Redfall Raven Ability

Redfall: Raven Ability

In Redfall, Raven Ability belongs to one of the playable characters Jacob Boyer. It’s a telekinetic and scouting skill – beneficial for the whole team.

Redfall Jacob Boyer Guide and Abilities
Redfall Jacob Boyer Guide and Abilities

Each hero is distinct in Redfall, and Jakob’s abilities match the stealth scout playstyle. This short guide explains one of the unique skills in Redfall, the Raven Ability.

Raven Ability

Redfall- Jacob Raven Ability Markers
Raven Ability Markers

Jacob Boyer is an ex-military and Special Forces unit sharpshooter. With an extremely sharp eye and exceptional war and weapon knowledge, he can be an incredibly dangerous player on the battlefield.

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He is able to take down groups of enemies from long range. At the same time, his raven provides additional support and recon to mark enemies from a distance on the battlefield and even behind the walls.

Redfall - Raven Ability
Raven Ability

Raven Ability is a psychic bird and Jakob’s companion that marks enemies. A red outline highlights enemies.

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