Starfield Neon City Concept Art

Starfield Neon City

The Neon City is a heart of consumerism and “pleasure,” constructed by Xenofresh Corporation, one of the galaxy’s biggest powers in Starfield.

By Pixel | Published June 23rd, 2023

Starfield Neon City Location
Starfield Neon City

Neon City in Starfield

Built on the fishing platform and located in the middle of the sea, Neon is described as the “city of pleasure.” One of Starfield’s richest powers, Xenofresh corporation, discovered that one species of fish on the planet had psychotropic effects. They invested their resources and transformed the selling fish port into a drug empire. They created the Aurora that utilizes these unique fish effects for self-enjoyment. The new business was much more profitable, and the city quickly transformed into a Vegas-like place of consumption and pleasure.

Though the Aurora drug is illegal on most planets, that isn’t the case on Neon. It is also wildly popular, and the Corporation appears to operate and produce the drug with impunity.

It’s unknown on what planet exactly the Neon City is located. We know that it is beyond the United Colonies’ space. In the Reddit speculation, players suggest Neon could be located in the VOLII system because there’s a hotel called VOLII.

Vendors and Other Locations in the Neon City

Starfield Neon City
Neon City Streets

In 2330, when the Starfield game takes place, the luxurious city is also a notable commercial hub and tourist destination in the Settled Systems who want to enjoy the awaiting attractions or are off their heads on psychedelics. That includes the headquarters of Ryujin Industries and many other corporations that use the planet’s resources to produce medical supplays.

Starfield Neon City Night Club
Night Club in Neon City

Here are all known locations in Starfield, the Neon City:

  • Reliant Medical – the corporation and medical supplies and pharmaceutical company in Starfield.
  • The Volii Hotel – possibly also a casino? It can also fulfill the role of taverns and bars known from Skyrim, where players could find various important NPCs, quests, and supplies.
  • Sieghart’s Outfitters – a shop and vendor that possibly sells outfits or armor
  • Docking Area – We can easily assume that Starfield’s big city, like Neon, will also have a docking area for ships.
  • Night Club – Showcased in the Starfield Direct, unknown role in the game.
  • Various Bars and Pubs – Showcased in the Starfield Direct, unknown role in the game.

However, the most noticeable is the neon city tone and citizens. It’s like a beating heart in the middle of the ocean, so bright that it can be seen from many miles away and even from the planet’s orbit.

Companions on Quests from Neon City

Additionally, in character creation, players can choose the Neon Street Rat trait, which says:

You grew up on the mean streets of Neon. You gain access to special dialogue options and better rewards from some missions on Neon. Crime bounty by other factions is greatly increased.

Source: Starfield
Starfield Neon Street Rat Trait
Neon Street Rat Trait

It’s possible that characters with this Background will receive the described above bonuses, special quests, or maybe meet some NPCs from their past, old enemies, or friends. It will be interesting to see how different the city experience can be while playing with Neon Street Rat Trait. Will it help, or maybe it’ll get us into trouble?

It’s possible that any of the companions can also be recruited in this funky location. We already know some crew members, but more detailed information about them is still a mystery.

This city may not be for you if you have a strong sense of morality. However, the location will offer many Bethesda-style quests, activities, and shady places to visit. You will have plenty of opportunities to discover the city and possibly influence its balance or save it from collapsing into the sea. Whatever that will be, we can’t wait to see this colorful and unique quest hub and location in Starfield.

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Starfield launches exclusively on Xbox Series X|S and PC on September 6, 2023. You can play it day one with Xbox Game Pass.

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