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Starfield Starship Liftoff Concept Art

Todd Howard’s New Starfield Interview Reveals Starship Details

Will Starships be the Starfield Engame? Recently, Starfield Game Director Todd Howard participated in an interview with Kinda Funny Xcast. The extensive question and answer session offered up some really interesting details on several topics related to the game. But arguably the most exciting information came in regards to shipbuilding. Keep reading to discover more …

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Starfield Starship Concept Art

Starfield Crimson Fleet

In Starfield the Crimson Fleet operate outside the bounds of any political or military organization in the Settled Systems. Their primary function is piracy for monetary gain rather than seeking control of planets or cities, but they do maintain some strongholds. Starfield Crimson Fleet The Crimson Fleet is a loose alliance of individual pirate captains …

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Starfield Wanderer Alone Concept Art

Starfield Endings

Will Starfield have multiple endings? How does the story in Starfield playout? Are the multiple endings the player can discover? This Starfield Endings guide will list and detail whatever endings the game the game might have. The first new intellectual property developed by Bethesda Game Studios in 25 years, Starfield is a hotly anticipated AAA …

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