How to Get Ring of Exultation in Dragon’s Dogma 2

The Ring of Exultation is a highly effective accessory for any vocation or pawn in Dragon’s Dogma 2, making it a worthy ring to acquire early in the game.

Ring of Exultation in Dragon's Dogma 2

The Ring of Exultation is a piece of Accessory equipment in Dragon’s Dogma 2 imbued with the power to increase health. You can equip rings on your right or left hand in Dragon’s Dogma 2 to increase defense, reduce damage from Enemies and Bosses, or add specified statistics to your character build. Accessories and rings are not limited to any vocations or pawns.

Ring of Exultation Location and where to find in Dragon’s Dogma 2:

  • Location: Vernworth City
  • Looted From: This item has a chance to drop randomly from any chest in Vernworth City (for example chest in Vocation Giuild)
  • Sold by: Ring of Exultation can be bought from Bjorn’s Armory in Vernworth City

How to Get Ring of Exultation in Dragon’s Dogma 2

You have a chance to loot the Ring of Exultation from any chest in Vernworth. We got lucky and found it in the chest located in the Vocation Guild. You can also buy it from Bjorn’s Armory for 1000 gold in the same city.

How to Get Ring of Exultation in Dragon's Dogma 2 - map location

Locate Bjorn’s Armory

You can buy the Ring of Exultation at Bjorn’s Armory in the city of Vernworth. Located on the northern side of the merchant quarter district, Bjorn’s Armory offers a variety of valuable items, including weapons and armor. The Ring of Exultation costs 1000 gold, and acquiring it is reliable and straightforward.

Try your luck to Get a Random Drop of a Ring of Exultation

How to Get Ring of Exultation in Dragon's Dogma 2 - second option

Alternatively, for those who prefer to rely on chance and exploration, the Ring of Exultation may also be discovered in chests scattered throughout Vernworth City. As the first major city encountered in the game, Vernworth City holds numerous opportunities for loot, with chests hidden in various locations throughout its streets and buildings.

While finding the ring for free in a random chest undoubtedly requires a degree of luck and perseverance, we found it in one of the Vocation Guild’s chests behind the counter. The Vocation Guild is in the southern part of the Merchant Quarter district, next to the Portcrystal.

Ring of Exultation Stats & How to Use It

Ring of Exultation - Dragon's Dogma 2 - DD2

All Ring of Exultation features in DD2:

  • Gear Type: Ring
  • Can be equipped by Vacations: All
  • Weight: 0,01 kg
  • Price: 1000
  • Bonuses:
    • Slightly increases maximum Health

How to Use Ring of Exultation and Who should use it?

Dragon's Dogma 2 - Fighter Vocation (Class) Build - DD2

The Ring of Exultation is a valuable item that you can use on any build and vocation, especially in the early stages of the game. It provides a boost to your health and increases survivability. Since the ring and accessory options in the game are limited, choosing an extra health ring can significantly improve your chances of survival for many hours of gameplay. Overall, it is a worthy investment.

Any playstyle or vocation that players melee and is most exposed to the damage should use it. While playing as a fighter build, for example, you will have an extra health pool to survive for longer.

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