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ESO Tanking Guide

Are you ready to take on the hardest job in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO)?  Well than welcome to our ESO Tanking Guide where we show you everything you need to know regarding tanking.  This is a broad guide and for specific tank guides, make sure you check out our class guide section.  Let's get started! (more…)
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ESO Upper Craglorn Grind

Welcome to the ESO Upper Craglorn Grind guide.  Want a quick, fun way to reach Veteran Rank 14?  Well I got a guide for you!  There's a group of bosses in Upper Craglorn that have high Veteran Points rewards and no this is not an exploit.  I'll show you the loop in order to get the most XP possible so let's get started! (more…)
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ESO PvP Cyrodiil Travel

The biggest complaint I hear about PvP in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is that you have to spend 20 hours riding your horse to a battle only to die after five seconds of fighting. Well, lucky for you my little puggies (pick-up-group), I am going to teach you how not to be bad today (partially at least). Welcome to the Forward Camp (FCs) edition (well, mostly) of Party Pyro’s PvP Palooza in our ESO P...
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ESO Class Skills Guide

Wondering what important skills every class should bring to the battlefield?  After beating Dragonstar Arena, and playing every class to Veteran ranks, I wanted to share important group abilities that can really help your team.  So welcome to our ESO Class Skills Guide. (more…)
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ESO Leveling Guide

"Deltia, how do you level so fast?"  This is a question I often get and FINALLY got around to make a guide on leveling.  There's so many ways to experience or XP but only a few ways to blaze through the levels.  This guide highlights XP basics, talks about how I level, and shows you the ultra fast way of grinding if your inclined to do so.  Then let's get started on our ESO Leveling Guide. (more&h...
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ESO Dragonknight Tank Guide

UPDATED BUILD FOR THIEVES GUILD HERE Table of Contents Objective Skills Gear Fighting http://youtu.be/ZG74TK61dmY Builds Objective Block, Standard of Might (Standard), survive. T3 premise is to target the biggest threat, while controlling the battlefield with CC’s, stuns, and taunts. Once mastered, people will be begging you to tank. The build centers on Talons, Standard ...
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ESO Dragonknight DPS Build

I needed to re-post this guide since it didn't have it's own section.  This hasn't been updated for 1.5 but I'm working on it.  So let's get started with our ESO Dragonknight DPS Build Crit Pickle. (more…)
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ESO Nightblade DPS Build

Nightblade's (NB) are the ultimate damage dealers in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO).  I've been asked to produce a high-end DPS build using magicka and here's the most powerful one I could create.  So let's check out the ESO Nightblade DPS Build Blade Runner. (more…)
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