Monster Mask sets could be reconstructed below level 50.

Whitestrake’s Mayhem

  • Whitestrake’s Mayhem: Updated the text of announcement tiles to highlight Tel Var bonuses added to this event.


  • Fixed an issue where some stealable items were not properly stacking.


  • The Fair Winds
    • In order to help aid in debugging a serious crash that was disrupting other testing, your character will die when they touch the water instead of being dragged away by the water currents. We are working on exploring potential solutions to bring the currents back.
    • Fixed an issue where you could not consistently see the functionality for the Ship’s Wheel, located on the deck just above the Captain’s Cabin.


  • Fixed an issue where the ink with the Apocryphal Well would appear under the bottom of the furnishing, as well as issues with popping and flickering when the furnishing’s state was changed.
  • Adjusted the “Apocrypha Fossil, Worm” furnishing where clicking “Align” did not properly align this flush with the ground.
  • Fixed a missing tag for the “Dock Bell, Mounted” furnishing.

Mac Game Client

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when setting a custom display resolution in macOS and attempting to change the in-game Fullscreen resolution.
  • Fixed an issue where the game camera could slowly pan upwards while in Windowed mode.


  • Updated the UI error panel to include an Error Code that can be copied and included with bug reports or forum posts, and added an option for Advanced UI Errors that contains more options.
    • This option is located on the Addons screen.
  • Added a /roll chat command that broadcasts random roll messages to group chat.


  • Added an accessibility setting for toggleable quickslot wheels. When enabled, your quickslot wheel can be toggled on rather than having to hold the keybind, and each slot on the wheel has a keybind that can be used to select the slot.
  • Fixed an issue where the screen narration volume setting would not save between sessions.
  • Fixed an issue where the housing editor would not re-narrate the screen after toggling the tooltip.

Gamepad Mode

  • Fixed a UI error in the gamepad UI that could occur when navigating to a specific collectible in the collection UI, such as from an unlocked collectible notification.

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