Starfield Sam Coe Companion

Starfield Companion: Sam Coe

Sam Coe’s family lived in Akila for generations, so why did this skilled space cowboy suddenly leave his heritage and become your travel companion?

Starfield Akila City Concept Art
Akila City Concept Art

Our guide will explain everything you need, including where to find this companion, how to recruit him to your crew, and the best way to use his unique abilities and skills!

Who is Sam Coe in Starfield?

Sam Coe is a potential companion and romance option who can join the player on their journey and mission. Before he joined the Constellation, the aliens’ artifacts-seeking organization, he was part of the independent Freestar Collective faction, and his attitude and style reflect that past. As a former space cowboy skilled in Rifles, he can be a great combat and traveling partner.

Where Can You Find Sam Coe?

You should look for him in Akila City. The sandy and unfriendly environment of Akila planet is his family home. It’s unknown what exactly his connection is to Solomon Coe, the founder of Freestar Collective’s capital city of Akila. However, if you look closer at the image below, you may notice a sign pointing to “Coe Plaza,” likely named after Sam’s ancestor. To recruit companions in Starfield, you must complete a special mission to be able to use Sam as a companion or a crew member. This mechanic is similar to previous Bethesda games.

Can You Romance Sam Coe?

You can romance Sam Coe as a female character, but whether he will be available for all genders is unknown. If you want to start a romantic relationship with Sam Coe, you must do certain steps and learn more about him first. During the Starfield Direct, Bethesda showcased a short clip of Sam and a player’s female character where Sam says:

I don’t know that I’ve ever really loved anyone except you.

Sam Coe, Romance in Starfield

Sam Coe’s Skills in Starfield

Starfield Sam Coe Companion
Companion Sam Coe

The following list presents all Sam Coe’s skills in Starfield:

  • Piloting (4 stars)
  • Rifle Certification (3 stars)
  • Payloads (2 stars)
  • Geology (1 star)


Sam Coe is an experienced pilot and will be a fine addition to your crew. You can have an entire fleet and multiple ships, so that this companion will be a valuable asset to your team. We don’t know what bonuses exactly his piloting skills will provide. Still, it’s possible that player characters can also find this skill in their Tech Skill Tree which is associated with ship technology and piloting abilities.

Rifle Certification

Rifle Certification is a powerful skill from the combat skill tree, also available for the players. This will make Sam a beneficial companion on the battlefield for many playstyles, including significant damage and enjoyable stealth build.


Payloads is another skill from the Tech Skill Tree that says: “Any pilot can haul cargo, but it takes special determination and training to maximize cargo space.” As a result, if you recruit and assign Sam Coe to your ships’ crew, you’ll receive more cargo space, and your max cargo limit will increase significantly.


Geology is the Science Tree skill that we don’t know much about. However, Bethesda confirmed that players can acquire special scanners and tools to mine resources. Additionally, you’ll be able to build special resource mining modules. As a result, assigning Sam a leader of one of your outposts can get you more resources.

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