Redfall Character Layla Ellison

Redfall: Layla Ellison Guide and Best Builds

In Redfall, players take on the role of heroes, premade characters with customisation options, backgrounds and unique abilities, this guide introduces Layla Ellison, her strengths and the best builds.

Redfall Character Layla Ellison
Layla Ellison

The dark and mysterious island of Redfall isn’t probably for “good Vampires” fans. The bloodthirsty monsters are evil and merciless enemies. Once calm and safe Redfall island in Massachusetts now suffers the consequences of a failed scientific experiment that created a legion of vampires who have taken over the town – blocking out the sun and cutting off the remaining citizens from the outside world.

Players take on the role of heroes, four playable characters, each with a unique backstory, abilities and many other customisation options. In an open world like Redfall, your hero characters must collect gear and complete quests to survive cultists and blood-suckers waiting for them everywhere. This guide presents Layla Ellison’s background and motivations. Also, it will help you understand her strengths and abilities to play optimally with this unique hero character.

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Redfall Layla Ellison Guide

The Redfall offers various abilities and customisation for heroes, making Layla Ellison’s strengths unique and specialised. With distinct backgrounds and motivations, all heroes have the same purpose. Unite in the battle against bloodthirsty vampires in the game’s open world.

Customisation in Redfall includes abilities, attributes, gear, upgrades and weapons.

  • Weapons, upgrades and gear will directly improve and make your characters stronger.
  • The Redfall abilities can be upgraded using skill points, which players can earn by completing main story missions and side missions found throughout the game’s world.
  • Additionally, players can boost their heroes with attributes to customise them further and make them more powerful. Firstly we have the health recovery that determines the time your health will can regenerate after your character takes damage. Secondly is storage size, you can increase this attribute to carry more resources such as ammunition, lockpicks and rewire kits.

Who is Layla Ellison in Redfall? – Background and Strengths

She came to Redfall from Wisconsin to study biomedical engineering at Redfall Technical University and participated in the local tech company’s medical trial to earn some money and pay for her education, but instead, it earned her unusual powers. Now she wields telekinetic abilities and finds herself trapped in the middle of a human-Vampire war. Now survival is her biggest concern.

Her biggest strengths are the uniqueness of her psychic abilities and mobility. On the battlefield, she is a very versatile character, Layla can deal great damage with skills and weapons but also helps the team using her telekinetic field to control the combat.

Layla Ellison’s Abilities

Redfall Layla Ellison Guide and Abilities
Layla Ellison Abilities

Each hero is distinct in Redfall, and Layla’s abilities are probably the most supernatural and fun to play. Redfall customisation options include abilities, attributes, gear, upgrades and weapons.

Being able to use your powers and tools in interesting combinations and then layering those with other players with different powers and tools makes for even more fun and unexpected ways to approach the world of Redfall.

Art Director Karen Segars

You can build your hero characters into specific playstyles and create many diverse team lineups if you’re playing co-op. And because in Redfall, you can use any character regardless of your teammates’ choices, as a group, you can all play as Layla Ellison, focus on specific abilities and weapon setups, and make very specialised team build. Each teammate’s Layla can be built in a distinct way with different upgrades, weapons and gear.

Telekinetic Abilities

Redfall LaylaUmbrella
Psychic Umbrella Shield Skill – gif by

The Redfall abilities can be upgraded using skill points, which players can earn by completing main story missions and side missions found throughout the game’s world. Layla Ellison wields telekinetic abilities, visually appearing as a purple force field that is able to help in defence and be engaged offensively.

  • Lift Ability – Allows Layla to summon a Telekinetic lift, jumping boost to climb high places, rooftops and terrain obstacles for her and her team. A great skill to access perfect spots for snipers. It gives her amazing speed and battlefield awareness. However, that’s not the only way she can exploit this skill. With the Lift, she can evade enemies and do attacks from the air to gain an advantage and surprise her opponents.
  • Umbrella Ability – This Telekinetic Skill shields Layla and her team from incoming projectiles. With the psychic umbrella shield skill, she is able to create a protective shield in front of her that can block incoming damage and then reforge the forcefield and send the high-damage projectiles back to her enemies.
  • Summon Vampire Ex-Boyfriend Ability – This ultimate ability summons a powerful companion to help Layla in combat. He will stay on the battlefield only for a defined amount of time, but it’s an extremely useful skill, especially for solo playthroughs. However, the whole team of Leylas that can summon multiple copies of their ex-boyfriends can be a funny and strong strategy for many co-op players.

She excels best as a middle-range damage dealer that can survive a hit with her umbrella ability. Layla is the closes to a “mage” class with her telekinetic magic and ability to summon her undead ex-boyfriend.

Best Weapons and Equipment for Layla Ellison

Stake Launcher Redfall
Stake Launcher

In Redfall, Layla Ellison, just like all characters, can use all weapons. However, the equipment they provide in battle is sometimes unique. The Redfall Gear includes Weapons, Armor, Medkits and Remnants. So far, we’ve seen sniper rifles, pistols, machine guns, shotguns, and much more weapons that can be customisable.

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Layla can carry up to three weapons, so you will want to equip her with the best possible tier guns, which are black, green, blue, purple and golden – being best. Also, guns drop on specific “levels” that presumably reflect players’ levels or the quest and areas it was acquired.

We recommend using the following weapons when playing as Jacob:

  • Sniper Rifle
    • Her skills and range ultimate ability support and benefit from range playstyle.
  • Shotgun
    • Swap to shotgun whenever you enter a tight space, house or corridor. A big part of combat in Redfall happens in close-range scenarios, so Leyla needs this weapon. It’s also crucial when enemies approach you too close.
  • Stake Launcher
    • The best weapon to deal with vampires. When Layla fights those bloodthirsty monsters, swap to Stake Launcher

This weapon loadout easily deals with all enemies and every range. Don’t forget to equip Layla with Stakes. You never know when you may need them against vampires. You can read more about the best weapons against vampires in our Guide.

Best Abilities and Skill Upgrades for Layla Ellison’s

The best builds are the balance between survivability and damage. This build is designed to play the Redfall’s story solo on any difficulty.

Recommended skill upgrades for Layla based on her level. This skill loadout focuses entirely on survivability at the beginning of the game. It will save your life and allow you to progress in the story until you reach mid-levels. Next, focus on her umbrella and ultimate Heartstopper for huge damage. Then you transition to the final skill line after taking three passives. This will give you three complete skills maxed out and important survival skills.

  1. Bullet Hail
  2. Overcast
  3. Rain Collector
  4. Quick Recovery I
  5. Quick Recovery II
  6. Telekiwhatsis (group take Teleikwhosis)
  7. Sensitive
  8. Save
  9. Thunderclap 2
  10. Save
  11. Made in the Shade 2
  12. Save
  13. Downpour 2
  14. Save
  15. Save
  16. Thunderhead
  17. Died in Your Arms
  18. Time After Time
  19. Out of Nowhere
  20. Save
  21. Wrecking Ball 2
  22. Save
  23. No Mountain High Enough 3
  24. Save
  25. I Will Survive
  26. Save
  27. Save
  28. Go Your Own Way
  29. Psychic Sharpening
  30. Psychic Lobby
  31. Hold the Life
  32. Save
  33. Passenger Resonance
  34. Save
  35. Energized Ascension
  36. Save
  37. One More Floor
  38. Save
  39. Save
  40. Top Floor

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